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Stopping the Wind

January 31, 2011

Friday night we started off at Magmaw. We had a couple of subs in, as one tank and one healer had real life obligations. Having only the one raid group to worry about getting saved to meant I was free to bring in Kerick to cover the missing heals. We had a new hunter who was able to come in and provide frost traps/kiting on the parasites. That helped so much. I think it took up about 90 mins and we were done and wondering where to go next. Since we didn’t have a third tank available for Halfus and had already spent time in previous weeks learning the Council of Wind, we headed over to Uldum.

Our hunter switched over to his prot warrior, and I was assigned to heal him on the green platform. I had only ever been on the mage for previous attempts, so it was a learning experience for me. I’m not sure I quite ever got the hang of it completely. We had some good attempts and learned a lot, and ended the night quite satisfied. After all, we’d gotten our first boss down in this group!

Saturday night we had some switching around. We had a different warrior tank, so the hunter got to stay on his hunter. Our regular healer was available, so I got to go back to the mage. After healing on the other platform the night before, dodging tornadoes and wind blasts was a breeze. (heh heh heh) I think it was once again about 90 minutes. I was impressed that we did it so fast, what with  breaking in yet another new backup and all.

Of course, this left us with more time to fill, but this time we had an extra tank available once we sweet-talked the hunter into switching again. So we went and worked on Halfus for awhile. One of these weeks, we’ll get an ‘easy’ set of drakes. We did have a decent try where we got to the enrage though. Our enhance shaman has become an expert at interrupting the shadow nova.

Next week’s lineup is sure to change again, as Ado has speed-leveled his shadow priest from 60 to 85 in a little over a week, and we drug him on his first heroic last night already.  Crazy man!