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Welcome to Mount Week

January 12, 2012

So last night I had an hour to kill before raid time. Oh look, CtA is up! I can do that and still have time left over. How wrong I was.

Zone in to find myself standing at the top of the stairs to Baron Ashbury in SFK. I like to use the ‘random Cataclysm heroic’ choice instead of just doing the new ones because I get tired of the same three dungeons. It will oftentimes throw me into one of those anyway, but sometimes I get some variety. So we stand around for a bit while the tank does .. whatever he’s doing in Dalaran with his 126k health pool. Apparently he swapped specs somewhere in there because he had 145k by the time he zoned in. The lock and I are trying to summon cookies, and the others stand around with their fingers in their noses even when we say ‘click please’. The tank says ‘we ready?’ right after that (without clicking) and promptly runs down and pulls. You can see where this is going ya? No one interrupts Stay of Execution and the tank himself pipes up ‘you need to interrupt that.’ Orly? ‘You have an interrupt too’ I point out. SO on the next one, he interrupts it right away. Genius.

Anyhow, we kill Baron and move back up the stairs. The lock and I are patiently waiting for dude to pull a big guy up the stairs to us when I see that he is dying. I run to the door and he is halfway across the courtyard fighting half the room. WTF?? I get feared before I can get him healed back up and he dies. We wipe. On the way back in I say ‘You need to pull the big guys one at a time back up the stairs into the room so they don’t fear everyone into other adds.’ A vote to kick is initiated and fail DK goes bye bye.

We wait in queue for almost 10 full minutes. Seriously. I can understand having the new dungeons be queued separately, but man, if you need to run something below it … the queue sucks! Finally we got a bear. A very good bear. Who pulled the courtyard, then paused and said ‘You guys aren’t doing enough dps. This is going to take too long.’ And dropped group. Fuuuuuuuuu………..Ok sure, the lock and hunter are doing 5k each. I know that’s crappy. But the rogue had been afk for the entire time the bear was in the party. Oh well. Queue for a replacement!

This time the wait is very short, and we get a troll warrior. He takes one look at the doorway to the kitchen and says ‘If you want this boss I know an easier way. Follow me!’ and heads up the ramp. Okie doke! One trash pull before the stairway down to .. what’s the second dude’s name again? I’m blanking. Is it Silverlaine? Oh well … we finally kick the afk rogue and pick up a kitty. Tank pulls the boss up the stairs to us and we’re on our way. The hunter wanted to do all the bosses, so … yeah, Commander Springvale when the dps is low and they only kill the first set of adds is … sigh. I think there might have been 5 adds up at one point. Fight took 5 and a half minutes and I used every cooldown I had and used all of my mana but we won. The tank was excellent, and I joked later about him not letting me have any fun with Holy Wrath because he always kept everything stunned himself with Shockwave.

By the time it was over it was raid time and I had been in there a full hour. But this time … the satchel was worth the effort I put in. It had this in it …

So yeah, in the course of three days, both Kerick and Van have their green protos and I can forget about the eggs.

The raid was called an hour early, so afterwards, I suggested working on the heroic achievements I still need. It’s great to have helpful friends. I got four other people to go and we banged out three of the four that I needed. We tried the fourth but did it wrong, so we’ll have to go back, but now we know what to do. We wiped up three times on the first one trying to get it right, and they still wanted to do the rest! So … Arv, Cayle, Stunnah, and Zari … Thank You! You guys are awesome.

Pet Parade

September 6, 2011

The pet collections never stop growing. I’ve noticed a trend in which healer Call to Arms shows up quite frequently for regular heroics throughout the day on Sundays in my battlegroup. My guys are typically both capped by then, but that won’t stop me from queueing anyway! I even accidentally queued for a troll one once, and it went just fine. My main complaint with them is that they just plain take longer, even with a good group. If I’m there for VPs they’re worth it … if I’m not, they really aren’t. Unless I still need Mojo … maybe Van should be doing them more.

Anyway, on to the collection.

1. Healer Call to Arms – Van now has three of the Alliance Argent Tourney pets; two from CtA and one that AngerFork brought him when he transferred to Drak.

2. NOT from CtA. Found him on the AH for a price that I felt was reasonable. Spend 5k gold or farm Zangarmarsh forever? Sold!

3. Healer Call to Arms. No, Dyle isn’t 85 yet! Van got this one but he already has one. I felt it would go best with Dyle, I mean really, what Forsaken wouldn’t want a sweet little White Kitten? He’d be licking his lips if he had any.

4. Healer Call to Arms. SCORE!! This is another one that I have farmed endlessly and given up on.

5. Crafted. I logged on to Sanbec last night and cleared a bunch of stuff out of his mailbox that needed to be disenchanted, and afterwards, I had enough mats to make the Lamp.

Sadly, it is Tuesday … which means everyone’s VP will be reset and CtA probably won’t be up again until Sunday /sigh


CtA Finally Pays Off

August 31, 2011

No, it’s not a mount. I can’t be *that* lucky. But hey … it’s a pet that Van would otherwise not have access to, since I’m not crazy enough to transfer an Alliance toon over to do Argent Tourney dailies and funnel pets to him through the neutral AH. Ok fine, maybe I’ve thought about it …

Kerick got a blue quality pet over the weekend as well, but … well, you can buy the Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot from two separate vendors so it’s not all that rare. He sent it to an alt. Still, way better than getting potions again.

You can view all of the crap I’ve gotten from Healer Call to Arms Loot.