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Raiding the Core

November 25, 2014

So, I dunno what the deal is with the queue for plate wearing dps to get into the Molten Core LFR. Over the weekend I spent well over an hour in queue several times without ever getting in, while a guildy would queue up on a non-plate character and get in within 10 minutes or less. Two other plate-bearing guildmates were also complaining about sitting in queue forever without it ever popping. Last night though, I queued up right away after sending my followers out on missions, and before I could figure out how to beat the pets visiting my menagerie, the queue popped. I almost fell out of my chair. Wuhhhhhh? I mean, I seriously was not expecting it.

I had heard plenty of horror stories in guild chat about how horrible it was. I know from experience that LFR itself can be all sorts of frustration. I also know, however, that it can be a hilariously good time. It just depends on the group you get. This group, fortunately, fell on the fun side. We cleared up to Baron Geddon with little to no difficulty. There was laughter and joking about dps = dispels per second. There were comments that we would surely wipe unless everyone had their molten corgi out, so of course, we had a virtual army of fiery little dogs dragging their butts through the raid.


Things did go a bit sideways once we passed through the tunnel to the Baron’s area, though. Once we managed to clear trash without pulling the boss at the same time, however, we got through it alright. Until we got to the next little bridge with the pack on the other side and the core hound that patrols. Eventually we managed to get everyone to hang back while the tank waited for the dog to pat away, ran halfway across the bridge, tossed his shield into the pack, and drew them all to our side of the bridge. The rest after that, as someone in raid chat pointed out, was cake.

One of the other paladins had some toy that puts a beam between himself and another player. So of course, he put one on every single person in the raid. It made for quite the light show as we traveled to Rag’s chamber.


And then we were there. I gotta admit, Rag’s speech seemed a lot more impressive with 39 other people there, compared to when I solo the original version.


At one point, the fight paused, and I thought it was over until all of these sons of flame came out. Wait, what? I had never fought him at the original intended level, I had always been there on a higher level character and killed him before he summoned adds, so I totally forgot that even happened. I mean, I should have known, given all the time we had spent working on him in Firelands, but I just didn’t make the connection until it actually happened. Soon, though, he really was down.


I didn’t get the pet, but I was happy with my new helm and mount. Maybe I’ll go back again to try for the pet.


Ancient Hysteria

November 17, 2010

Saturday I was goofing around not really doing much and decided to check my friends list to see who was on. Ooh, hey, check that out. Jorlex is on … and he’s in Molten Core! *whisper whisper*  Not only does he have room, but he’s got a lock there who can summon. Win!

So I hopped over to Juna. Yeah, that’s right … Jor transferred over to the Dark Side awhile back, along with his girl Lanta. They were both there and it was totally awesome to get to hang out with them again. They had just downed Executus and were on the way to Rag, so I missed most of the place (and missed out on the Leaf boo) but I got the achievement AND got something even cooler.

I’d been contemplating going to Azuremyst to get the white core hound, but it’s such a distance to travel for a Hordie. The green ones are just .. well, put it this way, if I had tamed one of them, I would name it Snotball. The actual original Core Hound is the coolest, plus he matches my core hound pup. He still needs a  name, though. Any suggestions?

We took a break for a little bit after that. I took that time to activate my as-yet-unused second spec and put in a group-oriented, DPS-focused talent setup. The first spec is chock full of soloing/questing stuff like Pathfinding (mounted speed increase) and Hunter vs. Wild (stamina increase).  And also took some time to watch L80ETC practice in the Grim Guzzler. Then once Jor and Lanta were done with lunch, we went to ZG.

Hakkar’s mind control is always such fun. I love my ice trap … especially when I get to trap my friends in it. Hey Jor, feeling a little frozen there?

Good times. BTW, you see that lovely heroism debuff there? (bloodlust for Horde, yeah, sorry, I play mostly Alliance) You’ll notice that the party consists of paladin, priest, and hunter. No shamans to be found. Which brings us to the title of the post. Ancient Hysteria is the shiny new core hound-only special ability … which does exactly what herolust does and shares the same cooldown. Awesome, eh? 😀

Thanks again for dragging me along, it’s great to have friends on both sides of the server, and I have so much fun with you guys.

Oh yeah, Juna finished off Keymaster and Seeker over the weekend as well.