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September 30, 2011

A Guest Post by Sorak

Some of you may know I play a rogue named Kisara.  This rogue has been shook down for “protection” money from one notorious Falahla…  I figured I better pay up if I don’t want my legs broken!  So I gave her what she asked for and quickly left her presence! 

So here it is, a few hours before raid night and I’m getting ready to restock on poisons.  I make my way over to Jasper Fel my supplier,  when I run into Falahla…

Below is the sight I was greeted with!!!!

Needless to say I vanished and GTFO! 

All I gotta say is you better watch your back Falahla!!!  Yer goons won’t be around you 24/7!!  And when you least suspect it, I’ll have my revenge!!!!!