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Paladin: Tips for Healing Magmaw

January 18, 2011

With the craptastic lineup of drakes for Halfus this week, both of my raids spent the majority of the weekend working on Magmaw instead. Yeah, I know a lot of my friends in other guilds are laughing and calling it easy because they’ve already downed him, but we’re not all that hardcore. Very few of the people in either raid have spent all their time grinding rep and points on a single toon … we like alts. So we’re slightly behind the curve compared to some, but that’s ok.

Last night we made real progress on the fight and were consistently getting through the first (double) parasite phase, and often getting through the second one as well, with our best attempt putting him down to 52%.

Members of the raid team: Cael Clan and Fyuria with Kerick

I did get some gear upgrades since last week which probably helped some, but I also made some changes to what I was doing.

1. Stand close and melee the boss. Our strategy has everyone except for the pillar of flame ‘soaker’ stacking up just to the left of the boss. The boss is stationary. Don’t just stand there and cast heals … HIT HIM. A quick autoswing here and there between casts will regen mana. (Yes, it took me a couple weeks of working on the boss before I remembered that I should be doing this. Gimme a break, ICC was out when my pally hit 80 and the rules for healing then were stack int and spam holy light. I didn’t think about my mana.)

Ok, now that we have some mana regen going, we can no longer be afraid to …

2. Use Holy Radiance to help out with the raid heals. I wasn’t even using this before last night. The huge mana cost scared me. But as long as you’re getting a few melee swings in (and have replenishment and a decent amount of spirit and preferably a trinket with a spirit proc or on-use effect … and Heartsong on your weapon … ) … ok, so maybe it’s a little more complicated than that. But if the raid is taking damage and HR is not on CD … use it. If you’re finding that you’re still having mana issues, stack more spirit. The only other thing I would add is … try to stagger it with your other healers’ abilities. I’m healing with a druid and a holy priest, so if I see Efflorescence and Sanctuary both on the floor, I save HR to use right after those disappear.

3. Focus on your assignment. Somewhat counter to the last point, but don’t fall into the trap of worrying so much about the raid damage that you end up losing the tank. Just pop that HR when needed and keep your direct heals on your target. I’m not saying you can’t toss a Holy Shock on someone who’s low once in a while, or BoP the lock that the parasites are looking to chow down on … just don’t slack off on the tank. At the beginning of the night last night, I whispered our tank and said “You are MINE. My goal tonight is to never let you die before I do.” I mostly succeeded. Deaths due to Mangle going its full duration do not count.

4. Paladins have LOTS of CDs … don’t be afraid to use them. I have historically been a CD hoarder. It’s a hard habit to break. After tanking on a DK though, I have learned the value of using all of your abilities, and especially of chaining CDs rather than popping everything at once like a DPSer does. There are a couple of points in this fight where it’s a good idea to always use something. Magmaw will swallow the tank using an ability called Mangle … pop a CD. The tank will then have a DoT debuff on him, and if the DPS assigned to chain him down don’t get it done fast enough and Mangle lasts for 30s, the tank will die.

For a super awesome breakdown of our cooldowns and some tips on using them, visit this post from Divine Plea. Almost all of the credit for the changes I made to my performance last night, go directly to the fact that I read this post yesterday.

5. Once the head is spiked, get your mana back. The ‘burn phase’ is a great time for Divine Plea and is open season on standing there and doing nothing but hacking at the exposed head with your sword. (Or smacking it with your mace.) Heal up anyone that’s not at full health, but otherwise, just get back to your melee position and get your mana back. I can have a full blue bar at the end of the phase.

That’s pretty much it. Just rinse and repeat.


August 31, 2010

Title says it all.

OMG that fight is not easy. We were there a couple of hours. We had some trouble getting first phase down because we tried a couple of different things from how they had done it before. Once we switched to the way most of them were used to doing it, we had no more problems with phase 1.

We only spread defile over the entire platform once. I think we only lost one person to val’kyr over the course of the night, too. I was impressed with everyone’s ability to focus. There was joking around, sure, but once we were hitting phase 2, vent cleared except for Cael calling things out.

That phase 3 … OMG, I don’t think there’s any way I could have survived this fight if I hadn’t respecced into blood. Don’t get me wrong, the healers did an awesome job … but the ability to pop vampiric blood and have 80k health to survive a Soul Reaper when the other tank is still busy with a Spirit is priceless. Somewhere in between wipes I swapped out the Glyph for the Black Heart, and wore that along with the Corroded Skeleton Key for as much health as I could get.

I got this one just as he hit 10%, before he killed everyone.

That third phase was crazy. You can see we tanks ended up with him in a corner over near the throne … I’m sure that worried the healers a little bit. I know Cael mentioned later that it freaked him out. But that was where I drug him to avoid a defile. Meh … we won. But damn … he’s tough.

I MISSED the cinematic. I was typing and somehow escaped out of it just as it was trying to start up. Oh well … there’s always the fountain in Dalaran.

Everyone put on their titles as soon as it was over, then there was some loot distribution or something  … wasn’t important. Then it was photo time.

And of course, more Kaly ‘n Chan time. 😉

Poor Bolvar .. talk about a fate worse than death … geez.

Once we got back to town … well ….

Perhaps it was somewhat dickish, but can you really blame us? We were all so excited and proud. There were a couple of people from hardcore raiding guilds making fun of us, but we didn’t care.

You know, I’m kinda glad now that Cael and I didn’t get it in that pug we went to. It was way beyond awesome to get it with a group of people that I know … to get it with friends. And geez, Cael got it with his family there! Does it get any more awesome than that?

Chaos Theory

February 16, 2010

What do you do when the only people in guild who reply to your query, “Who wants to run a random?,” are all dps? I mean really, it’s bad enough queueing as a solitary dpser, but THREE? With no tank or healer? Man, I’d still be in queue this morning if we’d tried that. So I did the smart thing and turned to my friends list.

Let’s see … Kristianos, no, that slacker still isn’t 80 … dps, dps, another dps … a healer in ICC … a tank in ToC … Fiona … and Cael! Ooh!! So I drop him a whisper …


… yah, I knew that would get a reply. heh heh.

me: Are you busy?

Cael: No, what do you need?

me: Tank or heal for my random.

Cael: Sure! Can Fiona come?

/sigh … duh, you idiot, you can’t ask Cael to come by himself.

me: Well, I already have 3 dps here …

me: Oh wait! I guess I could tank.

Send out invites, switch specs, cross fingers. Whew! Nexus. Allllll-right. This we can do.

So it’s all going fine, I had a couple weird pulls but nothing horrid. I tried Baltok’s trick of pulling the four adds in Telestra’s room through the wall with an Icy Touch … score! Worked like a charm. Then we get to Anomalous and Froggiee is all “Can we do the achievement? please please pretty please” …


…and I’m like OMG look who’s tanking, I’m not Hartbane, you want ME to tank an achievement? What is IN the water you drink Down Under, girl?

Apparently she needs to send me some Aussie water.

We cleared the way to the Elder, then downed Ormorok. Unfortunately, neither lock dotted themself on spell reflect. /sigh … I kinda wanted to get to raise Fiona as a ghoul. Maybe next time.

I briefly considered pulling both the add AND Keristrazsa, like Hart does, but … I figured with my luck it would end up killing Cael and I wouldn’t have any heals. So I played it safe and just did it normal.

Dungeon over, what now? Come on, you know it’s  coming …


I guess maybe I could get used to this whole tanking thing. 🙂

Shadow Power

January 15, 2010

Last night I spent some time on my priest, Ragle. He had hit 57, and his new pocket tank DK had finished the starting zone, so they queued up and got Dire Maul East. Unfortunately, I failed at taking screenshots. The warlock we had with us was a trip. He went afk twice without telling anyone, and we all moved on without him, so when he came back and tried to find us, he ran into mobs and died.  The first time we ran back for him and I rezzed him, and we explained that he needs to tell us if he’s going afk. The second time he was gone much longer and we were near the end and just kinda said ‘fuck it’. The tank and I went back to find him after the others left the party, but he left too,  just before we got to him. Silly gnome.

After that was done I swapped back to shadow and headed to Winterspring to work on the yeti questline. He’s an engineer, so I want the schematic for the tranquil mechanical yeti. As I’m melting yeti faces, the Cael Clan logs in on their level 62s .. 2 DKs and a holy priest. I’m like “hey! I bet we could totally queue together now” … so we did! Although, we did have to queue for a specific rather than a random. So what does Cael choose ?Yeah, Ramps. Wewt.

Longtime readers will remember way back, when Kalyon was still Katia and she was questing in Hellfire with Karon. Ever since then I’d dreamed of my own shadow priest making it this far. Well here he is! Sexy

No, that’s not a stray, single arcane missile on the left. That’s the holy priest wanding.

Things went pretty good until just before the first boss. We pulled a pack of mobs … and then somehow the pack across the way aggroed as well. So now we’re working on 7 or 8 mobs, when the boss pats back our direction and … well, yeah. Now we’ve got 10 or 11 and one’s a boss. HAHA. WTB mind sear? please??

So I tab-target and dot mobs until I land on the boss dude, and I throw a devouring plague and a mind blast on him along with the SW:Pain and start face melting away.

One down …

Two down …

Shit, tank down …

Now it’s just me and the oom holy priest and a couple of leftover mobs, and I’m almost out of mana. Shield, pop a mana pot, and away we go … dot one, swap to the other and dot it, back to the first for some mind flay … shield goes down, I take a couple hits … put up a new shield, one mob is almost … ah, there he goes … now for the last one … crap! Holy priest down … almost … so close … I’m being hit … go go VE! … he’s dead!!

The aftermath:

The rest of the instance was much smoother. I think two of us survived Nazan at the end. Of course, once the rezzes were passed out and loot was rolled on, you know what happens next right? RIGHT?? Yeah, baby .. it’s DANCE TIME!