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Little Games

May 16, 2014

So, end of expansion, no new content for awhile. How do you keep yourself entertained? I know some people have lists of goals they want to accomplish before WoD comes out. Others log in, can’t decide what to do, and log out again. I’m somewhere in between those two. I have things I want to get done, but I have 14 90s and several other alts still being leveled. So how do I decide what to work on when I’m not raiding? Easy. I create little games for myself that determine which alt to dust off for the day. Let me tell you how it works.

I start in Hearthstone. I only play a couple of games there each day, basically until I win a game or have to log over to raid. If I still have a quest for the class I won with the day before, I’ll keep that class and deck. If not, I’ll choose a class that I do have a quest for, build a suggest-a-card deck, and go. Yes, this means I rarely play the same deck twice and am not likely to ever rise much above my current ranking. But I enjoy the randomness of playing whatever I put together with this method. If I lose, I go back to my quest list and pick another class, build another deck, etc. Whatever class I win with, is the class I play in WoW for that day.

‘But Rep!,’ you say, ‘there are only 9 classes in Hearthstone! What about your DKs and monks?’ Well, if I win with the same class two days in a row, then I play one of those. Simple, right?

Sunday I won with a hunter deck. So I brought out Juna to play. I haven’t devised a method to determine which alt of that class I play, I just let myself pick. If I win on hunter again soon, maybe I will play the other one instead of her. But Sunday I chose her, so she copied Vozzkaz and queued up for some LFR. In six wings, she got a trinket, two rings, ToT pants, and her sha-touched gun.

Last night I won with a priest deck. Priest decks are SO much fun. Anyway, this one was easy to choose because I only have one priest on each faction right now, no multiples. And, uh … I dunno, I just haven’t ‘felt’ Alliance this expansion at all. I did Operation: Shieldwall and some of the Thunder Isle stuff but …Jaina or Lor’themar … yeah. So I hopped on Paddey Dyle. And … queued up for some LFR! LOL. He’d done LFR in the past, clearing ToT multiple times and the first two wings of SoO once. But he’d never done anything from the first tier. So I started at the beginning, just for the achievements. Although, I think this Light of the Cosmos is probably a super trinket for him, even with a lower ilevel than some others he has.

In between queues, I worked on picking up tailoring recipes that he doesn’t have. I recently installed Ackis Recipe List. I’ve known about this addon for a long time but resisted the urge to download because I know me. If there is an easy way to see that I am missing recipes then I MUST go get them. This may still prove to have been a bad idea. Do you know how many Cata gem recipes Van doesn’t have? AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

I ended the night with a late-night first wing of SoO with Averry, Ruekie, and … I believe Shen. Averry can yell at me if I’m wrong.

So, am I just really weird, or do other players have silly little rules and games too?

LFR Time

May 5, 2014

Friday night I was goofing around on my balance druid, working on her professions, and was just about to log and play some D3 when Prinnie pinged me and asked if I wanted to run some LFR. I figured that sounded like a good idea, so I asked which wing she was planning to do so I could log onto a character that can actually do the one she wants to do. Dyle has been waiting for his turn to get in on SoO from the beginning, so I grabbed him and … what? Who’s Dyle? Oh. Yeah. Dang server change. I keep forgetting. He’s still Dyle in my mind, so I’ve decided that his whole name is Paddey Dyle, that way he can keep the name he’s always had even though it doesn’t appear above his head anymore.

So, we ran the first wing and things went pretty well. I think. I don’t really remember much other than MIND SEAR ALL OF TEH THINGS. And not being able to kill enough things to clear my corruption on Norushen. /sadface

So we queued for the second wing. I ran around on the Timeless Isle while we were in queue. Then just as it popped Prinnie is all, ‘I don’t want to take it! Navi is visiting the server.’ Eh? Navispam??? Well, let’s go! So we dropped queue and headed to Mulgore, where we hung out and danced with Navi for awhile.


Then after she logged off we went ahead and did the second wing. Prinnie bowed out after Dark Shaman because it was late, but I went ahead and finished out the wing so that I would get the cheeve and be able to queue for the third wing next time.

Saturday, I apparently decided that I had so much fun in LFR that I wanted to do more. Except this time, I was on the shaman and was starting at the beginning. No, not the beginning of SoO, THE beginning, like, MSV. She used the same strategy of hanging out on the Isle between queues.


Vozzkaz seems to have AMAZING luck. She started the day with green neck, rings, trinkets, and weapons. The first wing, she got a fist weapon. The second wing, she got a neck and a trinket. In the first wing of Heart of Fear, she got another trinket. Then she didn’t get anything in the rest of that or in Terrace. But she got her second ring in the first wing of ToT, which was the last one I did. I figured six wings in one day was more than enough. She gained 20 ilevel. I think I’m getting the hang of enhance. I got ele boots in a bag in ToT though so now I’m tempted to get her an offspec. But still … spirit raptors! I’m not in a hurry to change just yet.

Third Time is a Charm

February 4, 2014

…. or not. My dps improved a lot, I’m over 100k now. But 110k just isn’t enough. We got him close a couple of times but couldn’t do it. So I stepped out for someone else who could do more dps and they got him down. Well, I did warn them coming in that I’m not really cut out to be a heroic raider. (Ok fine, it’s normal Garrosh, but still …)

So I went and ran some LFR with Averry. And Ruekie! She finally got her little orc to 90, so we hit up some MSV. I took Kirgra since she could actually use upgrades in there. I don’t know how to frost DK anymore though. Guess I’ll have to read up on it before we go any farther.

Over the weekend, I finished leveling Alestav and moved on to a new pair. I have just three weeks of RaF left. I got this new pair to 40 before the weekend was over though, so I’m sure they will get finished. This is my new little druid Hunahuna and her hunter friend.


Sorry it’s so dark, they were in the bar starting a fight.

I told Averry that she needs a Hozen form since she has a double name like the Hozen who have successfully passed their rite to adulthood.

Balance is … omgwtfamisupposedtobecasting? It’s going to be interesting when she gets to 85 and I still have no clue because her huntard has done all the work. But I have plans for a troll druid to do the kitty/bear thing, so she’s just going to have to learn it.

Catching Up

August 1, 2013

So …. yeah. I’m still here.

I’ve been playing some Card Hunter, as I stated in my last post.

I’ve also been messing around in Neverwinter still. My rogue, Lorne Bloodspike, finally got that Heavy Inferno Nightmare to drop from a lockbox.


Unfortunately, once he hit level 60 and finished all of the questing zones, well … he has nothing to do. The max level zone of Gauntlgrym requires being in a guild to even travel there. I know, I know … what am I doing playing an MMO if I’m not participating in the multi-player aspect of it? But I really just want to mess around on my own. So I’m not sure what I’m doing there now. Although there is a new patch coming soon, so maybe it will bring me some new things.

In WoW, I am raiding with SR two nights a week, although we’ll see what happens when Final Fantasy comes out. For now though, we’re … 9 of 12 I believe? Not too bad, really. On Saturday nights I’m doing LFR on the Alliance side with Ana and others from the old Crits gang. It’s honestly been a lot of fun so far, which sounds funny coming from me, because I’ve made it no secret that I don’t like doing LFR. But with several people you know grouped, it’s actually pretty cool. Outside of that, I’m just working on my pet collection.

That’s it. I got nothing else to say right now. But it’s more than Lyss has posted. ;)


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