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You Rolled a WHAT?!?

February 4, 2013

I rolled a warlock. Yes. I know. I think this is number … five? The others made it to somewhere between 20 and 25 and went poof, except for the Worgen who became my Alliance bank alt because I only like him when he’s in his human form. Seriously, what was Blizz thinking when they designed the worgen casting animations? Male is especially awful .. I can live with the female.

I already have a goblin lock rolled on Drak. I haven’t logged into him yet, but he’s there. But … I didn’t feel like playing a goblin, I wanted an undead. I suppose I could have just deleted him and rolled what I wanted but … well, sometimes I just need a change of scenery, i.e. I need to chill on another server. It doesn’t mean I’m unhappy where I’m at. Oh hell, why am I even trying to explain this? How about I just say I didn’t want to level on the PvP server and leave it at that, I *know* you all will accept that excuse.

So, I have 3 alts and a DK over on Kargath, along with cloth heirlooms. And a monk that I haven’t logged into yet. I know Averry won’t mind if I place yet another alt in his guild, even if I only play it once and forget about it. So I create a nasty looking undead female, and play around with the name generator until I find something suitably evil. Madorsa. Then as soon as I’m logged into her I pick out a title. Hey, these things are important you know! I jokingly told Averry I was going with Salty Madorsa, and we both went eeewwwwwww before I changed it to Matron.

The levels go so very fast with 4 pieces of heirloom gear. You know, now that I think about it … yes, I did send a Dread Pirate Ring over there. I thought I had. The paladin is wearing it. Oh well, she really doesn’t need more xp. I’m having troubles outleveling zones as it is! I mean, part of the reason for this project is to see the new questlines that I missed in Cata. Seriously, up until now, I had not met Johnny Awesome. Now I have …


And Yetimus, of course, I had seen many times, but never tried to kill him on an appropriate level toon. Poor little Kal’gore, my voidwalker, got stomped into the ground in two hits. So I moved on to the other quests until I could get Kashina to come help. Afterwards, we go flying around on a sightseeing tour. You see that spire on top of Greymane Manor there?


We landed on top of it and were dismounted. Silly me decided to test out my Glyph of Falling Meteor so I jumped off the side and turned into a spinning purple ball of flying demon. Coolness! Except … there was some phasing and now we couldn’t see each other. Oops. So I had to hearth. heh.

I was supposed to move on to Arathi at 25 but … well, I already had the achievement there and I’d heard it hadn’t changed much so I stuck with Hillsbrad. I finished out the zone and got the achievement, then had to kill a few things around Arathi to get leveled to 30 so I could get the quest to move on to the Hinterlands. I also went the Faire and did the cooking, tailoring, and enchanting quests.

When I hit 32 just before entering Skulk Rock, I got a new passive ability, Wild Imps. O. MG. These things proc all the time! I am surrounded by my own little army of imps!


So yeah, it looks like this time, the warlock will stick. On her second fishing daily, she gave Faranell a severed abomination head and he gave her a bone fishing pole. (Oh stop it, Lyss, I mean a literal fishing pole!)

I’m already planning transmog outfits for her. What? There are some really hot looks for locks you know!