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2 in 1

January 30, 2012

A very, VERY satisfying raid week in Crits.  We’d been working hard on Warmaster Blackhorn and finally put it all together and got the kill.

Yes, he dropped the shield and Kerick had no one to roll against. Van cried a little but he’ll get over it.

Kerick cried more than a little when he realized that downing lootship meant he finally had to face Searing Plasma. Hate! Rage! Do Not Want! Amazingly enough, it took all of … 3 pulls?

As you can see from all of the people who are 0k in my healbot frames, it wasn’t pretty. Not pretty at all. But we beat it … and before the 5% nerf goes in tomorrow!

This was all Friday night, so we had all night Saturday to work on Madness. We had a good night and worked together very well. We got the mechanics down, but just don’t quite have the dps yet. But hey, we got there! We got to see it and throw ourselves at it BEFORE it got nerfed. I’m quite happy with where we are.

I still miss Sorak though.



October 4, 2011

I really am not inspired to post anything so far this week.

I could talk about how Van still hasn’t gotten a damn Brewfest mount.

I could talk about how Dizzee succeeded in hitting 84 and got to queue for Direbrew.

I could talk about Kalethos getting to 40, or Alivard, his new DK farming slave.

I could talk about not downing Rags.

I could talk about the burglar that stole Arv’s car last night in my SIMs game. Ha.

Meh. Maybe it’s the weather. I’m off to go study heroic modes. Hopefully hitting some of those tonight will give me stuff to post tomorrow.