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June 18, 2013

Look what you made me do!


Yeah, so, it took me a few nights to remember that I wanted to download Neverwinter, but I finally did and checked it out last night. I rolled a half-orc Great Weapons Fighter … basically a warrior, with a big 2 hander and heavy armor. I know you are all so surprised. I got almost to level 7. So far it is a lot of fun.

Now if I can just figure out how to zoom in with the camera. I had to adjust (again) to the WASD to move, mouse to attack the little targeting thing above your head style of combat. It is one of the things that drove me away from Skyrim. So far though, I’m doing alright with it. I think having clear objectives helps me.

Follow the shiny glowy line! Follow the shiny glowy line! Follow the, follow the, follow the, follow the …

Well you get the idea. It is nigh impossible to get lost. I like that. Oh sure, I leave the line to explore little corners that might have treasure. But it is there if I need it, to keep me headed the right way. In town, it was a godsend. Seriously, that place is a maze. And then there were portals opening up with droves of undead pouring from them. Pretty cool.

Ok I’ve rambled enough. Once I figure out this camera I can get a better shot of Wega for you.


March 7, 2011

Kinda funny … this morning’s Breakfast Topic over at WoW Insider is “Do you play other games besides WoW?” Why is that funny? Because that’s what I was going to write about today anyway. You see … for the first time in three years, I’ve cheated on WoW. Oh sure, I’ve played some PvZ late at night when I couldn’t sleep on occasion, but this goes way beyond that. This goes to the extreme of I DID NOT LOG IN TO WOW YESTERDAY AT ALL. (not logging in to WoW for a single day and calling that an extreme is a whole ‘nother can of worms, isn’t it?)

Let’s start at the beginning. Thursday I felt like absolute crap. But I went to work anyway. When I got home, I logged in like usual and did some dailies and I think even a dungeon … but I wasn’t really up to dealing with other people. My eyes strayed to the Dragon Age: Origins (Ultimate Edition) lying on the nearby dresser. It had been sitting there, unwrapped, since the day Cata came out. I bought it anticipating lots of server downtime like there had been at the release of Wrath. That didn’t happen, the Cata release was amazingly smooth, and the game sat unplayed and waiting. (Yes, I realize I am very behind and there’s a DA:2 coming. This is nothing new. Before WoW, I was always a generation behind on my consoles, too. I still don’t have a PS3 or an Xbox … but my Sega Saturn is still operational.)

So anyway … I installed the game and rolled a mage. Apparently this was a big mistake because I couldn’t even make it out of the Fade. So I said fine, I’ll just try a warrior. Plate makes it all better amirite? Well, yes and no. It made it better enough that I easily completed the human noble origin story, and got started on the Wilds. I guess I’ve been playing WoW for too long. I had completely forgotten how to handle a party of four instead of just controlling my own toon. My groupmates would run off ahead of me and get surrounded and … ugh.

Friday at work I expressed my difficulties to Lyssi. She suggested I look at the tactics and put in one for each character to use a health potion when they get below a certain percent, and also try setting the game to ‘easy’ instead of ‘normal’. Yes, that’s right … I’m playing on ezmode. Hey, what are you doin on my lawn?! Dang kids.

So, I rerolled my mage. Yes, I was bound and determined to play a mage, goshdarnit. I messed around in the tactics. I set up my mage to assist and took direct control of Alistair. As I got enough levels to get some new spells, it got easier. Frozen mob + Stonefist = love. So I set up a macro, er, tactic for my mage to cast stonefist on anything that is immobilized. My mage has gone straight primal.  He has like no spells that don’t do direct damage .. except weakness, since he came with that already learned.

I’ve gone through my Joining. I’ve survived the battle, and gotten past Lothering to the point where I have the Party Camp and can go to wherever on the world map I choose. Yes, I am intentionally not talking specifics on plot. I am probably not the only noob who hasn’t played the game before and I don’t want to give stuff away, because so far, the plot is amazing and I wouldn’t want to spoil it.

I am also NOT looking up any info on the net. I’m sure there is probably a wiki and all kinds of things that will tell me where stuff is, and what gifts to give to who, and all that crap. That’s fine and dandy on a second playthrough … but I’m enjoying just discovering things as I go the first time around.

Don’t worry, guildmates. I’ll be logging on WoW tonight. At least for a little while. But I may log off earlier than normal. You see, there are these abominations that need to be taken care of ….

Oh, and Lyssi? I’ve changed my mind … I would totally do Alistair. Guess I’ll have to eventually roll a chick huh? 😛