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Lords in the Field 2

August 12, 2014

Something really awesome happened last night. All we had left for the raid week was Garrosh, who we can’t do on heroic until we kill Blackfuse on heroic, so we got the rest of the night off after we knocked him out. Naturally, that meant more time for Mount & Blade.

I helped Hmelnitski and a few others take Izum Fortress and then he was done with me, but often in those cases I have nothing more pressing to do so I continue to follow along. We went over to Izmail to take it back from the Crimeans, but all of the Tsar’s forces came and drove us away. (Yes, some dummy decided we should go to war with the Muscovites. At least peace was declared with Sweden not long after. Two fronts is enough!) As we were scattering it became apparent that they were going to catch Hmelnitski and pile on him. He anticipated this, and put up a vote for a new Marshal. I got notice that I was being considered, and could choose to accept putting my name up for the vote, or tell him that I am too busy for such things. Ha! Yeah. I have no land and nothing else to do. Damn straight put my name in! I wish I had screenshotted the final vote. Oh well. It was 8 to 3 in favor of me over Gomon.

Now, from what I’ve seen, there are pretty much three types of Marshals. The Marshal, by the way, is basically the head general. He is in charge of all military operations. The ones that are pretty much universally considered bad are the ones that sit on their butts in their Fortress and don’t even do their job. There are also ones that *I* consider bad but others might think are just fine because of a difference of opinion in strategies. These are the ones that take our army all the way across the map to lay siege to some fortress deep in enemy territory, leaving no defense behind so that even if they take that one, we lose two back home. I hate that. I’m all about shoring up our defenses and responding to what the enemy is doing. If they lay siege to one of our fortresses, my troops are right there to break it up. Only when our territory is safe, do I go about trying to take more.

My dear friend Anton Zhdanovich was one of the three who voted against me. So of course, I got him back by having the army gather at his home in Kiev and making him go on the campaign with me. Anton is one of my favorite guys to hang out with. He is unique, because he doesn’t ride. Instead, he has this big old matchlock musket and walks down the field with the rest of the marksmen. His musketmen complement my preference for cavalry very nicely, so we make a good team.


Once enough nobles had gathered, the first order of business was to take back Izmail and Ladyzhyn. While we were doing that, the large group of Muscovites that had beaten Hmelnitski earlier laid siege to Bratslav. I checked out their numbers and decided we didn’t quite have enough men. So I stopped by Korsun and asked Doroschenko to join us. Now we at least had equal numbers. We rode over and challenged them and … wait. What? We had about 300 more men than we should have and they … hold on. There are two Muscovites fighting on our side. I don’t quite know how it happened. They weren’t ones that I am friendly with. Perhaps they were just mad at the guy leading their raid and wanted to take him out? I don’t know. But yeah .. with 1000 vs. 400 instead of 700 vs. 700, we were assured of a victory.

We broke up a couple of other sieges at Izmail and Ladyzhyn because naturally they tried to take them back. We also went and got back the Sich, which had been taken a long time ago by the Khanate, and then taken from them by the Muscovites, who we were not at war with at that time so we had no way to get it back. We did end up losing Izmail again, and I just ran out of time to get it back before I really had to call it a night and go to bed.

Let’s see, this is just about long enough, so we’ll post a dude that I have nothing to say about. Here, have some Hmara.