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Cymre and Cool, Kara and Grul

July 24, 2012

Apologies for being a day late on getting this posted. Mondays during the summer are CRAZY at work. Ok, the rest of the week isn’t much better, but Mondays especially I am playing catchup from the weekend.

This week’s Laid Back Raid hosted by JD at Amateur Azerothian was Karazhan and Grul’s Lair. Kara is quite possibly my favorite place in all of Azeroth. As JD mentioned in his post, we had quite a nice turnout this week, too! His pics are better than mine but I took it so I’m posting it.

I got to meet some people I hadn’t met before this time! That’s Navimie on the left of course, then the two elves to her left are Cymre and Coolidge. I know Arv had hung with them before, but this was my first time, so it was pretty exciting.

I wasn’t really in the mood to paladin, but when I looked at Van’s rep and saw I was at 15k/21k to exalted with the Violet Eye I knew I had to get it. It didn’t take long, and I got 30 Exalted Rep as a bonus, which I hadn’t realized I was that close to getting. It was also on Shade of Aran, which was my very favorite fight at-level when you actually had to pay attention to his mechanics.

Adoe and Painsaw (Moogik’s gobby warrior) joined up for Grul. Then afterwards and with some shuffling of characters because some people needed to leave, we also hit up Magtheridon and Tempest Keep. I made Arv join up for Tempest Keep … you can never have too many paladins after all! Twice in TK I got mind controlled and killed Moog. Well, I DID warn him that I like to hear male goblins die. Now he knows what he’s in for if he ends up raiding on that character in MoP. *giggle*

In this shot we have Arvash, Kamalia (sorry I don’t remember the actual character’s name), Cymre, me, Painsaw, and Coolidge.

Next week is Alliance Onyxia on Saturday. Too bad, Van has never killed her. But I have plenty of Alliance who haven’t been there, too. 🙂

Little Red Riding Arv

August 5, 2011

Woulda been better if I didn’t have my 3 holy power aura up but too bad … still a nice shot.

And yes, we even completed chess and killed Prince Eredar Dude, netting me the Kara achievement. Good times.