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No Time to Post

November 6, 2012

…too busy pet battling.

Yeah, so … Darkmoon Faire started on Sunday right? I took each toon down there to do the profession quests. Van cleared his quickly, then I moved on down the list. Oh. Arelin doesn’t have his arch high enough to do that quest. Well, let’s just go dig for awhile. Hey, this dig site is in the zone where I was last leveling my latest pet team. Gogo pet battles! Yeah … not only did he level them, but he went to Dustwallow, got a rare Spawn of Onyxia, and beat the tamer there. On to 1000 Soggy Needles!

His adventure was cut short in Tanaris when Lyss needed a hand with something. So I moved on to the next toon and went to the Faire … and needed to do some digging … and ended up doing pet battles. Dyle started to do the same but I got all the way to Feralas before realizing that he had only the most basic level of flying skill. Do you have any idea how S-L-O-W 150% flight speed is when you are used to 310%? Not only that, but 310% boosted by Crusader Aura (or whatever they call the passive skill that does the same thing now). Yeah. He went back to Org, shelled out 4k for faster flying, and then I figured I’d try mounting the violet proto just to see if it gave the 310% anymore. No luck. Oh well.

Logged over to Kerick last night. Looked all over the portal room in the Shrine in the Vale trying to find the one to take me to Thunder Bluff so I could go to the Faire …. yeah. I seriously did that. Then went wait, why is there a portal to Stormw .. oh. Yeah. /facepalm … and oh darn, Kerick has no fossil fragments. Hey, there’s a fossil field in Western Plaguelands. You know what comes next, right? Yeah. Build a team to face the tamer in Eastern Plaguelands and it needs a little leveling, and I need a rare Blighthawk, so …

Kerick ended up logging out in Searing Gorge, chasing after lava crabs and molten hatchlings (he got rare Ash Spiderling and Fire Beetle in his first two battles there). He never did make it back to the Faire. Come to think of it, neither did any of the other toons I sent out digging. >.>