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All Grown Up

December 4, 2012

Well, at least one good thing comes of being able to battle in Pandaria. My high level pets get even more high level … like … until they stop getting xp altogether.


Yes, that is my Celestial Dragon. A good first choice, I love Ancient Blessing. Yeah, imagine that, a healer loving a healing spell/stamina buff. Hey, sometimes being able to outlast your opponent is more important than big damage, especially if you don’t have the type advantage.

The Nether Fairie Dragon was quick to follow, although I did notice that since the patch, his type has been changed (correctly) from flying to dragonkin, which I am sad about but oh well. Then the Skittering Cavern Crawler, and the first Sifang Otter named Harry. And a snail named Gary. So yeah, I’m at 5 level 25s since Saturday.

I also picked up some nice rares. Some crazy person found fox kits spawning in Storm Peaks, and hung out there tracking down spawns until she found a rare for me. So of course, it seemed only right to name the little one Bo. 😉


Oh yeah, that’s actually Bocat in the picture with me, too!

He’s 24 already, as is the Water Waveling I picked up in Zul’Drak. I also got a rare Darkmoon Glowfly at the Faire. And a Shardhorn rhino. And … I don’t even remember them all! Let’s just say I’ve been busy. ^.^


Did You Miss Me?

December 29, 2011

Yeah right. You really expect me to believe that?

I got home Tuesday evening and had a couple of hours or so to collect presents before it was time to jump right back into raiding. We cleared to Madness and made a token attempt or two at it before calling it for the night. Got back to Org, turned in my tokens, and gemmed/enchanted/mogged/reforged my shiny new 2 piece. Ride back into Cowtown and there’s a hitching post set up. I don’t know the people using it so I whisper Arv ‘that’s not yours, is it.’ Of course, that prompted him to get his out too and invite me to a party so I could play.

It’s all fun and games until someone puts your eye out with a starfish.

And of course, Arv didn’t stop with just horses and starfish. We had to have as many toys out as possible … that’s the way things are with him. Plus he had to show off his new helm that completed his 4 piece.

Yesterday I had the whole day to play. I goofed around and finished collecting presents and then cheated on WoW for the afternoon with some Sims3 Pets. What?? You guys were all playing Star Wars anyway, you wouldn’t even know if I hadn’t told you. Logged back on a couple hours before raid time and decided to get a couple things out of the way.

ELGAR! You might want to stop reading now. No, really. Stop here.

Ok, you can’t say I didn’t warn you though.

Awwww. Who’s the widdle cutesy wutesy crustacean?

Of course, part of the reason I went to work on getting him was because I’m pretty close to finishing the fishing achievements, but the main reason was because I got a red winter helper box to complete Van’s Christmas pet collecting, which left me one pet shy of the Littlest Pet Shop. Pinchy completed it.

So now I have my very own Celestial Dragon. Arv’s not in any real danger of me catching up to him since he has all those TCG pets, but that won’t stop me from trying. Can you imagine the pet battle teams we can build, having 150+ pets at our disposal? Hehehe.

Deathwing last night. Multiple sub 5% wipes. Next week, he is dying. We just have to fine tune that second phase now that we are consistently making it there.

So anyway … hope you all had a good Winter Veil and are ready for tons of new posts. I’m looking forward to another year of shenanigans and it will all get posted right here.