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SR Pwns IF

June 23, 2011

Ahh … Midsummer Fire Festival is back. Another chance to die repeatedly while stealing flames from the enemy faction’s cities. Except … NOW … well, flying changes everything.

I teamed up with Zyrca last night after the raid, and we hit the Eastern Kingdoms.  The whole getting to the flame part? Yeah, all the challenge is pretty much gone from that. I hovered over the Stormwind flame for a few seconds, counting the players in the area. I forgot to look behind me, however, and got shot down by a gryphon rider … right onto the flame. So I shrugged, bubbled, stole the flame, and made a break for it towards the nearest canal. Not sure how other classes might fare on the getaway part, but … dude, I’m a holy paladin. I ran and swam until I got out of combat, mounted up, and flew away.

Ironforge was a little trickier because of the whole being indoors part. I could hover high enough above Stormwind that the guards would be below me. Not so in IF, and when the flame wasn’t in the Mystic Ward like I thought it was (I guess I got it confused with the Lunar Festival location) I paused for a few seconds and … got shot down by a gryphon rider. Meh ok, fine. I run through the Forlorn Cavern to the Hall of Explorers, an impressive chain of guards and gyphons trailing me. Grab the flame, turn around, and run back the way I came …. aaaaaaaaaallll the way to the front gates, outside, and halfway down the hill before I jump off the road and manage to get out of combat.

It’s now after 1am and I am contemplating sleep, but Tel has been trying to get into IF to steal the flame for a little while now … on his level 38 shaman. Well, I always knew he was kinda nuts. Must be why I like him. Anyway, we decided that it would be pretty crappy if we were right there and didn’t help him. So we invited him to the party and proceeded to get the attention of all the guards so he could rez and at least run more than one step before being shot down again. Yeah baby, time to get revenge on those damned gryphon riders!

It took awhile, but I must admit, we were having a pretty good time with it. There were four or five Alliance around … a level 18 hunter took a few shots at us (lol) and one of the mages standing around watching decided to kill Zyrca once when I ran out of range of him following Davka. Oops. They quickly got bored though and wandered off to … I dunno, drink some Thunderbrew or something. It was pretty obvious what we were trying to do (I purposely had Dav targeted so they could see the little baby shaman that I was trying so hard to protect). The only thing I regret is not sticking my shiny new Guild Standard in the ground next to the flame when Davka finally got to steal it and taking a screenshot of that moment. Hindsight …. sigh.

Mission accomplished … we’re outta here!