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Celebrity Sighting

July 3, 2012

So … I was reading about these fun cross-server classic raids over at Amateur Azerothian. When I noticed that this previous weekend’s event was Trial of the Crusader, I had to get myself in on this. I know a lot of people got sick of the place, but I love it. Yeah ok maybe part of that has to do with my Tirion crush. What can I say. So I got hold of JD and exchanged stalker ID info and promised to show up.

Saturday night rolled around and I was cruising Northrend flames on Kerick at invite time. JD asked if that was who I was bringing and I said ‘yes, unless you need a tank.’ Well, you know what’s coming next, right? Yeah … so I hopped over to Kalyon in his half-blue, I-think-I-can-tank-T11-now gear. Well, it’s only TotC, amirite? Then I see the other names start to fill up the raid, and one makes me do a double take. Kinna … omg … what?!?!

Yeah. If you’ve been around the WoW blogosphere at all, you know about Need More Rage. Ratters was already well known back when *I* started blogging. So yeah, I was pretty floored by that. Kaly and Kinna … tanking TotC together. (or at least Beasts, he got to ret the rest)

Of course, with cross realm raiding, there’s no Have Group … heck, you can’t even use the summoning stones. So we had to find ways to pass the time while we waited for everyone to get there the old-fashioned way by flying to the entrance themselves and going through the portal. Well, I don’t go anywhere without a Brewfest Party Keg so I dropped that sucker and we all started drinking.

Oh yeah, that Kinna … she’s just Kaly’s type.

So anyway, we kicked ass and took names in TotC. Then we rearranged the group a little and did OS3D. And then … gulp … we went to Ruby Sanctum. Yes, yes, I know it’s pretty easy now, but you still need people to not get hit by cutters and whatnot. Fortunately, I got to stay up top. I’d done some tanking in here before but never on the bottom … and apparently also never successfully, because I got the cheeve and the quest completion upon his death.

And since a lot of people were killing him for the first time and we had so much fun, several of us posed for screenshots afterwards.

That is one nice looking collection of ponies right there, folks.

So … if you’re looking to have a good time on a Saturday night, check out Amateur Azerothian. He’s got a schedule up there and everything. You’ll get to rub elbows with lots of cool people!

(I apologize for not really knowing who some of the others were, I was kinda starstruck by Ratshag’s presence. Sorries! >.< )

Tentacle Thursday

April 19, 2012

Look, a WoW post, just to remind people that I haven’t completely abandoned ship!

We did an Uldy achievement run last night. Messed up the Kologarn so we have to go back for him later, but otherwise, Van got every single achievement done in there in his first visit to the place. lol! And won the tentacle trinket!

So … when are we gonna do it on 25 man over and over to get Van a Val’anyr? Maybe when I’m 90 I can solo it…

Ana Wants Some Alliance

December 2, 2011

Ok, fine. Proof that I do sometimes on rare occasions play with my humans, too. =P

Got home from bowling league and Elgar was all ‘come tank for me in Ulduar.’ So I did.

Priest tank ftw!

Kaly was looking sharp in his mogged T10. Ahhhh that armor sure brings back memories. After all, he was my first Kingslayer. Don’t ask me what Kelli is wearing, I haven’t got a clue. Not much, apparently.

We cleared out everything except for Vezax and Yogg. For almost all of it we were one tanking and one healing. We did a lot of hardmodes, even killing Freya without killing any of the minibosses. We even did … Algalon. OMG. I’d never seen him before. Seriously. Unfortunately, my screenshots in there didn’t turn out very well. I had my UI turned off trying to get some when he went active, and he ate the level 83 mage. Um … oops? So now Kaly is my first Starcaller. I think my paladins might be crying.

Old Raids, Good Times

November 29, 2011

How can you double your fun in Classic Raids? Bring two paladins of course.

Over the weekend, it was Kerick and Hartbane. I forget what I was doing at the time, but when Hart wants to do something, I’ll drop everything as long as I’m not already in a group. AQ40? Sure! I whispered Saint and got him to log over as well, figuring it would be even faster with three of us. We’re going along and Hart says something about how no reds have dropped. So of course, one drops shortly after that. And guess what?

Yeah it’s a fail screenshot but still …

Then last night, Trout had Tempest Keep on the calendar. The screenshots from that are even more fail because there aren’t any. Oops. Kerick and Paaradi took care of divine storming everything in sight in that one. I made Zari go along too. I joked about how killing all the blood elves was like having a couple dozen Fayles tanking the floor. Afterwards, Trout hopped on Elgar because he needs a belt from Gruuls, so we went there. The party at that point consisted of 2 paladins and 3 priests. I keep telling him we need to change the guild name from Crits and Giggles to Priests and Pallies.

Ok, so that’s over and I log on to Van to check my auctions, and there’s Arvash in guild chat … ‘anyone want to hit Kara or BT?’ … hellz yeah! Of course, it’s Arv, and I haven’t seen him for like a week since he was on vacation, so he coulda said let’s go PvP and I woulda said yes. No one else wanted to go, so we hit up Kara. I’m not sure but, there might not be anything in the entire game that’s more fun than a couple of paladins divine storming their way through Kara. We barely even stood still long enough to loot. Finally we stopped for a second at Barnes.

Of course, Arv couldn’t let Barnes have the spotlight all by himself, so he dropped his D.I.S.C.O.

Yes, I took multiple screenshots here. What?

We had a bit of fun in Chess. We literally used up every piece so at the end, the only two of ours that were still alive were Blackhand and the demon that I was in. I think it was like the third piece I jumped in. lol. Oh well, we won.

Afterwards we tried going to Hyjal. The raid, not the zone. We had no problems with the trash waves, but Arv hadn’t been there before, and I kinda forgot about the first boss’ Death and Decay, so since we stood him right on the piles of dead ghouls, we couldn’t see the ground and it quickly did us in. We released and ran back and got the ‘unable to zone in while an encounter is in progress’ message. So annoying. So I’m whispering Trout for advice because I know he loves Hyjal and might know what to do … and then I hear the sounds of battle nearby. I believe my exact thought was ‘What the hell could he have found down here to … oh’ so I turned around and raced down the corridor. A warlock. I jumped on them and was doing pretty good, almost had him down when I saw him get a heal. Look over my shoulder … frack. A disc priest. So I switched targets but naturally that left the lock free to do whatever, and they made short work of me. As I die, a DK on a drake comes riding up. Arv was already down when I saw the priest so .. yeah. Neither one of us claims to be good at or even like PvP so we were kind of sitting ducks. Especially in our off specs. They would have had a fight on their hands in our main specs though. Or at least would have had a hard time killing us.