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Rag Legs

February 12, 2015

I’ve mentioned before how much I love recruiting new followers from the Inn. Well, Juna seems to have the best luck. Not only did she get Soulare, but now she also has “Doc” Schweitzer. For anyone unfamiliar, Doc is a character from the comic Flintlocke’s Guide to Azeroth, penned by Dave ‘Fargo’ Kosak before he was hired by Blizzard as a quest designer. If you’ve ever done the Alliance intro to the Twilight Highlands, you have met Flintlocke. Doc is … well, not your normal priest. Juna found him sitting around the campfire by the fishing shack and just had to see what he would say if she decided to talk to him. Well … he’s just a tad bit confused, which is pretty normal for him, actually.


Obviously, he must be kept active. Too dang hilarious. I mean, he’s so dang drunk, he doesn’t even realize he’s in a HORDE garrison, talking to a TAUREN. hehe!

Arelin finished up Talador, or at least, everything he wanted to do there, and is ready to move on to the Spires of Arak. I just felt like getting a good shot of him because, well … I gotta admit, given what some of the other *cough human cough* races’ graphic updates have looked like, I want to remember how good he looks now.


What about the post title, you say? Oh. Yes. Since Van has all of his bro stones done and can’t do the Foundry until LFR opens next week, he only went into Highmaul for the two bosses that drop things he still needs, and then went to play in some old instances instead. Since he never did get Firelord, he went to Firelands heroic and cleared that place out last night, finally getting to see Ragnaros’ feet.


The place is quite easy to solo now, so I guess he’ll be going back for mounts. Or maybe I will send a caster to get the staff … or a druid to get a kitty staff and embers. Hmmm ….

Purple Birdies!

June 28, 2012

What’s this? A raid?? Not only that, an official SR raid! Of OLD CONTENT.

Oh sorry, I should have warned you to be sitting down before reading that. My bad.

We finally got this done and out of the way. We do have to go back to complete a couple things for people who missed an achievement or two. But for most of us, this was it.

We cleared Beth’s achievement by swapping our tanks around and having Arv just hold all of the drones down below, letting them eat spiderlings to heal up. We did wipe once because someone *cough Fayle cough* forgot to come down from the web during smoldering devastation or whatever the heck she does.

On Alysrazor, the only thing we had left was the Brushfire part of the Do a Barrel Roll achievement. We sent Lyss up to harass the bird with DoTs, and kept everyone else down to kill the druid adds quickly and minimize the number of brushfires they could cast. It took 3 tries.

Of course, as soon as it was over we all rushed to our mailboxes to collect our new rides.

This one is my new wallpaper. So purdy!

And of course we had to fill Cowtown with a whole flock of the things. Lyss even sat on hers for awhile instead of being a dragon.

It was kinda crazy how I slipped right back into my role without having to think about what I was doing. Sure, it’s only normal Firelands and we all outgear it … yes Zari even you. But the guys managed to chain pull two dogs and a surger which looked like it was going to end badly, and we did lose Arv, but Slice and I kept Cayle and Adoe alive and prevented it from becoming a wipe.

I know some people (hugs Lyss) aren’t at all excited about the changes coming to their class in MoP, but I’m really looking forward to leveling and playing my paladins.

Legendary Crits

March 13, 2012

Or: Now I REALLY Don’t Have to See Firelands Ever Again (Unless I Want a Purple Birdie)

I have a confession to make. I’ve been firm on my ‘Just Say NO To ToR’ bandwagon. I held out along with Zari and a couple of others in the SR ToR Haters’ Club. One of the others transferred off the server. Arv … he caved and started playing ToR when someone had an extra copy lying around and gave it to him. Literally everyone else in SR, including former members who have left WoW, is playing. Sorak has been on me to join them since … well, since before it was even released. Last week, he dangled the 7-day Free Trial carrot in front of me. I told Zari I was just saying yes to appease Sorak and get him off my back. I could claim it wouldn’t run on my cpu … I could get frustrated with the amount of time it takes to download 25gigs at 230kb/s and say screw this … I could play an hour or two and say I didn’t like it …

None of that happened. Ok, the second part almost did … good GOD that’s a long freaking download on my slow ass old school DSL. But it was worth the wait. I’d looked up the classes ahead of time, so I wouldn’t waste playing time figuring that out on the character creation screen.  I don’t know if I just happened to choose well, or if all of the classes are this interesting and engaging … but Agent Vanicus hit level 15 before I logged off last night. I can see myself having multiple Imperial Agents in the future, because I love the cover system and really had a hard time choosing Operative over Sniper … but the healer in me won out.

Ok, I could go on and on but I’d better get to the WoW content, eh? The point of all this is, I forced myself to log out of ToR Sunday night to show up and see if our final Rag kill in Firelands was going to go off. That meant that Ado and Shady had to log out too, and then we talked Slice and Lyssi into joining us. We managed to scrabble together 10 players and headed on in. It took a couple of pulls to work out the kinks, especially since a couple people either hadn’t been there or were there in alternate roles.  But …

Falahla grabbed the heart and off we went to Stormwind.

Then we all crowded around outside the guild vendor’s shop, much like we did after the guild hit max level, and sat around admiring our Lil’ Tarecgosas.

I actually did not run right back to ToR afterwards. Fyuria wanted me to craft a Vial for him, so I hopped on Karius and helped him out with that. And of course, my reward was the first ride.

Then I decided that Karius’ outfit was really bad and spent 45 minutes mogging a new one … yes, for a toon that collects dust. No, you can’t see it … it isn’t finished yet. =P

Lil’ Tarecgosa!

February 22, 2012

She’s so cute! /squee

Ok, ok, I know you want the whole story. So last night the plan was to finish up our last staff run in Firelands.

I started by logging in to my bank alt, standard procedure you know, and snapped this shot real quick because Arv and Wega are just so cute standing by each other. If only I had known exactly what it was that he was digging out of his bank at that moment ….

Not ten minutes later, I zone into Firelands to this …

Hartbane, you have some stiff competition for that Rainbow Knight title, my friend.

Sooo we zoom through and one shot the hell out of everything in sight. What do you do when you get to Rag? Have a dance party of course.

Then when he dies you have a major strategy session on how to loot the stupid quest item from the center of the lava pool. We had this massive plan centered around something like 9 healers (6 shaman lmao) with bloodlust and spirit link totem and bacon and a resistance elixir and a speed potion …

And then when we GET the item Fayle is all like ‘do the RP later we need to kill the first four bosses in Dragon Soul so we can start right off with Heroic Ultradragon tomorrow.’ So while Lyssi is doing the RP stuff and Arv and Shady and I are all watching, the rest of them head to DS. Little note for any of those doing this quest … even though you have to RAID to get to this point, you can’t be in a raid group to finish the quest line. Why the hell do they do that? I don’t get it. But whatever. So it didn’t complete anyway and we had to put it off til after the raid was over.

Of course, once the raid was over, guess who was RIGHT THERE watching the RP with the rest of us?

If you guessed Fayle, you win 10g.


Hmmm … so he watched the RP AND bought a pet? And then was dumb enough to stand still in Cowtown so I could screenshot it … muahahahah.

Ok Lyssi, I totally admit that you being able to turn into Tarecgosa is pretty cool. BUT the dragon that *I* can turn into can be ridden by ….

DAMMIT! Ok, fine, you win. =P