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Hanging With Khizzara

May 7, 2012

Quickpost today as I have a lot of work to do. Typical Monday. Bleh.

So I was goofing around at the Faire when Arv sets up a group to run heroics. He’s working on the 50,000 VP achievement. Yes, he is crazy. We all know this. So he gets me, Slice, and Zari to agree to this and then tells us to wait, he has one more he wants to invite. I check my stalker ID. Hmm … no, Stunnah isn’t on. Who else does he know? I have a suspicion, based on who is online on my list. And … I am right! Kashina!! Yeah, hold on, I’m getting Van. No crappy alts for this party!

Moar HoTs!!!!!

I bet you can guess how that ended, right? It’s always a toy party disco with Arv around.

I have a TON of other stuff to post from this weekend … Arv drug me back to WoW hardcore ya know. Crap, here comes another delivery truck. Back to work!

P.S. WTB Hour of Twilight! We ran an endless loop of End Time and Well of Eternity. I am once again completely sick of them.

Pink Mounts Aplenty

February 15, 2012

Wrapped up a whole bunch of holiday stuff last night before raid.

Kerick gathered enough tokens to buy his ugly bird.

The only thing he has left is to get a black dress. I might use up the charms he has left on dailies to try for it, but he won’t bother farming more. It’s just not important enough.

Van logged on needing to throw roses on a human DK, and needing a bouquet out of a dungeon. So I log on and do the holiday boss, then take a few spins around Dalaran. Nothing. Ok, let’s queue for one of these dungeons. I was using a list of 5 of the older ones that had dropped them last year … BRC, Stonecore, Deadmines, SFK, and Grim Batol. I threw out Grim Batol because it drops off Drahga and most groups skip him since he’s optional. I also threw out Deadmines because I had run it a couple nights before and didn’t feel like it. I got SFK. This group … sigh. The DK had blood presence on. The (Tauren of course) pally would pull and toss down a consecration and then just stand there scratching his ass doing nothing. That lasted through the first pull after the first boss and I was pulling a Slice. Back in Dal … oh, look what just walked out of A Hero’s Welcome …it’s a level 81 human DK! I tossed some rose petals on him while he was reading his mail, and promptly thanked him as my achievement popped up.

So now, needing just the bouquet, I’m like yeah … time to queue again. Off to Stonecore. This time the tank is a real (aka belf) pally. (Yes, sorry to all my Tauren bros out there but really … I haven’t seen a one of you yet that can tank worth a damn.) Apparently he’s in quite a guild discussion, because he’s taking a minute between pulls. In the meantime, the shaman is hexing stuff and the rogue is sapping stuff. The DK gets snippy and whines about how we don’t need CC and can we just pull already, but other than him, everyone else is chill and patient. DK dude leaves after he stands in Corborus’ ground phase and dies. Halfway down the next hallway Slice comes on and is like ‘lol old heroics?’ and I explain why I am there. He’s like … those drop in the new dungeons you know. /facepalm … No I didn’t know. But it’s ok. This group is slow, but they are not fail. And hey, sometimes it’s a lot of fun to tag along with a group of people who are still gearing up and show them that not everyone wearing a raid title and the top gear is an ass. My usual comment of “boo that’s not a mount” after dropping Slabhide is always a good icebreaker. Anyway … we roll along nice and steady. We lost the rogue somewhere along the way, too …went afk and never came back. The tank, Rivenlore, did an absolutely flawless job on Ozruk. We finished the instance, and …

Yeah baby! That is Violet Proto-Drake number the Five. Yes, I know, I’m nuts. But hey, other people are nuts in their own way … like Arv and his 10 toons that have all run LFR.

And yes, I also know that violet does not equal pink … suck it. It’s close enough.

Ok, that’s enough. I’ll tell you about me tanking Firelands some other time. I’ll just mention a couple small things here about it … DK is NOT as easy as Fayle makes it look … seriously, dude, you freaking rock (why yes, Zari, I AM feeling a bit ill today) … and, cleaving the raid during Alysra’s ground phase is F-U-N … fortunately, Arv is awesome and we spent the dead-on-the-ground time discussing what I’d done wrong and the next pull was pretty much flawless.

Tonight should be back to normal and hopefully we can clear DS again.

Wrath Dungeon Elders

January 24, 2012

I love Mondays after I get off work. I swing by Moe’s and get a big fat burrito to bring home, and then I have the evening free to catch CtA bags or work on achievements.  I had left Van halfway through the Kalimdor elders yesterday, so I sent him out to do those … and of course, dig up the arch sites along the way. That actually didn’t take very long, and then he was ready to move on to Northrend. There are quite a few elders in the dungeons out there, so it wasn’t going to be as simple as ‘fly here, click dude, fly to next one.’ Also, since Van had been leveled in Cata, he had only done the Wrath content on regular as he was leveling. I looked at his achievement list and he had only done one heroic… from the time that Cayle took him to get his bronze drake. So I figured, hell, while I’m getting these elders, I might as well go in on heroic and get some cheeves.

I started in Nexus, and since the elder is over by the crystal giant guy, I ran it counter-clockwise like we used to do back on Earthen Ring. I figured I’d get the elder first, that way if heroic proved to be too much of a challenge, I could just leave after that. Well, apparently my ret skills have improved since I was in here getting a winter hat during Winter Veil, because I remember it being harder than it was last night.

I missed Split Personality but it should be easy enough to get. I just managed to knock off one of them right before the other did a time stop. Oops.

Was that always here? I don’t remember it.

Keri was a pushover, thanks to my ability to remove movement impairing debuffs from myself. On to AZN!

I first tried Watch Him Die by just bum rushing him and throwing everything at him. I came close. On subsequent tries, I worked on killing the little dudes before pulling the boss, but it was apparent that I would be web wrapped and killed before I could accomplish that. In retrospect, I should have just tried bum rushing him again and tried to eke out even more dps. I always forget about my Guardian. It might have been enough to push him over. Oh well. I also didn’t get Hadronox Denied and I’m not sure why, because I was certain I pulled her fast enough.

Remember when that achievement was one of the most difficult ones to get?

UP. Svala is a … well, there doesn’t appear to be a way to even defeat her when you get chained. I’m sure there probably is but I wasn’t up for researching methods. So I skipped her, and skipped past the trophy room as well since I didn’t need it. I can come back later with a helper.

Yeah! I showed Skadi who’s the boss, and nabbed both achievements off of him. No drake though, of course.

Yeah, missing the achievement for heroic since I skipped bosses. Sigh.

End the night laying some smackdown on some trolls in DTK? You betcha.

I wasn’t sure I could do Novos because I didn’t know what the Crystal Handlers would do when he summoned them. As it turns out, they just come strolling on up the stairs to greet you, so it was easysauce.

Dred, on the other hand … maybe if I was holy I could do it. But the multiple bleeds from pulling all the small raptors with him and especially the Grievous Bite that causes you to bleed until fully healed were too much to handle at once. I came back and of course the little ones stay dead so I just killed him without the cheeve.

There, that should fulfill my quota of screenshots for the week, eh? I still have to do elders in Gundrak and Halls of OmgBrannHurryTheFuckUp, so there will be more coming. 😉

More Arvash Awesomeness

January 19, 2012

Yes, even though he’s a BRAT and threatened to put his War Party Hitching Post into Void Storage, I already had this post planned, so I’m going ahead with it.

You guys remember how I insisted that my shield be crafted by Arv way back when Van first hit 85? (zomg I totally forgot Van used to have red hair!) Well, I’ve missed having my Arvash Awesomeness equipped since Beth dropped her shield somewhere in mid-Firelands. So the other night Lyssi and Fayle were talking about getting things crafted before selling off the guild’s supply of .. whatever the purple crafting thing is from Dragon Soul. Essence of Destruction? Yeah, that. And despite the fact that I have 397 bracers already, I know that there are crafted ones that have an extra socket and will give me more intellect. So I’m like .. uh … me me me! So they hook me up with mats and an enchant and I go begging to Arv to please make them for me.

Lovely. It’s quite nice to have <Made by Arvash> stamped on my gear again. Wut? …. yes, I know I’m weird. Shut up!

… and Mount 99

So last night after calling it at Madness, I twisted a few arms and got Ado, Arv, Cayle, and Chewy to go with me to HoO to get my last Cata heroic achievement for the meta. They deserve extra thanks for patiently enduring several near misses resulting in called wipes. But we managed to finally get it done.

Having two tanks certainly helped, although it’s not entirely necessary. They do get the snakes to stick to them a lot easier though.

Not pictured is mount number 98, which was acquired earlier in the evening when Van blew some gold on a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. Yes, that’s right, he made back the money from his Sandstone Drake mats so fast that I went and spent again. Not sure what 100 is going to be. It’s going to take either luck or work to get. I think I will make enough tickets at the next Faire to buy a bear. I could also do more Tourney Dailies or TB Dailies, or grind out some Mag’har or Cenarion Expedition rep. Or not get Anzu some more. I’ve kinda slacked off on that. At least that stuff is all in Outland, so I can be working on rep and drops at the same time. Or I could keep fishing for the Dark Herring and maybe get a Sea Turtle. Ooh, or I could dig up a Fossilized Raptor. Or I could just  be lazy and hope I get something in a CtA bag. 😛