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Progression Is …

January 17, 2012

Staying around for the full raid and maintaining a good attitude while ending up as a wall decoration for most of the night.

The real question is …

Does Kerick look better on THIS side of the doorway …

or does he look better on the OTHER side …



Dear Slice, Sorak, Ado and Shady … you guys have NO idea how much fun you missed out on Saturday night. We had a blast. (Pun fully intended.) And no, this is not me being sarcastic (for once). We really did have a great time.

Monday With Kerick

January 9, 2012

Happy Monday. Bleh. It was a good weekend, too bad it had to end.

Friday night we were missing two people from the raid. No wait … three. Or does it only count as two? Maybe Log doesn’t actually count. hehe. Kitchen remodeling got the best of Ana and she needed to sit out. We got guildies to fill in though. We got to make Rev heal. It was pretty awesome. We cleared four with no problem. We even subbed in a rogue from the guild to pickpocket Hagara.

Saturday I alternated between WoW and Sims3 that I got for Christmas. I logged on in the afternoon to do the fishing tourney on Kale. A priest came levitating over Bittertide Lake to the pool I was fishing in and cast his line in.  I’m one of those people who will pass by a pool if someone else is already fishing in it. Maybe I should just be an asshole instead, because after that one cast I saw him teleport to Dal. Sure enough, a few seconds later the yell comes across my screen that he’s won the tourney. $#%@. Back to Sims I go.

I *almost* didn’t bother to log back in an hour later for Kerick’s turn. (The servers are on different time zones so I can do them both the same day.) Bocat probably wishes I had just kept playing Sims, because she’s been trying to win the damn thing as long as I have. Well, at least she won’t have to compete against me any longer.

Oooh, look at all the Kaluak rep I got there! I might have to start working on those dailies.

Saturday night, and our raid is once again a mess of declines. This time it’s 3 dps though, so it’s a little easier to fix than having to shuffle roles. The guildie who had tanked on Friday brought his dps shaman, the shadow priest from the night before came back, and I got Hartbane to come on his hunter. Soooooooooooo awesome to get to raid with Hart again. It did take awhile, but we eventually got Ultraxion dead.

Want lovely screenshots like this? Just let a sapper through on lootship 2.0 and you can have this view for your very own! In all seriousness though, sappers are going to be a big problem for us with no DK. Not sure how we’re going to work around that yet but I’m sure we’ll come up with something.

Hope you all had a good weekend too! All you slackers who played Star Wars and never even logged in to WoW … I’m looking at you. Bitches.

Ana Wants Some Alliance

December 2, 2011

Ok, fine. Proof that I do sometimes on rare occasions play with my humans, too. =P

Got home from bowling league and Elgar was all ‘come tank for me in Ulduar.’ So I did.

Priest tank ftw!

Kaly was looking sharp in his mogged T10. Ahhhh that armor sure brings back memories. After all, he was my first Kingslayer. Don’t ask me what Kelli is wearing, I haven’t got a clue. Not much, apparently.

We cleared out everything except for Vezax and Yogg. For almost all of it we were one tanking and one healing. We did a lot of hardmodes, even killing Freya without killing any of the minibosses. We even did … Algalon. OMG. I’d never seen him before. Seriously. Unfortunately, my screenshots in there didn’t turn out very well. I had my UI turned off trying to get some when he went active, and he ate the level 83 mage. Um … oops? So now Kaly is my first Starcaller. I think my paladins might be crying.

Crits Goes Heroic

November 21, 2011

Yeay! Finally, we got him down.  We went in Friday night, and Rev had a game plan all drawn up. The SR strat just wasn’t working out well for this group. Instead of kiting the whole raid down the road, we went with a triangular formation and had the raid move between two points. Yes, it did mean traps tended to pile up, but as long as people watch their feet it’s ok.

You can sort of see there how the marks were set up. Holy cow, I love the things these screenshots show sometimes. Grom! You used your bubble!! I am so proud of you. Kisara died twice on the previous pull? Fail rogue. :p

That was late Friday night, and we’d killed the other four bosses. So Saturday, with only Domo and Rag up, we figured we might as well play around with heroic Domo. We actually made decent progress there too, but … well, the orb phase … yeah. I hate hate HATE the orb phase, even in SR.  I sort of flail around in that part and heal whoever I can and pray that I don’t get a cat leap.

Of course, downtime occurs in every raid, and we find ways to amuse ourselves … as long as Kisara doesn’t go afk, that is. He and Log have a fun time with Log taking all of his money. Every once in awhile though, Kisara gets a win.

Let’s see, at 100g per win you only need to win about four thousand more times in a row! Good luck.