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Just Hanging Around

March 20, 2013

I forgot I took these the other day when Kaly was on Isle of Giants. He found the vendor and bought some of the items that let you disguise yourself as a direhorn hatchling for 10 minutes.


Yeah, those devilsaurs are not to be messed with. I came very close to killing the one hatchling that I pulled, but they require some concentration and paying attention to mechanics and stacks and whatnot. The direhorn babies I can eat a sandwich, chat with friends, pet the dog, etc. and never have to move or worry about dying as long as the dog keeps rolling on the keyboard. (Note: this works best if you keybind death strike to most of the buttons.)


As far as warlock news goes, she is more than halfway through Outland. The pains of CRZ Zangarmarsh were quickly left behind on Monday … with a little help from Averry.


(awwwww I can *just* see Mortimer flying there on the edge of the screen trying to keep up with us)

One Slave Pens and a couple of Underbogs put her well into 63, and a few quests last night before raid easily got her to 64.


Czar of Sporeggar

November 16, 2010

I finally got around to finishing up some rep grinds on Karius. Sunday I headed out to Underbog to farm up some Sanguine Hibiscus. The Sporeggar rep adds up really fast that way, much faster than doing the kill naga quest, especially if you are an herbalist and can see where the hibiscus are, and are capable of soloing the instance on regular.

I cleared the place out, then reset and started on a second run, when Chan asked in gchat if anyone wanted to run Shadow Lab on regular. I figured hey, why not, I’m out here anyway. So I teleported back to Shatt and joined the party. While waiting, I noticed a huge stack of Marks of Sargeras in the gv. Hmmmm …. grab the stack, fly up to the top, bam bam bam bam! Exalted. Too bad the Aldor tabard looks horrible with my robes.

Then I checked my status with Lower City and realized I wouldn’t get anything running SLabs on regular, and also noticed we didn’t have a tanky type in the party. Hmmmm …. *light bulb over head* I told Chan I was switching toons.

(Insert future blog post about Sanbec learning to tank here)

Soooo….cut ahead several hours and two clears of Underbog on two OTHER toons later. Kar now has a HUUUUUUUGE stack of Hibiscus. Off to Sporeggar.

Yes, three achievements in one there. Czar of Sporeggar, The Diplomat, and 25 Exalted Reputations. I had to spend an hour last night picking glowcaps though in order to buy the pet and tabard. And you know what? They changed it so glowcaps don’t show up on Find Herbs! Jerks. Oh well. Isn’t the Tiny Sporebat just adorable?

And yeah, the Sporeggar tabard looked bad with my robes, too, so I went back to the Cenarion Expedition one. :p