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That’s enough leveling

October 16, 2017

So the goal of getting all twelve classes to max level is complete. Thanks to two or three invasions over the last week, the last two are done.

The eleventh was Adryen the monk.

And last we have my demon hunter, Feorn the Fabulous.

The twelve are split evenly, six Alliance, six Horde … although I wasn’t quite organized enough to split them further by armor type, as all of my clothies are Horde and all of my plate wearers are Alliance. Meh, whatever. At least I also got the tailors on Horde with the clothies and the BS on Alliance with the plate wearers. Sorry Horde, the LW is on Alliance. Maybe when I’m bored (wait, when is that??) I’ll send some of the duplicate class alts to the invasions to remedy that situation.

Next goal is to finish all of the class campaigns, followed by all of the class mounts. I’ve finished like half of the campaigns so far? No, seven. I’ve gotten four of the mounts, although I have two more that are on the final quest/scenario to get theirs. The last of the seven just needs to collect sentinax marks which I am really lazy about because boooooooooring. The other five are recently leveled and still working on the gear they need to do the heroic dungeons in their class campaigns. Yes, yes, I could do normal, but the queues for normal are usually longer. And it only takes a few carefully chosen WQs and whatever unsullied gear Kerick finds to get them up to 825. It’s really not difficult.

Side goal for Oranis the mage, as mentioned last week, is all of the Legion fishing reps, most of which I plan to do on Sundays while I watch football. Yesterday I did the one in Azsuna since that is who was up. Thankfully, these take MUCH less time than Conjurer Margoss did, mainly because the things that you fish up can be 3-4 at a time instead of only 1-2 like his are. In just about 2 hours, give or take 10 minutes, I was done.

…Nine, Ten, Go Fish!

October 9, 2017

Well, another Darkmoon Faire has come and gone and I’m still a couple hundred tickets short of the dirigible mount. But hey, it also means another week of carousel buffs! I made the most of it. Between that and two or three invasions at the right times during the week, I managed to get two more classes to max level.

Kalyon hit it first on the invasion in Val’sharah.

Now I just have to max out all of his weapons so I can get pets! Fortunately, that is pretty easy now since you automagically get the AK levels when you ding.

Kriann didn’t quite get there on the invasions, but she was SOOO CLOSE that I decided to go ahead and do some profession quests that she needed to work on. She was finishing up an inscription quest in Felblaze Ingress when she dinged.

That was all on Saturday. Yesterday though I wasn’t feeling very well, and didn’t have the energy for running around, questing, even swapping characters seemed like work. So I logged onto Oranis, joined a Conjurer Margoss fishing raid, and settled in to grind rep and watch football.

Not gonna lie, it took several hours even in a group. The size varied from only 4 or 5 of us to around 20 as people came and went throughout the day. I took a couple of breaks myself, for eating and just moving around. But I got it done and collected the two toys, two pets, and the mount. As a bonus, one of the toys put me at 300 so I earned the mount that comes with that achievement as well! Now I just have what, 5 new fishing dudes to grind rep with? *sigh*

As for the last two classes I need to level, the monk and demon hunter are both 109, so it won’t be long.

Meet Me At The Faire

December 6, 2011

Out of all the new features to come out in this patch, the one that I didn’t really give two thoughts about was the revamped Darkmoon Faire. Oh, I read all about it. Thanks to places like WoW Insider, I knew exactly what to expect from it … or so I thought. I wasn’t the least bit excited about it, although I knew I would end up there because … well, come on. Mounts. Pets. CHEEVES!!!111!!1! But I was convinced that I wouldn’t like it. Good thing I am not one of those people who is always right. 😉

The games are quick and mostly easy. Tonks are my fave, and I will often spend extra time there killing off the zepp and other people’s tonks after I have gotten my targets down. My least fave is the cannon. That cursed cannon. The first time I did it, I must have spent a dozen tickets as I went back and forth between undershotting it and overshooting it and then riding allllll the way back to the cannon at the other end of the long and colorful midway. (Protip – talk to the gnome that’s fishing at the shoreline near the target. For 30s he will teleport you directly back to the cannon.) Do make sure to check out everything along that midway at some point though. There are so many things to do! Eventually, one of my toons got lucky at the cannon.

If you go to the petting zoo, clear in the back corner there are ponies and miniature rams that you can ride. You get an achievement for riding a pony. And when you do, make sure to hit the space bar while you are standing still. The ponies do not rear like regular horses.

AND they come in different colours!

The profession quests are great. You get an achievement if you do six of them (2 for your main professions and 4 for the secondaries). You must have at least 75 skill in order to pick them up, so Kale had to go work on his arch last night. Totally worth it though. These quests are NOT repeatable dailies, you can do them once each time the faire comes .. but they reward 5 skillups, so they are great for toons like Dyle or Ragle who are working on the last 10 or 15 points in their profs.

It will be quite a grind to get the mounts and pets you can buy with tickets. BUT .. there is one pet that is easy to get. You just have to fish it up.

So I popped on to Wowhead to find the details on where to fish for it (anywhere around the island, but most people seem to be catching them along the boardwalk) and noticed something interesting in the comments. (Note: if you’re on a PvP server be very careful about leaving the boardwalk area, as it is a sanctuary but the rest of the coastline is not. Kale got ganked by a stealthed cat druid while he was sitting on the shore fishing.)

The comments mentioned that the Steelscale Crushfish is being caught with some regularity here. Now, this is one of the fish that counts for One That Didn’t Get Away … which is part of the fishing meta and the last thing Karius needed to get his Salty title. He’s been sitting around with that lone achievement hanging over his head for more than a year now. So he ported onto the island and rode right down the midway without stopping. No games for him. He was there for one thing and one thing onry.

So … two thumbs up for the new Darkmoon Faire. It’s a lot more fun than I expected. Make sure to check out everything while you’re wandering around. They really did a great job on it!

Ironforge is a Ghost Town

August 11, 2011

So … it’s a lazy, quiet Wednesday afternoon. I’ve done all my dailies and I’m just sort of looking for things I can do. I decide to work on some fishing achieves. I swing by Stormwind and pick up The Fishing Diplomat real quick.  Then I figure, you know what … as long as I’m out this way, I should go grab Old Ironjaw. Shouldn’t take long, right?  And it’s a weekday afternoon, so IF should be nice and quiet.

Fly in and straight to the Forlorn Cavern. A couple of guards did aggro but I flew out of range and out of combat without having to engage them. Settle in at the back of the pool along the wall and equip my pole and hat. Haven’t seen another player yet. Seven minutes into it, along comes a level 26 rogue. Awww how cute, it’s a gnome wearing bunny ears! She swam out to where I was fishing and waved. I smiled. Then she sapped me a few times and left.

I figure this won’t take long since I have caught Old Crafty three times. Yeah. An hour into it my bags fill up. I ask Arv whether I should hearth or break out my shiny new Argent pony bridle. He says ‘Pony!’ and I’m like, ok you asked for it. I have the brat go to the mailbox and I send Arv a dozen full stacks of low level fish.

Aside from the little rogue, I saw only three other actual players in two hours of fishing. A level 85 DK, a level 85 mage, and a level 60 mage.  All three did the fishing daily. None even acknowledged my presence. Not complaining, mind you! It was awesome that I could fish for two hours completely unmolested (not counting the rogue who obviously was just having a little fun). Could I do the same in Stormwind? Well, actually … I found a spot where I probably could. But there’s no reason to.

So, it took longer than I wanted, but I decided once I was there that I wasn’t leaving. I know how good I am at not coming back to finish things if I don’t do them all at once.

To all you Alliance out there … good luck getting Old Crafty! It’s kinda unfair that I get to fish in a ghost town, and you all have to come to Orgrimmar.  But if I see you fishing, I will ignore you.