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That’s enough leveling

October 16, 2017

So the goal of getting all twelve classes to max level is complete. Thanks to two or three invasions over the last week, the last two are done.

The eleventh was Adryen the monk.

And last we have my demon hunter, Feorn the Fabulous.

The twelve are split evenly, six Alliance, six Horde … although I wasn’t quite organized enough to split them further by armor type, as all of my clothies are Horde and all of my plate wearers are Alliance. Meh, whatever. At least I also got the tailors on Horde with the clothies and the BS on Alliance with the plate wearers. Sorry Horde, the LW is on Alliance. Maybe when I’m bored (wait, when is that??) I’ll send some of the duplicate class alts to the invasions to remedy that situation.

Next goal is to finish all of the class campaigns, followed by all of the class mounts. I’ve finished like half of the campaigns so far? No, seven. I’ve gotten four of the mounts, although I have two more that are on the final quest/scenario to get theirs. The last of the seven just needs to collect sentinax marks which I am really lazy about because boooooooooring. The other five are recently leveled and still working on the gear they need to do the heroic dungeons in their class campaigns. Yes, yes, I could do normal, but the queues for normal are usually longer. And it only takes a few carefully chosen WQs and whatever unsullied gear Kerick finds to get them up to 825. It’s really not difficult.

Side goal for Oranis the mage, as mentioned last week, is all of the Legion fishing reps, most of which I plan to do on Sundays while I watch football. Yesterday I did the one in Azsuna since that is who was up. Thankfully, these take MUCH less time than Conjurer Margoss did, mainly because the things that you fish up can be 3-4 at a time instead of only 1-2 like his are. In just about 2 hours, give or take 10 minutes, I was done.

Hanging With Friends

June 11, 2012

You know … some people are unhappy about the always-online requirement for D3. Heck, I’ve mentioned myself plenty of times how I am a mostly solo player when it comes to leveling … and that applies across pretty much all games. BUT … I have to admit, I’ve really enjoyed the cooperative mode.

Saturday night I hopped on, and was grinding my way through Act 3 on nightmare, which amounts to bucketloads of kiting on the Witch Doctor. Then the notice pops up that someone has joined the game and the minions of Hell have grown stronger. Ohai Arv! Sweet, now I have a much more effective partner than my templar, even with the shrunken screen, keyboard turning, and ability clicking.

We worked our way up to the demon gate and killed the Siegebreaker Assault Beast, then started on the inside before it got late and we quit for the night. We got a LOT farther than I would have gotten on my own, that is for sure. So thank you Arv. Good times.

Sunday I played a little on each character, and even started leveling my wizard a little bit, when Lorenthar hopped into my game. He’s level 60 and I’m like, level 9, so … yeah. hehe. BUT he had a Demon Hunter that was 23, which happened to be the exact level of MY demon hunter. So we switched over to those. Seriously … one demon hunter alone is OP, two is just completely unfair. We wreaked havoc on everything in sight. AND he’s OCD about clearing every corner of the map just like I am, so we made a good team.

I think we were level 28 when we quit. We may have cleared each entire map, but we still stuck to what Lore has termed ‘The Baltok school of leveling.’ Balt is a prot warrior so that pretty much equates to ‘chain pull and mow it all down without stopping.’ I’ve played with him enough though that I knew what to expect, and I kept up pretty well. We killed Kulle and Belial, moved on to Act 3, and finished at the Ravening Beast. She will probably be my next character to play through the entirety of normal mode.

Thanks again for hopping into my games, guys. It’s nice to have friends to play with. 🙂