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Scepter of Azj’Aqir

January 7, 2013

Yay, Darkmoon Faire time! Roz went to the Faire, got a rare Crow, and did his profession quests. But he didn’t have 15 fossil fragments. Off to dig! Hmmm … not a single fossil site on his map. But look, he has two spots in Uldum, let’s go there.

Naturally, I can’t just dig. I combine it with pet battling/leveling.


In the space of an hour, he got two flawless battlestones … a beast, and a critter. For the beast I have only a couple of choices that I’d like to use it on. I am leaning towards the Feline Familiar. For the critter one, however … zomg choices! Perky Pug maybe, just because I want to see him wipe his butt on the battlefield.

Anyway, once he dug the two spots in Uldum, a fossil site spawned in Tanaris so I hopped over there to complete his quest. While there, I went through his book and completed the projects he had enough other fragments for, and after a couple of small things in his Tol’vir file something new popped up. I had to go wowhead it real quick to be sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Whoa mon, dis be a mount!

With no dig sites left in Uldum, I had to either dig more in Kalimdor, or … well, let’s go to Pandaria, he’s almost maxed on skill and he can turn in these projects for Tol’vir parts. So I hearthed to the Jade Forest and hit up a dig site. That plus the projects I could complete got me to 600. Now … how to get to the Vale at level 86. Hmm … I rode to the Tavern, picking up flight points along the way. As I was trying to figure out how to get on top of the hills and slow fall into the Vale (I’ve heard it can be done) Arv logged on. It didn’t take much begging to get him to come pick me up. Of course, I was prepared for the inevitable attempt to kill me … Arv managed to hit the wrong button to save himself though. haha. Seems like this has happened before hasn’t it? 😉


THEN Mishi wouldn’t fly me up to the Lorewalkers room, so Arv was nice enough to drop me off up there. Got all my artifacts converted and was just over halfway to completion. Nice! But now … I had the flight path so I could get to the Vale, but wouldn’t be able to get up to the ledge again. So digging in Pandaria was kinda out. Ok, well, there’s a bunch of sites up in Mount Hyjal, guess I’ll have to spawn an Uldum site. More digging, more pet battling, and finally one popped up.


By this time it was like 12:30am so of course there was no one on to share with. But hey, it’s done! Roz be lookin good, mon.


Now I just need a Crawling Claw and … yes, sad as it is, I am *still* searching for Tyrande’s bloody doll. /rage

Rep Farming is Fun!

July 22, 2011

I’ve been promising this post all week and am finally getting to it. Boss kills kinda take precedence, sorry Arv!

I was puttering around last weekend doing whatever, archaeology I think, when Lyss says in guild chat that she has one of the NPCs in her Protectors of Hyjal group that is needed for the achievement. It was one that Arv and I both needed, so she invited us and summoned us out there.  Once we’d waved, she dropped group and we hung around looking for the last one we needed … and of course any time the two of us hang out, shenanigans usually occurs. Like, him giving me rides on his Vial of the Sands and then dropping me. He did somehow manage to kill me, even though it’s supposed to give you a parachute. But that’s ok, because the parachute worked on the second try, and he managed to kill himself instead. Good times.

Well we’re kinda standing around doing nothing after that, so he’s like ‘Wanna do some BC heroics?’ Now, anyone who’s been around the blog for a bit knows that I like to farm rep.  I had actually already been to Blood Furnace and MgT earlier that day.  Heck, it’s even the blog title!   Do you *need* two paladins to clear any of this stuff? lol. Not hardly. You didn’t need two of them at 80, let alone now. But of course, rep farming is *always* more fun when there are two of you. Farming rep with Hartbane is one of my fondest memories from my Wrath days.

First we headed out to Netherstorm to hit up those instances. I’m travelling in style, not even having to figure out where to go … but I don’t go afk just in case some brat decides to drop me again.

We also hit up all the dungeons at Auchindoun … well, minus Sethekk Halls. We didn’t need the achievement for that one; Arv’s already got Anzu, and Van has been farming for it. Here is one of the great benefits of having two paladins instead of just one …

I actually came *very* close to killing him there. He has forbearance because he had to use LoH. ^.^

Then in Shadow Labs AGAIN I got mind controlled. Good times.

Never did manage to kill him though. We went back to the Netherstorm instances last night and I got MC’d at the end of Arcatraz. Maybe if I gem and enchant my ret gear …

Anyway, after that we headed out to the Caverns of Time. Can’t say I’m thrilled with Van’s human disguise but hey .. at least he got hair! Arv’s is definitely hawt.

Hmmmm …. I wonder if changing your hairstyle changes your CoT disguise?! I must experiment with this!!

We also did … hm. Shattered Halls. And then the NEXT day, we did all of the Coilfang Reservoir dungeons to finish off Outland Dungeon Hero for Van. And did MgT to get Outland Dungeon Hero for Arv. And then last night, we hit up Netherstorm again, and Arv finished off his Sha’tar rep and his 30 Exalted Reputations achievement. Then we did MgT again.

So what happens AFTER the dungeon running is over?

Maybe Arv didn’t know this … but I’m betting he probably did and is just exploiting it … if you get naked (or do anything remotely worthy of screenshotting) when I am around, there is a 99% chance that it will get posted to the blog.

Ok, I guess the final shot is proof that he KNEW he was getting screenshotted. This one makes me want to crank up some Rihanna “S&M” ^.^

Ok, that was worth waiting until Friday for, especially with the fresh pics from last night. 😉