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2 More Z’s

June 19, 2012

Not the most exciting thing to post about, but it amuses me to collect these Zarhym sightings, so deal with it. :p

clicky through if you want to see the full shots

Zarhym Has a Body!

May 28, 2012

Or at least he did, until he met my hardcore barbarian lady. Now he’s back to being nothing more than a floating skull.

I gave hardcore a try on Saturday with a witch doctor, and got totally pwned by the Jar of Souls event at level 7. So last night I figured I’d try again, but this time with the barbarian. Nothing goes toe to toe with large groups of mobs quite like cleave. Shortly after midnight, I got the level 10 achievement I had been aiming for.

I was going to stop there. I was a bit apprehensive about facing the Skeleton King. I mean after all, I’d failed miserably on my first barbarian. Then again I figured I was a couple levels higher and had learned a lot since then … this one was level 10 and fully prepared. I suppose I could have reset the final floor or something but … meh. I decided to go for it.

Too bad it was so late when I finished this. There weren’t as many people on to see it. Heh. Oh well. Now I have to decide whether to keep going or call it good. Heck, my normal barbarian had no problems one-shotting the Butcher .. surely this one can do it, too! It would be a shame not to put this mighty weapon to use that the Skeleton King so graciously dropped for her.