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100 x 4

March 5, 2015

Arelin was already leading the race to be the next 100 before he got the camera. He got the lens not long afterwards, allowing any of my characters to take selfies, but since he’s the one who obtained it, he gets the privilege of leveling and then completing the Field Photography achievement.


Once he dinged, he upgraded his garrison, built his boombox, did Harrison Jones’ quest since he was his visitor of the day, and did normal Skyreach for the first incarnation of his ring. He’s ready to do the heroics he needs for the quest, which hopefully will gain him the 3 ilevel he needs to get into LFR. He decided he wasn’t in the mood for heroics though, and set out to get started on the photography achievement.

His first stop was Booty Bay …


on the way to Onyxia’s Lair.


From there he hearthed to the shrine in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms …


took the portal to Dalaran …


and finally, 3 expansions later, beat up his former master.


Stay tuned to see where he goes next!

Where’s The Dress?

September 10, 2012

Some of you may not be aware, but my good friends over at For The Horde have started blogging again. Most of them are all back in the game for the MoP launch and having fun catching up on what they’ve missed throughout most of Cata. I’ve kept in touch with them all through e-mail since I joined them all on Dawnbringer way back when. So when Pie sent a group e-mail last week about wanting to run an ICC on Saturday night, I excitedly volunteered, and went right over to my SR friends to spread the word.

Come raid time we had Pie on his paladin to tank, Fikkle on his dps warrior, Sy on his hunter, Duke on his mage, and Nim on his priest. Add in me on Van, plus Slice and Lyss on their mains, and you have a pretty kickass group to storm the citadel.

Here’s some action after we moved into the Upper Spire.

I swapped back and forth between dps and healing as needed. That was interesting, considering I hadn’t even touched ret since the patch. I had this big gaping hole in my bar where Holy Wrath used to be. I eventually (like after three bosses >.> ) discovered that I had Hammer of the Righteous to place in the spot, but it doesn’t really help the emptiness in the rotation since it shares a CD with Crusader Strike. I guess it’s for using instead of that for AoE? Makes sense, since Divine Storm now requires Holy Power. *grumble* THAT change I do not like. Hopefully I will get some new ability later on that will smooth out the rotation. Someday I will look up some ret stuff … maybe. :p

Swapping back and forth between specs removes your current aura. So yes, that is why I don’t have one turned on in this screenshot. Wut? I was just doing my best Fayle impersonation .. you know, living down to expectations and whatnot.

Some of the group hadn’t seen all of ICC before. Heck, some may not have ever been there. So it was nice having Lyss there. She gave awesome little pre-fight rundowns on the bosses for us. All in all it went very smoothly. We did have a fun little pile of ice blocks chained together on Sindy … that was pretty amusing but not fatal.

I think we only had one wipe, and that was when we didn’t all get back on the platform on time during a phase transition on Lich King. THAT fight is still long and complicated if you haven’t done it a lot of times. This here was our second wipe …

Of course everyone had been warned ahead of time not to release, so Sy couldn’t resist making jokes about having released and not being able to find his way back. /facepalm

I had a great time that night, and I hope everyone else did too! Thanks again to Lyss and Slice for coming along and helping out. 😀

Sixth of Six 2012

February 15, 2012

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these. Arioch tagged me, and I said I was going to post it tomorrow … but I’m sick and there is no guarantee that I will get it done. So I’ll do it now. She also tagged Zari, so if I get mine done before him, I can tag people that he would tag and get away with it. Muahahahah.

I admit, I stole this part right off her page.

•The rules are as follows:
•Go in to your image folder.
•Open the sixth sub-folder and select the sixth image.
Profit! Publish.
•Challenge six more saps and link to them.

So … I don’t have subfolders, but I do have LOTS of screenshot folders, so I’ll just pick the sixth one in the list.

Yeah, that was back when I was running 10 AND 25 ICC twice a week on two toons … and filling in for alt runs on Kerick as well. Hey look! I beat Ado on the meter! *flex* Yeah, yeah, ranged and blood beasts blah blah blah.

So … my turn to tag.

1. Lyssi!  Zari, you can have Slice, I won’t be mean and steal them both.

2. Trout! I know he has screenshots, even though he doesn’t post them as often as he should.

3. Analogue! (or Rev … I just think of her first because .. you know .. healers …)

4. Bocat! Hopefully not a shot of her dead.

5. Grom! I bet he has some lying around somewhere, and we need to get him to post more often!

6. Hmm … how about Khizzara? She hasn’t posted in a long time, but I know she’s still playing. Maybe if I give her a poke it will get her back into the blogging mood.

Aight, I’m going to bed. Oh. Crap. There’s a raid in 2 hours. Um … nap then? Eff it .. maybe I’ll just log in and get my dailies done so Van stays on track to get his pet and mount from the holiday.

How to Heal ICC

November 18, 2011

1. Bring two healers. Yeah, sure, you only really need one to cover the actual healing, but you’ll want two for this.

2. Make sure at least one of them has an Orb of the Sin’dorei.

3. Make sure the other has Potions of Illusion.

4. Pop your toys and /dance while the rest of the raid plays with the trash.

Hahaha, look at those suckers all running around feared while Kerick and Elgar are busy being sexy!