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Mythic This

October 25, 2016

I’m back! Yay! Let’s jump back into things.

Oh look. A new quest in my class hall! Meet Khadgar or Kalecgos or one of those K dudes at Azurewing Repose. Cool. *fly out there, talk to Senecgos, get another quest for Eye of Azshara because clearly I have not been there enough times yet* Wait, what’s this? Must be completed on Mythic difficulty. Uh … nope.

That’s ok, I still have this other quest to collect things from three dungeons that I can do on heroic and this week is the Legion Dungeon event so I’ll get those knocked out at least. Wait, what? The weekly is ALSO mythic dungeons only? Seriously. Come on Blizz. Ok, you know what? I have a perfect answer to this.

*goes to level alts instead*

Granted, whatever it is, I’ve already completed the class campaign, so it’s not THAT important. I can do pretty much everything I *want* to do without ever setting foot in a mythic dungeon. I’m pretty content working on Suramar, doing world quests, and leveling my alts. And hey, Karazhan is … oh. It’s Mythic too.

june28 rage face


CRZ Rawr

March 25, 2013

When we last left Madorsa, Averry had just run her through dungeons in Zangarmarsh so she could escape having to wait for respawns because of the overcrowded climate caused by Cross Realm Zones.

She moved over to Terrokar, and the questing was a little better at first. She had her choice of killing Arakkoa in two places, Blood Elves at Firewing Point, Orcs at a couple of different places, or wolves and warpstalkers in between. This goes well when you have so many options. Where it doesn’t go well, is when you have cleared up a couple of those and have no choice but to watch in despair as 5 or 6 other people camp spawns and tag everything as soon as it pops.

I managed to get her to 65 and then I just couldn’t take any more. I found myself looking at her on the login screen and just exiting the game rather than attempting to do anything. I had to find a way to get past this. I think if I had it to do over again, I’d have gone ahead and just leveled on Drak, PvP flag be damned. At least then I could take out my frustrations on the Alliance who are in my way killing my quest mobs.

So yesterday, I decided to take her back to Azeroth for some archaeology and pet battles. Hey, xp is xp. Averry has been trying to convince me that dps queue times for dungeons aren’t too bad, as his monk isn’t too far ahead of me in levels and recently went through all the same dungeons I would be doing. But … the thought of doing them as dps just … I mean … I *know* it doesn’t make sense to be more scared of doing dungeons as dps than I would be if I were tanking or healing, but … I never claimed to be normal.


I got almost a full level, plus got my arch up over 225 AND got a flawless battlestone. Then I had to log over to Kerick for LBR. So while I’m doing that, Averry starts texting me, asking what level I am now and when I tell him, he proposes hitting up the Auchindoun dungeons later. I’m like … yay! So after LBR I finished getting to 66 while I waited for him to log on, then we went and did all four of those dungeons.

That got me to 67, and I figured that we were done. But he’s all like … what can we hit next? Um … well, I just had Steamvaults and Botanica unlock. So he says ok let’s go to Netherstorm and starts to fly off.

Um … you know I have slow flying, right?

Just hit up the flight path.

Yeah … I don’t have any flight paths there, they removed automatic flight path learning in the last patch.

So he gave me a ride. But … we forgot about that fun little CRZ 2 person mount bug. As soon as we crossed the line into Hellfire, I was disconnected. When I reconnected, I was falling, and landed right on Razorthorn Shelf, amidst a crowd of level 70+ flayers. Not even a youngling spawn to make it worth it. Of course, I panicked and forgot all about my damage reduction abilities, of which there are many. So I died. I was ready after that to just fly on my own across the twisting nether, but he insisted we just go the long way around and, with him staying close to the ground as we crossed borders, we managed to not have me dismounted again, although I was disconnected twice more. Riding from Zangarmarsh into Blade’s Edge through the tunnel didn’t dc me though.


Finally we arrived at Tempest Keep, and hit up Mechanar, Botanica, and the Arcatraz. I dinged 68 before Arc, but since we were there we did it anyway. Plus, I think Averry was having fun gathering as many mobs as he could and seeing how nice of a pile he could make with them. I got quests to complete in every dungeon we did except for Shadow Labs. Now I’m ready to hit Northrend, and I think I got enough mats to level my professions up to 350 or so. I know I have enough cloth at least.

Cross your fingers and pray that Northrend leveling will be better. At least there I have more than one zone to choose from per level. I may bounce back and forth.
And thanks again Averry, that was a wonderful suggestion and a great time getting me through those levels. You rock. šŸ˜€

Screenshot Tuesday: Grom Jr.

March 6, 2012

Grom made this sexy belf last week and got him up to 15 so we could run some dungeons. So Sunday he was on and I blew the dust off Arenna, asked a buddy to help me L2cat, and queued us up. We did RFC and the healer dropped as soon as Taragaman did, so we weren’t able to complete all of the quests there. Everyone else wanted to requeue, so we did and got Deadmines. I groaned, but it actually went very well. The polearm dropped for me and I outrolled the hunter, but then the axe dropped later for them, so we were both happy.

There’s just something awesome about a cat clawing down mobs with a balloon tied to her paw.

Grom has even better screenshots here.

The Holy Experiment: UK (level 70 version)

May 14, 2010

Thursday evening is my ‘free’ night. I have zero raid obligations to either guild and no arena scheduled, so I am free to do whatever the hell I want .. including not log on if I so desire. (Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.)

So I logged directly on to Kerick and queued up for a random as healer. Waited in queue …Ā  and waited in queue … and waited in queue some more. Like W.T.F.!!!! I thought this healery stuff was supposed to mean I don’t have to sit in queue. *grumble* *switch specs* *sign up as both tank and heals* *get instapop as tank* *sigh*

We get in, and the healer is a holy paladin from my realm. Figures. Yo, go get a ret spec or something! You’re takin my queue spot. lol. We pull the first hallway, move into the furnace room … and before the first pull in that room is down, the healer leaves the group. $#%$! We click the ‘find a player to finish this dungeon’ button and our prize is … a prot warrior! Oh goody, now I’M healing.

There were certainly some growing pains …. both on my part and the tank’s part. The difference between tossing out instant PW:Shields and renews and occasionally supplementing it with pew pew lazers or flash heals …. and the constant stand-still-and-cast style of pally healing is like … the difference between me and a Relentless Gladiator. (Hint: it’s huge)Ā So I got some practice in but … it was painfully obvious that we were not going to complete the dungeon. The adds on Keleseth were all over the place, and on theĀ …third? fourth? …. Ā attempt, when the tank got ice tombed, the dps didn’t even bother to break him out. I … went to dinner. If anyone can tell me any way to drop aggro off myself when I’m healing, I would appreciate it. I tried hand of salv … didn’t seem to have an effect. Oh, hey, what’s this bubble thing over here !?…. see? I told you I was a fail pally.

After dinner, I queued back up …. as tank only. I got a lovely group. The tree was new, as in, I think this is his first character.Ā  We had some wipes along the way, partly due to healer deaths. (No it is NOT always the tank’s fault. Seriously, if the mob has an off-charge and the tree can’t take a single charge, there’s not much the tank can do about it. Really.) But … we had fun along the way. The DPS were a group all from Uther, and they were very cool. When the tree asked what the final boss was like while running back from his death on the second boss, they all told him how easy he is, how we could probably beat him with our eyes closed, etc. lol. Well they weren’t too far off …we got Ingvar down in only two tries, and although we spent an hour or more in there, it was a good time.

So, the score so far: ProtĀ – 1, Holy – 0 … I’m actually a good tank and feel comfortable with it. But … I have been talking about trying Holy for … well, since before I even rolled a paladin. So I’m determined to make it work. I did get two upgrades in there. Maybe this weekend I’ll give it another go …