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Arrrr … Give Me Da Golds

November 1, 2016

So yesterday Z posted about the ‘new’ Defias armor transmog set that you can get through a quest in Deadmines if you are an outlaw rogue. Check out her post if you’re interested in getting this set, she has a great write-up.

So I wandered over there and stealthed through killing bosses only. But when I got to the ship room with my Green-Wing Macaw out and grappeled up to the Cap’n, this happened.


Yup, that’s right, I already had all of the pieces! Now, Kroy has been around a long time, apparently even longer than I remember, because he had to have collected those pre-Cata. It’s possible that I got pieces on other leather-wearers or even my hunter now that I think about it. Still, the quest was a blast … I never tire of running around shooting everything with my pistol. And who’s going to complain about 750g? 🙂

Funny story, too, you know how that fire mage I’m playing as my main right now was my Horde bank alt for the last however many expansions? Yeah, well, Kroy spent the better part of his existence as my Alliance bank alt. Neither of them made max level before the pre-Legion demon invasions, and now they are both among the characters that I have already worked on leveling this time! The outlaw fighting style is always what I had imagined for Kroy, so it just seemed like the perfect time for his character to develop.

Also, if anyone needs a Green-Wing Macaw, one dropped for me while I was killing mobs for the quest and I would be happy share it. 🙂

Week’s End Roundup

September 16, 2016

I have four characters now that have at least made it to 101 to get their order hall missions going. I should probably get more of them going, but a couple of them have run out of resources so I’ve gone back and quested on them again to build up some more. I’m really in no hurry.

So I went back on Oranis to do a little bit more work in Azsuna. The quests at Nar’thalas Academy were especially fun. The combat practice from the tomes was my favorite.


He finished the questline for the pillar and, like Juna, got an instant dungeon queue. Um … ok then! I didn’t like Eye of Azshara near as much as Neltharion’s Lair though. Maybe it was just the difference in class. I felt like I spent more time running around avoiding stuff in this dungeon than I did in the other one. That’s always less of an issue on the hunter. The run was smooth though.

He’s out of resources again so out he’ll come tonight, whether to finish the questlines I didn’t do in Azsuna or to move somewhere, I’m not sure.

Hunahuna also ran out of resources, so I did a little more in Val’sharah. So far I’m liking the zone but I’m not sure I like boomkin. She may end up getting set aside in favour of the kitty.

Ysera’s new model looks great! For awhile at least.


The other character who got his missions going is Kroy. He bounced around some because of profession quests, starting in Azsuna to find Fargo Flintlock, then moving to Highmountain to find the mining trainer, which was an adventure in itself. I had no idea how to get up on the mountain. I eventually found my way up the wrong side, which was ok because I got to see this wonderful view.


And I also found this little family just chilling out on the mountainside.


Eventually I ran into an area that I thought might take me where I wanted to go, but I had to get past a max level boss creature. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try stealthing by him, even though I knew it was probably futile. On the plus side, as a ghost I was free to roam the peak and figure out how to get where I wanted to go. THAT was easier than figuring out how to get back to my body, so once I knew how to get to my quest objective I took a spirit rez and got there safely. Once I had the flight path there, I didn’t need to know how to ride there. At least until the next character with mining needs to go there … hmmm.

Four More Weapons

September 7, 2016

Moving on to the next four weapons that I collected over the weekend.

Fist of Ra-den

I’m sure I’m not the only who, when leveling through Pandaria, would have liked to give Li Li and Chen a lava burst to the face. Well, here’s your chance! Going back to the Temple of the White Tiger was appropriately silly and fun. While a great number of the other quests were very dark, this one is maybe a little too lighthearted, but hey, that’s the Pandaren for you.


The Warbreaker

Um … hey … wow. Whatever they did to arms, I’m liking it. Maybe even better than fury right now. And now I get why warriors are dropping out of the sky on Krasus’ Landing!


Blade of the Black Empire

Meh. Shadow hasn’t really changed that much but I’m not really feeling it. And I don’t care that much what the weapon is because it all looks the same in shadowform anyway.


The Dreadblades

Wow, my steath-fu without the extra stealthiness of subtlety is weak. The quest was full of piratey goodness though.


Ready For Legion

August 29, 2016

Well … almost ready anyway. Last night after finishing my rogue I said I was done with invasions. Then I logged on this morning before work and was like, let’s just see how far my level 90 feral druid gets in one invasion. Well, she still had rested xp, so she got 2 levels and then I was like, ok let’s go do Azshara, too, and she got almost halfway through level 93. So now I’m thinking, it’s only 6 and a half levels. I can do it! So I guess I’m doing more this evening. Anyway, here is my outlaw rogue Kroy to bring you the list of what I have ready and planned for Legion:


DEATH KNIGHT: There are now only two dps spec variations (no more 2H frost) and I have 3 DKs.
Arelin – Male belf. Was already 100 and is unholy.
Kalyon – Male human. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) and was 2H frost but will be dual wield for Legion.
Kirgra- Female orc. Was already 100 and DW frost. She probably will mess around with blood just to get the artifact but I won’t actually tank anything.

Driandis – Male belf, havoc.
Feorn – Male nelf, havoc.

Hunahuna – Female Tauren. Leveled from 96 (4 levels). Sparkly astral cow.
Kaladis – Female Worgen. Leveled from 42 to 63 (21 levels). Sparkly astral wolf/kitty but still an alt. At least now she’s at boostable level.
Vorta – Female Troll. BY bedtime tonight will have leveled from 89 (11 levels). Psychedelic troll kitty.

Junahu – Female Tauren. Was already 100 and is BM but .. the artifact is a gun. She doesn’t do guns. She might try marks. Or she might just mog the thing.
Towanda – Female Gnome. Leveled from 7 to 60 (53 levels). She’s fun and Titanstrike would be *perfect* for her. But .. too many levels.

MAGE: Gotta cover every spec!
Karius – Male human. Was already 100 and is frost.
Oranis – Male belf. Leveled from 89 (11 levels) just so I could have a belf fire mage to wield Felo’melorn.
Rozjin – Male troll. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) and is arcane.

Adryen – Male undead. Was already 100 and is WW.
Kimchii – Female Pandaren (Alliance). Leveled from 20 to 30 (10 levels) and is WW. Just … not into her and no reason to have another WW.

Kerick – Male human. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) and is ret. I still don’t like the way he looks after the new models were put in, but … he has to get his Ashbringer. Van doesn’t feel the connection to it that Kerick does. Probably my main again.
Vanethos – Male belf. Was already 100 and is also ret.

Paddey – Male undead. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) and is shadow.
Ragle – Male human. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) also as shadow, but will be switching to disc even though he probably won’t ever heal anything.

Alestav – Male undead. Was already 100 and is subtlety.
Kroy – Male human. Leveled from 59 (41 levels) and is totally in love with the new outlaw spec. So much so that I leveled him all the way because he needs his artifacts. Possibly a new main/co-main.

Kriann – Female dwarf. Was already 100 and is elemental.
Vozzkaz – Female troll. Leveled from 90 (10 levels) and is enhancement.

Korgus – Male worgen. Leveled from 53 to 63 (10 levels) and is destro bank alt. Now he can make netherweave bags. Mission accomplished.
Madorsa – Female undead. Was already 100 and is demonology. Doesn’t miss metamorphosis because she never used it. Maximum wild imps is her style. Can’t wait to get her creepy floating skull artifact.

Oslee – Male undead. Leveled from 96 (4 levels) and is going back to arms.
Sanbec – Male human. Was already 100, was pretty much the main in WoD (the only one to get the legendary ring), and is fury.

I have other characters, these are just the ones that either are 100 or that I put levels on during the invasions. So if you add those all up … I gained 218 levels from invasions. Um … dang. And I have 23 characters at level 100 ready to jump right into Legion. Weighted heavily towards Horde, I admit, with only 8 of them on Alliance … but the two I intend to start on first are both Alliance so there is that. And no, they won’t all get leveled. Some probably will be completely ignored. At least until the next easymode leveling thing comes along. (Please Blizz we liked this, remember it next time you’re designing an event!)