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Legendary Crits

March 13, 2012

Or: Now I REALLY Don’t Have to See Firelands Ever Again (Unless I Want a Purple Birdie)

I have a confession to make. I’ve been firm on my ‘Just Say NO To ToR’ bandwagon. I held out along with Zari and a couple of others in the SR ToR Haters’ Club. One of the others transferred off the server. Arv … he caved and started playing ToR when someone had an extra copy lying around and gave it to him. Literally everyone else in SR, including former members who have left WoW, is playing. Sorak has been on me to join them since … well, since before it was even released. Last week, he dangled the 7-day Free Trial carrot in front of me. I told Zari I was just saying yes to appease Sorak and get him off my back. I could claim it wouldn’t run on my cpu … I could get frustrated with the amount of time it takes to download 25gigs at 230kb/s and say screw this … I could play an hour or two and say I didn’t like it …

None of that happened. Ok, the second part almost did … good GOD that’s a long freaking download on my slow ass old school DSL. But it was worth the wait. I’d looked up the classes ahead of time, so I wouldn’t waste playing time figuring that out on the character creation screen.  I don’t know if I just happened to choose well, or if all of the classes are this interesting and engaging … but Agent Vanicus hit level 15 before I logged off last night. I can see myself having multiple Imperial Agents in the future, because I love the cover system and really had a hard time choosing Operative over Sniper … but the healer in me won out.

Ok, I could go on and on but I’d better get to the WoW content, eh? The point of all this is, I forced myself to log out of ToR Sunday night to show up and see if our final Rag kill in Firelands was going to go off. That meant that Ado and Shady had to log out too, and then we talked Slice and Lyssi into joining us. We managed to scrabble together 10 players and headed on in. It took a couple of pulls to work out the kinks, especially since a couple people either hadn’t been there or were there in alternate roles.  But …

Falahla grabbed the heart and off we went to Stormwind.

Then we all crowded around outside the guild vendor’s shop, much like we did after the guild hit max level, and sat around admiring our Lil’ Tarecgosas.

I actually did not run right back to ToR afterwards. Fyuria wanted me to craft a Vial for him, so I hopped on Karius and helped him out with that. And of course, my reward was the first ride.

Then I decided that Karius’ outfit was really bad and spent 45 minutes mogging a new one … yes, for a toon that collects dust. No, you can’t see it … it isn’t finished yet. =P

Kerick, Destroyer’s End

March 5, 2012

Damn that boy is looking GOOD.

So yeah, we finally got him … and it was very smooth and clean, as the kill shot clearly shows. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe we even had to use a brez (thank the Light for LoH though!)

Did we *need* the 10% nerf? Yeah, probably … but we have replaced 3 raid members since the start of Dragon Soul and have 2 other members that have a lot of weekend activities and thus have had to miss a lot of nights. On the nights we need replacements, we prefer to take guildies even if they are lesser geared or experienced as opposed to pugging. All of this naturally slows a group down. But we have had fun and enjoyed ourselves this tier, and that is what’s really important to us.

Left to Right, more or less: the Judgement pally Gromdred, Falahla and her almost completed legendary staff (one more run! maybe next Monday’s post? *crosses fingers*), Misspukie with the purple hair, Bocat the Queen of the Dead Screenshots, behind that group is Squishi who usually matches Rev but drank a potion of illusion to look like Ana, on the other side of Alexstrazsa is Analogue the boomkin bear, that’s me Kerick in front of her, Addoe who should be nerfed, Toxictears (don’t you get cold in that outfit?), and behind her is Reversion the dancing bear.

2 in 1

January 30, 2012

A very, VERY satisfying raid week in Crits.  We’d been working hard on Warmaster Blackhorn and finally put it all together and got the kill.

Yes, he dropped the shield and Kerick had no one to roll against. Van cried a little but he’ll get over it.

Kerick cried more than a little when he realized that downing lootship meant he finally had to face Searing Plasma. Hate! Rage! Do Not Want! Amazingly enough, it took all of … 3 pulls?

As you can see from all of the people who are 0k in my healbot frames, it wasn’t pretty. Not pretty at all. But we beat it … and before the 5% nerf goes in tomorrow!

This was all Friday night, so we had all night Saturday to work on Madness. We had a good night and worked together very well. We got the mechanics down, but just don’t quite have the dps yet. But hey, we got there! We got to see it and throw ourselves at it BEFORE it got nerfed. I’m quite happy with where we are.

I still miss Sorak though.


A Pleasant Disguise

January 23, 2012

So, what do you do when your raid’s leather-clad rogue chick and fireballin’ dwarf lady run off and become Sith?

Well, for starters, you replace the rogue permanently with a well-dressed, meter-topping shadow priest.

(Insert screenie of Bocat here. HOW is it possible that I have NO screenshots of her? Really?? Must rectify soon.)

And, at least for one weekend, you replace the missing dorf chick with … another hot dorf chick!

This isn’t just any old dwarf though … it’s our favorite Mohawk Troll moonlighting on the Alliance side. Hey, if I can have multiple paladins, he  can have multiple shaman!

We actually had a pretty good week, despite the holes in our roster.  Friday night our OT/dps was sick, but Grom handled those duties very well.  So we got another spriest to cover the open dps slot. Then Ado’s computer got sick, so we had a ret pally from the guild fill in. Now, if you’re keeping count, we already have 2 priests and 2 paladins on the regular roster … so adding another of each meant we had SIX slots on the same token for the night.  There’s a reason I always joke that we should change the guild name to Priests and Pallies. We got to Ultradragon but called it there for the night.

Saturday we got Ado back. Still had Grom OT. But we got Cael to bring in his lock. We made quick work of Ultra and moved on to our progression fight of the gunship. We didn’t get it down, but we made steady progress and were getting to phase 2 regularly. So I think it won’t be long before we manage to kill it. We actually were one tanking it, which seems to be doable with a bear tank who can dodge a lot of the stacks.