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Kerick, Destroyer’s End

March 5, 2012

Damn that boy is looking GOOD.

So yeah, we finally got him … and it was very smooth and clean, as the kill shot clearly shows. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe we even had to use a brez (thank the Light for LoH though!)

Did we *need* the 10% nerf? Yeah, probably … but we have replaced 3 raid members since the start of Dragon Soul and have 2 other members that have a lot of weekend activities and thus have had to miss a lot of nights. On the nights we need replacements, we prefer to take guildies even if they are lesser geared or experienced as opposed to pugging. All of this naturally slows a group down. But we have had fun and enjoyed ourselves this tier, and that is what’s really important to us.

Left to Right, more or less: the Judgement pally Gromdred, Falahla and her almost completed legendary staff (one more run! maybe next Monday’s post? *crosses fingers*), Misspukie with the purple hair, Bocat the Queen of the Dead Screenshots, behind that group is Squishi who usually matches Rev but drank a potion of illusion to look like Ana, on the other side of Alexstrazsa is Analogue the boomkin bear, that’s me Kerick in front of her, Addoe who should be nerfed, Toxictears (don’t you get cold in that outfit?), and behind her is Reversion the dancing bear.

Destroyer’s End

January 5, 2012

Finally. The post we’ve all been waiting for. Deathwing … is dead. NOT the LFR version, either, bitches.

And no, it wasn’t the least bit pretty.

Our first pull went great. We were at full health and had plenty of mana heading into the fourth platform … but that wierd bug where someone will fall on the jump between platforms killed Pix, so we had to wipe it as he couldn’t be reached for a brez. That happened to me on one of the pulls last week, too. I was with the group and didn’t go off some strange angle near an end or anything … there’s no explanation for why this happens sometimes, at least none that I know of.

The next pull, we wiped on the first platform (!) when the dps apparently decided that not all of them needed to switch to the Elementium Bolt (!!) so it landed and killed half the raid. We wipe it up and zone back in and the portal at the entrance took us to the deck of the ship. Um … ok. So we used the portal inside to go to the Maelstrom and when we got there … no Thrall. No Aspects. Just empty platforms. We zoned out, zoned back in, zoned out, reformed the raid, reset it, put in a ticket and who knows what else. Slice was talking to a GM when apparently everything finally did reset (I was fishing in the Dalaran fountain while we waited).

Now, that is the kind of thing that can completely kill a guild’s momentum for the night. Fortunately, SR has its moments where it can fool anyone into thinking it is a serious raiding guild. Everyone returned to the instance, focused on the fight, and within two or three more pulls, we got to the final phase with everyone up and with most of our mana, and we got it down.

Yes, Ana, paladins CAN run out of mana. I blew it all, and spent the last 10 seconds of the fight wondering why nothing was happening when I pushed my buttonz. Literally the only cooldown in that shot that’s unused is my lock cookie. I never remember to use that darn thing. I don’t know if the bop on Pix helped or not, but I was out of ideas at that point and figured something, ANYTHING, that would keep him up just a few seconds more might be enough to finish it.

And of course, the group shot. Arvash, Adoe, Vyshus, Vanicus, Lyssianna, Pix, Liyhe, Zerlegen, Zarm, and hiding behind the big cow, Fayle … er, Cayle.

Next week … heroics!