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PSA: No Stacking

April 12, 2013

Yeah, so … don’t ride the Carousel and then use a Hat. They don’t stack, the hat will just replace the ride buff. Also, if you thought the bunny ears were scary, this is even worse.


She tolerated it though because it meant leveling faster. Next up, my favorite place in all of Cata … Deepholm! :D

It’s Faire Time!

April 9, 2013

I really love the Darkmoon Faire. Everything about it … the games, the profession quests, the fairegrounds themselves … is such a huge improvement over what it used to be. I have all the pets and mounts, but I still go. I’m working on upgrading heirlooms next, I think.


The timing for this month’s Faire was just perfect for Madorsa, as she moved from Northrend to Cata. Her enchanting leveled right up with no issues, but I got bogged down on the tail end of Northrend tailoring. Seriously, just to get from 410 to 420 so she could do the quest at the Faire to finish it off, each recipe took 9 bolts of cloth from 410 to 415 and a whopping 12 bolts (plus 12 infinite dust of which she has a near-infinite supply) for each frostweave bag to get from 415 to 420. Averry helped out a lot, sending me every scrap of frostweave he could dig out of his alts’ banks, but I still ended up spending a good four hours over the course of three separate farming sessions on Kirgra to get enough to finish it. If I’d had to also get enough to get from 420 to 425 I think I would have had to break something.


And yes, you’re getting screenies of Dyle again because I am so in love with his transmog.

No Time to Post

November 6, 2012

…too busy pet battling.

Yeah, so … Darkmoon Faire started on Sunday right? I took each toon down there to do the profession quests. Van cleared his quickly, then I moved on down the list. Oh. Arelin doesn’t have his arch high enough to do that quest. Well, let’s just go dig for awhile. Hey, this dig site is in the zone where I was last leveling my latest pet team. Gogo pet battles! Yeah … not only did he level them, but he went to Dustwallow, got a rare Spawn of Onyxia, and beat the tamer there. On to 1000 Soggy Needles!

His adventure was cut short in Tanaris when Lyss needed a hand with something. So I moved on to the next toon and went to the Faire … and needed to do some digging … and ended up doing pet battles. Dyle started to do the same but I got all the way to Feralas before realizing that he had only the most basic level of flying skill. Do you have any idea how S-L-O-W 150% flight speed is when you are used to 310%? Not only that, but 310% boosted by Crusader Aura (or whatever they call the passive skill that does the same thing now). Yeah. He went back to Org, shelled out 4k for faster flying, and then I figured I’d try mounting the violet proto just to see if it gave the 310% anymore. No luck. Oh well.

Logged over to Kerick last night. Looked all over the portal room in the Shrine in the Vale trying to find the one to take me to Thunder Bluff so I could go to the Faire …. yeah. I seriously did that. Then went wait, why is there a portal to Stormw .. oh. Yeah. /facepalm … and oh darn, Kerick has no fossil fragments. Hey, there’s a fossil field in Western Plaguelands. You know what comes next, right? Yeah. Build a team to face the tamer in Eastern Plaguelands and it needs a little leveling, and I need a rare Blighthawk, so …

Kerick ended up logging out in Searing Gorge, chasing after lava crabs and molten hatchlings (he got rare Ash Spiderling and Fire Beetle in his first two battles there). He never did make it back to the Faire. Come to think of it, neither did any of the other toons I sent out digging. >.>

The Rabbit Done Died

September 12, 2012

Saturday I was goofing around taking various alts to Darkmoon Faire for the profession skillups. I’m there on Kroy, repairing broken down tonks, when a line in general chat catches my eye. Looking for more people to kill the Darkmoon Rabbit. Hmmmmmm ……well it’s not like I was doing anything important, so I switched over to Kerick and headed out there.

The group was pretty large, and as it turned out, it needed to be. The rabbit hits like a truck, and then toss in the members of the opposing faction also trying to kill it and/or turn it into pvp, and you will have plenty of deaths going around.

The strategy was to tag it, and all stand in the back of the cave to keep it nearby, because it likes to hop around from person to person. Naturally, it took 10 minutes of mayhem before we got the entire group to comply, but once we were all stacked up it was pretty straightforward.

I’m a noob and just learned how to make the standard unit frames show actual health instead of percentages, so … yeah. I have no idea how much health he had but it had to be a lot. (Yes, I could wowhead that for the answer if I wasn’t lazy.) I don’t know how many HKs I got either, but there were quite a few. I know I cleansed DK diseases off raid members every couple of minutes. I also targeted and threw hammers at any flagged Horde that made it all the way into the cave. Eventually, we prevailed.

So .. what did I roll for the pet? A 2 … go me! Oh well … I wouldn’t have been able to learn it anyway, I have too many pets in my collection and can’t learn more until MoP actually hits and I can cage and sell some of the extras. >.>


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