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…Nine, Ten, Go Fish!

October 9, 2017

Well, another Darkmoon Faire has come and gone and I’m still a couple hundred tickets short of the dirigible mount. But hey, it also means another week of carousel buffs! I made the most of it. Between that and two or three invasions at the right times during the week, I managed to get two more classes to max level.

Kalyon hit it first on the invasion in Val’sharah.

Now I just have to max out all of his weapons so I can get pets! Fortunately, that is pretty easy now since you automagically get the AK levels when you ding.

Kriann didn’t quite get there on the invasions, but she was SOOO CLOSE that I decided to go ahead and do some profession quests that she needed to work on. She was finishing up an inscription quest in Felblaze Ingress when she dinged.

That was all on Saturday. Yesterday though I wasn’t feeling very well, and didn’t have the energy for running around, questing, even swapping characters seemed like work. So I logged onto Oranis, joined a Conjurer Margoss fishing raid, and settled in to grind rep and watch football.

Not gonna lie, it took several hours even in a group. The size varied from only 4 or 5 of us to around 20 as people came and went throughout the day. I took a couple of breaks myself, for eating and just moving around. But I got it done and collected the two toys, two pets, and the mount. As a bonus, one of the toys put me at 300 so I earned the mount that comes with that achievement as well! Now I just have what, 5 new fishing dudes to grind rep with? *sigh*

As for the last two classes I need to level, the monk and demon hunter are both 109, so it won’t be long.

Four More Weapons

September 7, 2016

Moving on to the next four weapons that I collected over the weekend.

Fist of Ra-den

I’m sure I’m not the only who, when leveling through Pandaria, would have liked to give Li Li and Chen a lava burst to the face. Well, here’s your chance! Going back to the Temple of the White Tiger was appropriately silly and fun. While a great number of the other quests were very dark, this one is maybe a little too lighthearted, but hey, that’s the Pandaren for you.


The Warbreaker

Um … hey … wow. Whatever they did to arms, I’m liking it. Maybe even better than fury right now. And now I get why warriors are dropping out of the sky on Krasus’ Landing!


Blade of the Black Empire

Meh. Shadow hasn’t really changed that much but I’m not really feeling it. And I don’t care that much what the weapon is because it all looks the same in shadowform anyway.


The Dreadblades

Wow, my steath-fu without the extra stealthiness of subtlety is weak. The quest was full of piratey goodness though.


Alt Week: Shaman

October 16, 2013

This is probably the smallest alt week for me, because I only have one shaman, Kriann.
She is adorably cute …

as only a girl dwarf can be.

She is totally getting leveled. Really. I mean, I *know* I rolled her in Cata when dwarves could become shammies, and she’s still in Outland but … she has all those heirlooms and she’s 66 so very close to Northrend. Lava Burst is fun! And she’s the only one I have so … she has zero competition to become my first max-level shaman. The only other one I had, got deleted in favour of making a panda, who is still sitting on my character select screen on Drak without ever having been logged in.

Moar Alts

December 2, 2010

So, as I may have mentioned earlier in the week somewhere, like most others I have been rolling alts since the patch dropped the new world on us. Today I’m going to show off a few of them.

First we have, for Fiak’s viewing pleasure, my dwarven shaman Kriann. Isn’t she adorable?

She was rolled along with a new pair of alts for Analogue and Reversion, although our play time has kinda been … well, we’re all altoholics, that pretty much says it all. They finished leveling their priest/warrior to 80, and have been working on a hunter/shaman, while I’ve been rolling other alts and … yeah. Too many distractions! hehe

So while they were busy, I hopped over to Drak and made new Horde toons. I currently have four shiny Hordelings, three at level 16 and one at level 13.

I won’t really talk about Vanicus. You’ve met him before and the belf stuff hasn’t changed. Like, at all. Plus he was rolled before 4.0.3.

I don’t have a screenshot of Vorta, but she is my troll druid. The new troll starting zone was awesome, and Durotar itself just amazing. Oh, and while I was running south towards Razor Hill on another alt last night, I saw a new NPC walking up the road towards me … Tednug and his cat Scratchfever! It’s just so awesome when Bliz puts things like that in. And if you have no clue why this is awesome, or you think it only refers to the musician … go here, now. But make sure you have time to waste, because it is epic. Anywho … Vorta has been leveling feral and is working her way through Azshara. The rocketway is awesome cool. Orgrimmar is … well, I ran around a lot last night doing the cooking daily and sort of figured out where everything is. I hearthed her in the Valley of Spirits amongst her troll brethren. I still think Org is too huge .. it’s like 5 cities in one now .. but I can get used to it.

Dyle was rolled next. I’d heard so many awesome things about Tirisfal and Silverpine, so I had to have a new Forsaken. Throw in mind flay and shadow orbs at level 10 and I was sold on the idea quickly. Some of these shots are almost outdated now that he’s working out of the Sepulchre but oh well.

Brill has changed a LOT. Well, everything outside of Deathknell has. The Forsaken have truly taken over and made it all their own, complete with Vengeance Landing-esque architecture and … this ….

There is absolutely no question about who rules the Forsaken. Sylvanus’ presence is wholly felt. In fact, as soon as you move into Silverpine, you meet the Lady herself. Her leadership is strong, as evidenced by her encounter with Garrosh. The dumb orc sure knows how to alienate his allies, doesn’t he?

Note the presence of Grand Executor Mortuus there on the left. Apparently he’s been promoted, because he was Foreman Mortuus in Wrath. And if you don’t know Mortuus, check out Oxhorn’s work. Yeah, gotta love the in-game references. 😀

Anyway, after you finish a couple different mini quest areas, it’s time to go to the Sepulchre. Sylvanus instructs you to mount up and ride beside her, and there is a cutscene as you ride, during which she tells you her background, how she came to be the Dark Lady. I think she has a crush on me. I mean really, I’m just a low level priest, and she’s lavishing this personal attention on me! Great storytelling and total immersion for the player. I love it.

The last one I rolled is Naeladi, a Tauren …. wait for it …. warrior. Yes, tauren pallies are cool and all, but everyone and their dog has one and you know what? It’s no secret that I’m a horse girl. The two belfs I have on the server? A pally and a DK, so they can have their special horses. My toons will be wearing their UC tabards so they can get undead warhorses ASAP. Y’all can keep your gobby trikes, give meh horseys! *ahem* Anyway, here she is. She’s leveling through the Barrens. Isn’t she lovely?

Lovely and deadly. Shield slam hits HARD! *grin*

So there you have it .. the stable of lowbies SO FAR. There will still be the worgen lock and druid, and I’ll need a goblin of some sort. Any suggestions? I’m thinking either lock or shaman.