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Let Him Live!

May 26, 2011

Van’s raiding debut, night two.  SR’s first visit to Throne of the Winds. I tried to get a pic of me hanging out there on one of my prized ponies, but someone had to go and get in the way of the screenshot. *sigh* Oh well, at least he’s easy on the eyes … and even has on the right pants!

So, Conclave went about like I expected it to. It took three or four pulls but we were out of there in pretty short order, adding a new boss to the guild records and putting us at 10/12 for the normal tier. I had to do a lot more dodging of permafrost than usual … Arv bounced around a lot more than Rev does. I guess I should have told him that he really only has to move out of ice patches and can just eat the permafrost. Oh well.

We skipped back over to Nef for a pull or three, but then Zug had to leave. We had a guildy on that we could pull in, but he hadn’t raided yet this tier and wasn’t quite geared yet … so we postponed Nef and took him to BoT. Heck, Van hadn’t been to BoT yet either, so I was happy to get the kills recorded.

Now, those of you in Crits are familiar with the Let Log Die game (sometimes also referred to as See How Low Log’s Health Can Go but that’s too damn long most of the time). The healers let Log’s health bar flirt with death, while Log tries his darnedest to run me out of mana. (Not an easy task to make a holy pally go oom) Well, SR has their own game … Cause Cayle’s Death (or Sorak’s, or Nedden’s, or .. whatever toon he happens to be on at the moment.) If you win this game, someone in the group pays you 10g. For reals. Methods for achieving this include but are not limited to … misdirects, tricks, FD, ice block, turning mobs in his direction that have cleaves, shockwaves, etc. Being somewhat rebellious, I have been making it a priority to NOT let him die. It’s a real challenge … we don’t call him Cayle the Floor Tank for nothing. But normal old healing is boring, so this is how I make it interesting.

We’re on the second of the two drakonid mobs after Valiona & Theralion. Arv is turning the guy every which way trying to get Cayle in the cleave. I’m like ‘meh, it’s trash. I’ll have plenty of time to drink and regain mana once this mob dies.’ So I roll Divine Lights on him.  I win the game.

Now for the elementals. Plenty of opportunities for deaths here. Things are going along, stuff is dying, I’m sort of spacing out, when I hear Cayle on vent go ‘Damn, I’m dead’ … I look up and he’s got a sliver of life left.

/cast LoH

Then Slice’s voice comes on … ‘Ok who wasted a Lay on Hands on Cayle!’

I’m laughing my ass off but I key up and say ‘I have no idea what you are talking about’

The pull ends, I sit down to drink … and all of a sudden there’s a trade window open on my screen.

Score! That’s right, bitches! Cayle PAID ME for keeping him alive. You’re going to have to work harder than that to run up his repair bills now. Game on!