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Trade Chat Raiding

March 7, 2012

So last night we took a vote and decided to *gasp* work on T11 heroics instead of Dragon Soul heroics. I think this must have been like some condition for Arv joining ToR … he had to have told Fayle that the only way he would play is if we went for some old content cheeves in WoW. It’s the only thing that makes sense for getting Slice and Fayle to do “old content”.

We predictably wiped on trash in BoT. Or wait … does it still count as a wipe if the holy pally makes it out the door alive? Halfus took a few tries as we worked out strategies, because other than a couple of us, no one had tried it before or read any strats for heroic. We quickly learned that any strategy that did NOT bring up the drake that buffs Halfus’ attack speed resulted in very dead tanks due to the healing debuff stacking too quickly. Once we got the correct combo out (Nether, Stormrider, Whelps) we made quick work of him and even got a bonus cheeve in the process.

Yeah, any pull where the only casualty is the hunter is a great pull.

Ok, on to the dragons. We all had a good laugh when Fayle got knocked into the lava on the trash, of course. This fight … none of us had tried before. It turned out to be a lot more difficult than expected. I think our best attempt might have been just above 50%? Yeah … not really close. And then Fayle got Soraked and had to afk for 10 minutes. In the interim we had our usual pile of toys to play with. But then something extraordinary happened. One of the most surprising parts about it, to me, was who started it all. My hero, my protector, my pillar of Light … Arv how could you?!?

My side STILL hurts this morning. Fayle came back from his afk and was all like, what the hell did I just come back to? It was awesome.

Anyhow, sometime during all that we decided to just kill them on normal, along with Ascendant Council (thank the Light, the thought of heroic council makes me want to impale myself on Grom’s sword). So we figured we’d do the Council achievement since it was just regular.

We ended with a few pulls on heroic Cho’gall. It’s going to take a little work because if those elementals don’t die fast … well, then Arv does. So we just extended and will save that for later. Tonight it’s back to Dragon Soul. I have a feeling Fayle will be afraid to go afk again. hehe.

Crits First Heroic!

October 26, 2011

So, this last weekend we got our start on heroics. We had our full regular raid group on Friday, and despite all the excitement of Blizzcon, managed to put in some serious work on Heroic Shannox. We couldn’t quite get him, though, so after awhile we bypassed him and cleared out the other four pre-Domo bosses, vowing to come back Saturday night fresh and ready for a kill. Well, that didn’t quite happen, because our third healer couldn’t make it.  We’re confident enough to 2 heal .. well, the whole darn place now on regular if we need to.  But heroic? Heck, we still 3 heal it in SR, even after 4 kills … and generally not without deaths. So we flipped it  back to normal and breezed up to Rag. Three or four pulls on him and we’ve cleared Firelands for the week.

Now what? We have two hours left. We can’t just quit, even though a few people are chomping at the bit to go watch the Blizzcon closing ceremony and (yuck) the Foo Fighters concert. So we headed out to BoT. We never got a chance to do heroics in the previous tier before Firelands came out, and they haven’t been nerfed. ‘But wait,’ you say, ‘weren’t you not doing heroics because you only had 2 healers?’ Yes, that is correct. So why were we trying this with 2 healers? Um … because we could? And we did, although it wasn’t easy.

Actually, it was downright painful, but it felt darn good to get it down! Maybe next time we should go ahead and try Shannox anyway … if we swapped tanks so I didn’t have to keep up with the Shannox tank as much and could deal with the face rages … I think it might be doable.