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Some People Have All The Luck

July 26, 2011

I’ve leveled at least four different miners through Cata zones. One is no longer a miner, he has his slave DK do the work for him. I send that slave out several times a week to gather ore in my favorite mining route. In the back of my head as I hit each node is … ‘maybe this will be the one that drops the pet.’ It still has not happened. So I was pretty excited last night when a guildy whispered me and asked if Van would like one. I believe my response was ‘hell yeah!’

I was on Arelin at the time, in our alt T11 run, along with the person that gave it to me. So I had it in Arelin’s bags until after the raid. Between BoT and BWD, I see that Arv is on so I have to tell him about it.

‘Guess what I got tonight!’ *link [Elementium Geode]*

He tells me that he bought the one he has. So I start to tell him how someone awesome gifted this one to me, when this exchange happens in gchat …

You may have to click on that to read the text. I could have typed it out, but it’s much more funny to see it exactly the way it happened. The timing for Sorak piping up in guild chat was just so perfect.

Sorak, didn’t you just get Anzu a couple days ago? Now you get two pets in one day? How did that lottery ticket turn out??

Also, now you guys see why I keep him alive! Aside from the gold he pays me for it, of course.