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No More Waiting

December 10, 2012

Yesterday was going not so well for awhile. Actually it started the day before, when Van got ganked in the middle of Valley of the Four Winds while trying to capture a rare Quillrat pup. The jerk also killed the spawn, so … yeah. I know, I know … just stick to doing them on the Alliance server and I don’t have to worry about that. But that server and its CRZ grouping are much more crowded.

Case in point: Arv and Bocat both got Minfernals on Drak recently. So I figured ok, I will go try to get one too. If I log on there on Winterhoof, there are invariably anywhere from three to eight other people there, no matter what time it is. If I go there on Drak, the most I’ve seen are three others … ever. So I went, and Juna was the only one there. I decided to get over my fear of landing on the ground lest I be ganked, and battle/kill the tainted rats. This went ok for maybe 20 minutes, then, as I was hovering fairly low over the ground on one of my nether rays, searching for more rats, some level 90 warrior knocks me out of the air. *sigh* I sat down. He was a real jerk and intentionally ran circles around me AUTO attacking me so it took forever for me to die. I mean really dude, it’s bad enough that you are attacking players lower than your level, but …. /rude

Then Karius went out to the Dalaran crater in search of a book. Same thing here, kill/battle rats to get spawns, right? Just as I am getting out of a battle with a rat I see a Lofty Libram spawn. I take like 2 steps in its direction and a dang druid swoops down and nabs it.

Ok. Now I need something to make me feel better. So I log onto Runetotem and create a DK …I know! I know. I said I was going to level little Braider. I mean, really, he is a little cutie here on the day we got them.


And I still might … someday. But I want to ride my panther dangit. The one that JD gave me. So I made Clayton, and took him through the half dozen quests necessary to get to the ground and over to the mailbox. (I’m half tempted to level him, too, someday, since he got such an awesome name.)

Then I took it out for a ride. On toons that could fly of course because that’s much more fun. (Sorry Clayton)


Hey, Juna needed a pick-me-up after her ordeal.


THEN … things got better. Van went to LBR. JD couldn’t stay, but the rest of us went ahead with the Sunwell plan, then pushed on to TK. The mount dropped. Kamalia won it on her little mage, who is looking quite lovely mid-fight in this pretty pink transmog.


But then she didn’t have the gold to get artisan riding and learn it. Now … in the days before account-bound mounts, when this is an alt on an off-server, ok maybe we would have let her roll it off to someone else. So glad they made this change, that would have been a NIGHTMARE for her before. Now? Meh. Bump in the road. Her mage happens to be on Winterhoof. Yeah, wrong faction, but that’s what the neutral AH is for! So Kerick met her there.


Then Kerick had the bright idea to see if it would just let us trade gold if he was a blood elf.


Yeah. Nice try dude, but … no. So while we waited for the money to come, we went to the Wanderer’s Festival …


… only to find out that it has been changed from 9pm server, to 9pm Pacific … which means midnight here. Bleh. So instead we went and raided Gruul’s Lair.


And then, finally, the gold came. And we got our screenshots in front of Tempest Keep. 😀


AND to top off the night, I went back to the Wanderer’s Festival at midnight and got to click on one and only one hatchling … and got a rare. Yay!

Alliance Raiding

November 19, 2012

So, one week after dinging 90, Kerick got to his first raid for this expansion – Bastion of Twilight.

What? Didn’t you read the letter that came with your 8th Anniversary Celebration package yesterday? It clearly said to go out and defend a shattered world.

Plus, ya know, it was Laid Back Raid night.

This was LBR’s first real foray into Cata content. To be honest, I was a little bit nervous going into it.  Sure, it’s nerfed from what it once was, and most of the raid was level 90 … but it’s still new enough and the fights are complex enough that some attention must still be paid to certain mechanics. Toss in having tanks that haven’t been there and the fact that everyone studied Blackrock Descent since that was where we were supposed to go and you can understand my concern.

Of course we wiped on the trash in the front room. It wouldn’t be a BoT raid without a wipe on that trash! Halfus went down easy though. Then we lost a couple who got thrown off the stairs (also a normal thing in BoT even if you’ve been there before) and got to Val and T.  What a trip. I think we lost most of the raid between the first breath and the first dazzling circles of swirly stuff. Three of us lived and finished the fight somehow. It was pretty epic.

That council fight … ugh. Yes, it’s still awful. There are just so many things going on.  We did it though. And everyone did awesome on the attempt where we killed them. After that, well … Cho’gall himself was a big pushover. A bunch of people got the BoT achievement at the end, too.  😀

So, a quick note about addon issues. Last week, Van couldn’t get the Closed Circuit debuff to show up on healbot during the Elegon encounter. After much gnashing of teeth over it, Sorak talked me into setting up the default frames again with mouseovers. It worked ok. But I didn’t bother setting up all the macros for Kerick, so he just used the healbot version that I downloaded last week. Now, it has some features my old version didn’t. And I love it. Sorak is going to give me hell I know, but Khizzara gave me a suggestion to solve my Closed Circuit issue, so … hey it’s Monday, I always give Sorak a hard time on Mondays!

OMG a post

August 20, 2012

…. with screenshots!

Ok ok, they are not necessarily NEW screenshots. The first one dates from … the end of last month. >.<
Well it's not like I've ever denied being a slacker.

This was from a Naxx run we did in SR awhile back … and River from A High Latency Life joined us, so I had to get a screenie, because it’s the first time I’ve gotten to play with him.

This was from Laid Back Raid night (Alliance version) when Elgar and Bocat came along to Tempest Keep and Black Temple. I know I mentioned in an earlier post that we had quite a turnout that night, and you can see that in this shot taken after we had downed Illidan.

This weekend’s Laid Back Raid was Ulduar 25 (Horde). Van hit the magical Over 9000 achievement points during it, but I was slacking and didn’t realize I was that close, so I missed screenshotting it. Have a pretty pic of Algalon instead.

Of course, with SR being full of overachievers, just hitting 9000 only put me in 6th place in the guild standings. By the end of the night I managed to claw my way up to 5th, but I’m a full 200 points behind the next person. Oh yeah, thanks a lot Shady for transferring your mage over and giving me even more people in front of me. :p heheheh

Oh hi

August 13, 2012

Yes, I’m still here. Just … bleh. I log in a couple times a week for old raids, but until the pre-patch hits with the new talent system and stuff … I’m just … yeah. BUT … I’m super excited about MoP; you know I’ll be on a lot again soon. Just don’t have much to talk about right now.

When I DO log on for stuff, we have a good time. Yesterday morning SR ran ToGC and drug Telanarra and Navimie along with us. (screenshots are at home because i r slacker). Last night for Laid Back Raid Night (Alliance) we had a great group of around 15 or so for Tempest Keep, including Elgar and Bocat. We followed that up with Black Temple and Elgar finally got exalted. Kerick needs one more run yet. Good times.

Maybe the best part though was at SR’s run, where we made Cayle log on and summoned him to ToGC … after everything was dead, just to get him in a screenshot and meet Navi. haha! Tel laid down on the ground and did his best impression of Cayle’s tanking skillz.

Ok, not much but at least you know I’m still around hey?