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Purple Birdies!

June 28, 2012

What’s this? A raid?? Not only that, an official SR raid! Of OLD CONTENT.

Oh sorry, I should have warned you to be sitting down before reading that. My bad.

We finally got this done and out of the way. We do have to go back to complete a couple things for people who missed an achievement or two. But for most of us, this was it.

We cleared Beth’s achievement by swapping our tanks around and having Arv just hold all of the drones down below, letting them eat spiderlings to heal up. We did wipe once because someone *cough Fayle cough* forgot to come down from the web during smoldering devastation or whatever the heck she does.

On Alysrazor, the only thing we had left was the Brushfire part of the Do a Barrel Roll achievement. We sent Lyss up to harass the bird with DoTs, and kept everyone else down to kill the druid adds quickly and minimize the number of brushfires they could cast. It took 3 tries.

Of course, as soon as it was over we all rushed to our mailboxes to collect our new rides.

This one is my new wallpaper. So purdy!

And of course we had to fill Cowtown with a whole flock of the things. Lyss even sat on hers for awhile instead of being a dragon.

It was kinda crazy how I slipped right back into my role without having to think about what I was doing. Sure, it’s only normal Firelands and we all outgear it … yes Zari even you. But the guys managed to chain pull two dogs and a surger which looked like it was going to end badly, and we did lose Arv, but Slice and I kept Cayle and Adoe alive and prevented it from becoming a wipe.

I know some people (hugs Lyss) aren’t at all excited about the changes coming to their class in MoP, but I’m really looking forward to leveling and playing my paladins.