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Farmer Van

October 24, 2012

Yeah so .. I’ve completed my first rep grind in MoP. (Forest Hozen don’t count)

I know, I know … Golden Lotus blah blah blah … but now that the Tillers are done, I’ll have more time for that.

I got my dog.

I got sheep, and a mushan, and a cat. I was supposed to get pigs, too, but they never showed up. Still not sure what’s up with that.

I got riding goats!

And yes, that is Chee Chee hanging out on my farm, helping tend to the sheep. Who wouldn’t want their own hozen farmhand? I mean really.

I still have to complete the rest of Haohan’s vote. Yes, that’s right, I’m exalted before finishing everything. I still have several of the Tillers to gain best friend status with as well.

I bought a tabard, tried it on, and sold it back. lol. There’s just no room in the bags for one that I’m not currently wearing, so … I can always come back and buy it again if I need it to match a mog.