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Some Important Swedes

November 5, 2014

I forgot my WoW screenshot so I’ll save it for Friday. I’ve been hanging onto these two for a week or so now so I really should get them posted.

Hans von Koenigsmark


Listed on wiki as Hans Christoff von Königsmarck, he led Sweden’s flying column, which captured Prague Castle in 1648 to end the Thirty Years’ War.

Arvid Vittenberg


Wittenberg commanded the Swedish right flank in the Thirty Years’ War under Torstenson (who we will meet later.) He led the army that marched into Poland and convinced the nobles at Ujście to capitulate, setting off the Deluge (Second Northern War). He captured Krakow and led the defense (and submission) of Warsaw after King Jan Kazimir’s return from exile. He died in 1657 in the prison in Zamość, the city/fortress of Jan Zamoyski.

I know these probably bore you guys, but I find it very interesting to learn who these guys really were and what events they participated in.

I’ll Fight With You But I Am Not Wearing A Wig

October 7, 2014

Last night I played on my Swedish character. So I figured I would post some of them for you.

From a siege, here is Christopher Bjolke.


He’s really not bad looking when he’s not wearing that silly wig.
He only exists in the game.

Next, Simon Grundel-Hemfet.


He was actually a famous Swedish general. (His last name on wiki is spelled Helmfelt).

And of course, King Carl Gustaf.


That would be Charles X Gustav. Gotta be specific so we get the right one. Let’s see, his mother, Catherine, was from the Vasa line, so he’s related to Jan II Kasimir. He became king in 1654, less than a year before the Deluge (known as the Second Northern War in Sweden). I’ve briefly mentioned some things about that war. How embarrassing for the Commonwealth. Greater Poland was given over to King Carl without a fight. Yes, that includes Warsaw. Many of the Commonwealth’s finest troops joined the Swedes, including most of the hussar regiments. Krakov was captured after a 2 month siege, and King Jan went into exile in Silesia. Eventually, though, the Poles woke up and fought back.

In yesterday’s comments, Bocat said my screenshots need more dancing. Well, the only dancing in this game is pretty tough to screenshot. When I knock out an enemy commander, I stand my horse on them and do pirouettes over their body. Last night, I was glued to King Carl’s army when war was declared on the Cossacks. We entered a large battle with three of them versus us and one of the Khan’s men. I … well, I put my lance in the back of Ivan Fedorenko. But I could not bring myself to dance on him. I carefully made sure my horse did NOT step on him and kept telling him how sorry I was. I guess I can fight for another side, but I can’t completely change my loyalties.