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Rainbow Goblins

November 11, 2014

So, last night, after getting my daily win in Hearthstone, I decided I felt like chewing through some demons. So I loaded up my seasonal D3 character. She was somewhere in Act II at like level 24 or thereabouts. I was having so much fun by the time I finished Act II that I decided to keep going. It was near the end of my playtime when, as I was descending towards the Heart of Sin, I saw a bright, rainbow-coloured treasure goblin. Wuh??? When I killed it, it left a portal behind!


You know where that goes, right? Pony smashing tiem!


Those fancy goblins must be new as of the last big patch or something. I think it’s really awesome that there is a way to get there without having to craft that staff.

I’ve had a good time with the seasonal thing. I’m going just on normal difficulty because, well … MY enjoyment of the game comes from the simple pleasure of grinding through mobs. I don’t want it to be challenging, I don’t want to die, and I don’t care if that means I get a smaller chance at drops. That’s not really what I’m there for. I may try to finish leveling her over the next two nights so that I can call her done before the next season starts up and I have to start over.

There are no Rainbows in M&B

October 1, 2014

Yes, I DO play something else once in awhile. And this weekend, I got this sudden urge to make a seasonal character on D3. I mean, there were ‘new’ achievements to get! (ok really just the same old ones but they are labeled as seasonal so they are not the same) As is required by my own personal rules, she got her picture taken at the rainbow.


Don’t worry though, I didn’t forget about the rest of the Poles I was going to post. You’ll see them on Friday. 🙂

My Friend is a Giant Bug

May 19, 2014

So I was playing D3 yesterday and got jumped by this huge scarab. I had it half dead before I noticed that its name is also the online handle of one of my oldest gaming buddies. So of course I had to screenshot it so I can link it to him and give him a hard time. 😀



April 25, 2014

How can you tell if your guild is healthy and your players are not suffering from burnout? One good indication is by observing what they do on their night off after three solid nights of heroic progression. They don’t necessarily need to be logged into WoW. But if they are playing together, whatever it is, that’s a pretty solid indicator that things are good, IMO.

So what did I do last night? First I got my butt handed to me repeatedly by Shanthi in Hearthstone. I learned some things, and we had a good time, even though my hastily constructed suggest-a-card decks are no match for his well-thought-out and planned ones.

Then I logged into WoW for a bit and did some questing on my shaman because I am still working on that every class to 90 thing, and as long as I make small progress regularly towards that I am satisfied.

Then it was off to D3. I had barely started my bounties when Vorlen (Vairae) logged on. He asked if I wanted to run some bounties together so of course I said yes. I laughed when he joined me and got the Gotta Catch ‘Em All achievement. Apparently there aren’t many people playing witch doctors out there. Later on, Schriko logged on. He played solo for awhile then came and joined us and HE got the same achievement. Of course, Vorlen had talked me into cranking the difficulty up to Torment long before this. It wasn’t too bad, since I had better-geared and higher Paragon-leveled people along to carry me a bit. Good times. I even got my first green set piece! *not pictured


We did bounties, rifts, and even something called an Infernal Machine where we had to fight two bosses at once. Hm … I probably should have screenshotted that instead. Oh well, here, have a Rift Guardian.


Once, I stood in stuff and died because I was trying to get a good shot. We got a good laugh out of that one, and they asked if that was why I die on Iron Juggernaut, because I’m trying to get a perfect shot of a Ricochet coming at me. Jerks. :p

In other D3 happenings, since I didn’t get to post these earlier … I ran into this funny mob recently as one of my bounty objectives and HAD to screenshot it.


Delicious Armored Beast!

Also, my little wizard passed the rainbow.


Now that Wega is 70 I can go back to leveling the other classes. I really focused on her the last few days to get it done so I could at least join in with my friends on a more equal level.