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I Had Wings

August 18, 2014

It was a roller coaster weekend for sure.

Saturday was the ride up. I mentioned Friday that we had taken a couple of fortresses from the Crimeans. Well, Saturday we pushed them further back. We took Izmail again after they took it back from the Muscovites, and then rode over to the other side of the map and took Krakov. Desiring both an actual city with good income (as opposed to a place that’s just a military fortress), and a base far from the current front which would likely be left alone, I asked that it be given to me. While I was over in that neighborhood, I stopped in Minsk to visit Vasil Zolotarenko for something, and found this Hussar armor in the shop there.


I wonder what the other Cossacks thought. I mean, here I am wearing the regalia of the Commonwealth’s famous cavalry, AND being lord of Krakov … I’m sure a few of them wondered whether I was truly loyal to the Hetmanate. But they had nothing to fear. I led the troops across the river into the heart of Crimean territory and claimed Perekop and … dang, what’s that other K one in the corner there. Kezlev? Kalanchak? One of the two. Sweden took the other one, and Sweden and the Muscovites had also taken the three fortresses further out. We had them on the ropes with only two fortresses and three armies left.

I mentioned before how sometimes some of the generals will join in on my side. This happens a LOT with the Crimeans. I haven’t figured out the how or the why of it at all. Here we have Imad-pasha fighting for me …


and Bukryn-bey as well …


Sounds like things are going perfect, right? Yes, well … this is where the downward spiral begins. We laid siege to the Crimean capital at Bakhchisaray. There were no generals there, only the garrison of around 250. With just 3 hours left in the 13 that it takes to lay explosives on the wall, I received notice that the Muscovites were besieging Perekop. Now, the right choice would have been to stick on Bakhchisaray and finish my own siege. It would have been quite the nail in the coffin for the Crimeans, who would then have only Kafa left and be stuck in a corner surrounded by enemies. But emotion won out, for you see, Perekop had been awarded to Les’ Gritsenko, who did not have a fortress of his own prior to that. Logic was drowned out by my heart crying ‘Protect Les’ town! Don’t let them take it!’

That wasn’t a problem, we successfully drove them away. But in the meantime, the Crimeans sent defenders to Bakhchisaray. The opportunity was lost. Then they sent five or six armies to besiege Kezlev. As I was trying to lure them away from it one or two at a time to deplete their numbers, they came up with a dirty trick. A small group of scouts appeared on the other side of me and they are too fast to avoid. If you are within a certain aggro range of the other armies when you go into battle, they will join in. So yeah, they ambushed me and then it was me vs. all of them at once. You can guess how that went. And to add insult to injury, they stole my Hussar wings! /sadpanda. The wings had felt a little strange at first, but I got used to them and feel naked now without them.


From there, things only got worse. Yesterday, they sought vengeance in a big way. Khan Islam Giray gathered most of his armies together and went on a rampage. With 7, 8 and even 9 armies at a time, there was no way we could fight them off. It’s very difficult to get the Cossack lords to all come together and follow orders. I can ask one to follow me, we’ll ride 10 paces, and he’ll turn and be off doing his own thing. Infuriating! So most of the time I’m pretty much left making do with whoever shows up voluntarily. Without a large enough group to take them on, they quickly took back Kezlev, Perekop, Izmail, Kilburun, and my own Ladyzhyn. Then they went and laid siege to Cashcow! er .. Krakov. Nooooooooooooo!

All was lost. My fortress was already gone, all of our advances into their territory taken back, and even Krakov, clear over in Polish territory, was on the verge of being captured. In despair, I rode back over near Ladyzhyn and sat there in stunned silence. Hearing hoofbeats behind me, I turned to see Les’ riding up to accompany me. I lost it. ‘Why would you follow me?’ I told him. ‘I’m a terrible Marshal. All that was taken has been lost. Every foothold that we had has been reclaimed. We were on the verge of victory and I made a mistake and look what it has cost us.’ I cried on his shoulder. He hugged me and called me his brave champion like he always does, and then said ‘Look, here comes Timofiy. Together we will start taking back fortresses. All is not lost, it’s only a setback.’ And you know what? He was right …