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Destroyer’s End

January 5, 2012

Finally. The post we’ve all been waiting for. Deathwing … is dead. NOT the LFR version, either, bitches.

And no, it wasn’t the least bit pretty.

Our first pull went great. We were at full health and had plenty of mana heading into the fourth platform … but that wierd bug where someone will fall on the jump between platforms killed Pix, so we had to wipe it as he couldn’t be reached for a brez. That happened to me on one of the pulls last week, too. I was with the group and didn’t go off some strange angle near an end or anything … there’s no explanation for why this happens sometimes, at least none that I know of.

The next pull, we wiped on the first platform (!) when the dps apparently decided that not all of them needed to switch to the Elementium Bolt (!!) so it landed and killed half the raid. We wipe it up and zone back in and the portal at the entrance took us to the deck of the ship. Um … ok. So we used the portal inside to go to the Maelstrom and when we got there … no Thrall. No Aspects. Just empty platforms. We zoned out, zoned back in, zoned out, reformed the raid, reset it, put in a ticket and who knows what else. Slice was talking to a GM when apparently everything finally did reset (I was fishing in the Dalaran fountain while we waited).

Now, that is the kind of thing that can completely kill a guild’s momentum for the night. Fortunately, SR has its moments where it can fool anyone into thinking it is a serious raiding guild. Everyone returned to the instance, focused on the fight, and within two or three more pulls, we got to the final phase with everyone up and with most of our mana, and we got it down.

Yes, Ana, paladins CAN run out of mana. I blew it all, and spent the last 10 seconds of the fight wondering why nothing was happening when I pushed my buttonz. Literally the only cooldown in that shot that’s unused is my lock cookie. I never remember to use that darn thing. I don’t know if the bop on Pix helped or not, but I was out of ideas at that point and figured something, ANYTHING, that would keep him up just a few seconds more might be enough to finish it.

And of course, the group shot. Arvash, Adoe, Vyshus, Vanicus, Lyssianna, Pix, Liyhe, Zerlegen, Zarm, and hiding behind the big cow, Fayle … er, Cayle.

Next week … heroics!

Well, We Tried

December 8, 2011

We actually made good progress. We were getting to the fourth (and hardest) platform, where you have only one Aspect left to help you. But it’s simply going to take us more than one night to work out the kinks and beat the fight. Which honestly, I’m cool with. I find kills a lot more meaningful when it takes some work to down them. I’m proud of our team for all coming to the night focused and working together for the entire raid. It’s that attitude and persistence that will get him down. You guys rock.

Here, have a screenshot that doesn’t have dead Deathwing in it. It does have a dead zone in it though .. close enough.

Poor Elgar

February 28, 2011

Last night Kerick was standing around in Stormwind debating on what to do, when Elgar logged on.

/guild “Hmmm, that reminds me … I should go catch Mr. Pinchy”

I’m sure most of my readers are familiar with Elgar’s eternally cursed mission to catch the elusive crustacean.

Kerick’s total catch:

33 Furious Crawdad

7 Golden Darter

2 Enormous Barbed Gill Trout

2 Curious Crate

1 Mote of Water

and one ….

Oh, and it gets even better! After hearthing back to Stormwind, I look at Kerick’s  map and decide that the four archaeology spots that are close to each other up North have mocked him long enough. It’s time to get rid of them. So I hopped a tram to Ironforge. (Why the tram instead of the portal to Twilight when the nearest dig is in Arathi? I dunno. Sometimes I just like the tram.)

I hop on my horse and fly out of Ironforge. I’m thinking to myself that he really needs to get killed by Deathwing to top off the night. I swear it’s true, that was actually on my mind. As I’m approaching the Wetlands, I hear Elgar exclaim in vent. Now, Elgey had just been showing off his Razowmaw Hatchling in chat a few minutes ago, so I know he’s in the Wetlands. As I cross the border, the screen goes red.

“OMG are we gonna get it?? Where are you?” I ask. Elgar is all excited, but then says that the kid he’s mentoring just got killed but he’s still alive and didn’t get it. I thought I was flying towards Raptor Ridge but all of a sudden I see an expanse of water in front of me. Oh crap! I’m going to wrong way!! Turn the horse around and …

GOGO CRUSADER AURA!!! All of a sudden I am falling … I hurry up and turn my UI back on so I can screenshot the cheeve spam.

Sorry Elgey. Here, let’s have Lady La-La sing for you and cheer you up!

Oh. Um, my bad. I kinda killed her. But I’d always wondered what that boombox was doing under that one roof in the Naga section of the first part of Vashj’ir. Now I know! It plays this really crappy, tinny pop music when Lady La-La spawns. It’s really, really horrid.

So sorry Elgey. But hey, you got a Hatchling! And Trout got to tame King Krush! So your day wasn’t ALL bad. 😉

Doubly Spurned

February 15, 2011

Kerick was out grinding Lovely Charms and throwing rose petals on Hordies last night in Uldum when all of a sudden, the world turned red.

Oh me, me! Pick me!! I know you want to see my golden locks go up in flames.

I hadn’t actually seen him when Karius got toasted, but I did the same thing then that I did now … frantically turned the camera every which way in an effort to spot him. And then I saw him!

Wait … where are you going? Hey! Get back here!! You were supposed to kill me. *sigh* I hopped on my drake and flew over to where he’d been but I saw nothing burning. I’m not quite sure what happened, but he didn’t seem to have torched ANYTHING. Completely bogus, man. Blizz, fix the fake flyovers, k?

Despite having found both an orc shaman and an undead warrior there, this incident left Kerick feeling pretty angry. He gave up the charm farming and bemoaned the fact that he hadn’t found a troll rogue yet.  Chandrilea came to his rescue though, promising to make one for him. He brightened right up at that proposition, and promptly popped on Crusader Aura and set a course for the Echo Isles.

Now, as we all know, Chan has been Kalyon’s girl for quite some time. But since Kaly’s tanking hasn’t been needed, he hasn’t been around much. So Kerick has been moving in on his turf, and he thought it was going quite well. Why, just this past Saturday he and Chan had a very romantic picnic in Dalaran. They nibbled on Buttermilk Delights, and then flew together to Naxx and Wintergrasp to pity some fools. He was in for a surprise though when he got to Sen’jin.

Well, we know where her heart lies. Poor Kerick completely underestimated her feelings. The bond between healers is great, but can’t stand up to that tank-healer bond. I mean, come on boy, what were you thinking? Kaly has felt the sweet loving ticks of her renews. Chan has stood back to back with Kaly, surrounded by mobs of undead, safe and secure in his Death and Decay. You had no chance.

This is the second human priest that has broken his heart. He is swearing them off for good. Time to find a tank of his own instead.

Five minutes later, he’s off to Halls of Origination with Logarithm for a fun game of “See How Low Log’s Health Can Go” … perhaps someone should have warned him about rebounds.