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Datacron Hunting: Dromund Kaas

May 2, 2012

Bah! I forgot BOTH the screenshots of Karius’ transmog outfit that I was going to post today, AND the Korriban datacrons … so we’ll just jump ahead and do Dromund Kaas first. It’s gonna be one of those days …

The first one requires a bit of a balancing act, jumping down onto a duct and crossing it, then jumping onto some boxes. Not too bad though. I think I only fell when I missed the duct the first time I tried to jump down to it. Well, then there was running off the end of it without jumping and ending up back on the floor instead of on the boxes … yeah.

The second one is super easy, it’s just at the end of a path.

I had to grab a shot of the scenery from this spot as well. For all its darkness, Dromund Kaas is still gorgeous if you take the time to sit back and admire it.

This one, you will need a group for if you’re doing these at-level. It’s in a heroic area. There *are* a couple of champion-level mobs around, although if I remember correctly and you know where you are going, you won’t have to kill them. I did, just because I was there on Arelin and could.

The hardest part on this one was finding the actual path. Once I did though, it was easy. If you decide to jump down from here instead of going back the way you came though, beware of the champion-level vine cat that you can see in the distance.

The fifth one requires a little bit of jumping, but nothing too crazy. Once you get on the path past the barricades you just jump down onto the rocks. There’s no way OFF the rock though other than down, and the rock itself is in a heroic area, but you should be able to exit the area safely enough I think. Kroy hasn’t gotten that far, but I’ll test that out soon.

Speaking of Kroy, have I posted him since his darkness increased? I don’t think I have. Well … here …

Maybe I’m weird but … I like it. I sometimes wonder what it would look like on Arelin, but … well …

that Revanite title on him is not just for show. It actually wasn’t even intentional at first, but as his personality developed (helped along by his now-girlfriend Vette of course) the balance within him became who he is. (insert whining from Sorak about Arr Pee) Seriously, check this out …

Just ignore the zero social points there … >.>

Anyway, the only real disadvantage I’ve seen (other than not having the sexy dark effects on his face, but trust me, he’s plenty sexy without them) is the inability to equip any relics while leveling because they all seem to require an alignment. However, with the matrix shard he got in a datacron here on DK, he finally had three and could combine them in the Matrix Assembly Chamber to create a relic without those restrictions. I didn’t look it up, just tossed them in. Apparently I chose well because the one that popped out did in fact have strength on it. And required level 15. lol? Better than nothing though. The last datacron on the planet is also located inside that chamber, although it doesn’t give you a stat boost or shard, just a codex entry.