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It Iz Mine!!11!

November 27, 2012

So, remember awhile back, like before MoP even hit, when I was all excited about seeing a clefthoof runt? Well … I finally got pets up to high enough level to visit Nagrand. So here he is!

Um … hey Karius, Hallow’s End is long since over. You can stop pretending to be a goblin chick.

Oh well, he always was … special. *cough* Sholazar *cough*

Anway, there were only about 3 of these in the zone, but the first one was uncommon, so I won’t complain. Losing not one, not two, but three different scalded basilisk hatchlings that I believe were rare … that I might complain about. Never getting an ominous seed … that I will complain about. Yes, I KNOW there are a bajillion terrible turnips on the AH. I don’t CARE! It’s not the same if I don’t grow my own. =P

Also, I hit the 500 pet limit in my pet journal again last night. Thank the Light that patch is dropping today and will increase the size to 625. Hell, even that won’t be enough, but at least I’ll have room for more! I still haven’t hit Shadowmoon Valley, Northrend, or Pandaria .. or the Cata zones … gahhhh!

Foul Menagerie

September 14, 2012

When I saw this glyph, I had to get it. It turns your Army of the Dead minions into an assorted group of undead rather than just the usual group of ghouls. Roz knew the glyph, but I didn’t have the mats for the ink, which required Outland herbs. Now, there are several options to obtain the necessary ink.

1. buy it off the AH
2. turn my Cata herbs into ink and trade it for the older ink
3. go to Outland and pick the herbs myself

These are listed in order of how much time is spent on doing this. With nothing better going on in game until next week, I chose option 4. Waitwut? There’s no option 4 up there! Option 4 is an extension of option three. You see, I can’t just settle for going to Outland and flying around aimlessly looking for herb nodes. No, I first had to spend three or four hours in Kalimdor leveling Rozzy’s archaeology so he could hit digsites in Outland while picking enough herbs for one little glyph. Yes, this is the way my mind works. I never have claimed to be normal.

Once I finally did make it to Outland, I ran into these …

SQUEEEEEEEEEEE I am gonna have baby clefthoof battle pets zomg I can’t WAIT


Anyway … this is the final product. Pretty cool huh? 😀