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It’s Blazing

March 8, 2012

So last night we went into Dragon Soul. Killed Morchok  again and Zari got a heroic weapon. Yay!

Arv suggested going for the achievement on Zon’ozz, so we had, um … someone else switch to heals (sorry, I don’t remember if it was Shady or Zarm) to help handle the extra bounces. Even so, it took a well-timed LoH and even a HoSac at one point to keep him up. Once we got past that 10 stack though the rest was cake.

There was some mention of trying Yor’sahj on heroic again, at which point several of us suddenly discovered that our connections were unstable. Just .. yeah. Arv linked the achievement for that one, too, but I don’t think anyone else was paying attention, because Ado called the slimes in the usual combinations. Maybe next week.

Ultradragon … ugh. We got so close. He’s going down soon. We finally gave up and flipped it back to regular, and Slice told me to dps. He solo healed it. We won’t talk about how much dps I did.

The rest of the night went like it usually does. Warmaster goes down … doesn’t drop my shield. Spine goes down … doesn’t drop my gloves.

(Arv and Van waiting for a tentacle to appear)

Madness goes down and … oh, what’s this? Reins of the Blazing Drake? Yes please! /roll

… Why do I roll *great* if we’re rolling to take some of Fayle’s gold, but roll like crap for something that I actually want and cannot buy with gold? Ha. Zuggie looks pretty cool on it though.

Oh yeah … remember a while back when the raid was looking at ladyboys between pulls? (Hm, I guess I didn’t post about it but I know we talked about it in the comments somewhere. If anyone finds it link it for me.) Anyway, they were comparing these dudes dressed as ladies to Fayle, saying that one in particular looked a lot like him. So I got this little note in my email yesterday:

So it’s been brought to my attention I look a bit feminine.

What do you guys think?

Be honest!