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Sigh of Relief and a Word of Warning

May 29, 2013

I wasn’t giving up that easily.


THIS time the trap worked on the second toss.


I did the Longest Day achievement to get the Marked Flawless Battle-stone so I could upgrade her. However, this is currently bugged and does not send out the reward. So, unless you *need* the stone right away, it might be better to wait until they hotfix the achievement. Otherwise, you have to put in a ticket and wait a day or so.

Then last night, I was leveling pets in the Valley because I need some better options for the PvP weekly, and a Flawless Battle-stone dropped on the final battle before my pet treat expired. If you look at that closely, you will see that not only does it work on ANY pet, but it’s also non-bound. The temptation to see how much it would bring on the AH is strong …


They DO Exist!

December 13, 2012

So I got a Flawless Mechanical Battlestone in one of my pet bags last night. Yay!
I think I might use it on my Pet Bombling, since I’d already gotten him to level 20 before the patch, not realizing that he wasn’t actually rare.
I already have a rare Anodized Robo-Cub and Robo-Chick from Winterspring, which are level 17 or 18, so he’ll be right there with them for a full mech team if I need one.

I also have a Flawless Humanoid Battlestone that dropped off a Kun-Lai Runt when Van was screwing around up there before raid time a week or two ago.
This one is a tougher decision, because I don’t have anything leveled up that’s not already rare.
I could use it on a limited spawn, like my Flayer Youngling or Sporeling Sprout … things that I could still get rares from by taking the time to camp them.
Or I could use it on something that isn’t wild caught, like the Oracle or Wolvar hatchlings from Children’s Week … things will never be rare unless I use a stone.

These decisions would be easier if the stones weren’t so flipping rare! Although, they’re not as rare as that dang Minfernal. *sigh*