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Revisiting the Rainbow

May 31, 2012

Well, I finally made it through that darn spider cave on nightmare.

I played for quite awhile on the WD and only died twice the entire night. I’m not sure what changed so drastically from one day to the next … maybe I just got lucky. I did change up what I was using a little bit. I liked my flaming skulls, but the damage is just too spread out. So I loaded up the poison dart, and after another treasure goblin escaped on me, I runed it with the snare. That boosted my single target damage considerably. Then I replace my beloved icky eels with haunt, runed for life regen. The zombie dogs went away in favor of spirit walk so I have an emergency escape if I get mobbed, and I use the soul gather thing runed to heal me, which also gives me that intellect boost, hence more damage. The only AoE I kept was the acid cloud. For most mobs I just pew pew, but if I see anything with a colored name, the first thing I do is run and let Kormac and Gigantorzombie pick them up and get aggro. Then I run around in circles screaming while keeping haunt up on as many as I can and shooting poison darts to slow any that might be getting too close. Ok, fine, I stop close by the mobs sometimes to gather souls. But I try to stay away from melee range for the most part and it seems to be working.

While I was playing the WD, an old friend was just starting his first character. So I was answering questions for him as I was playing, and once he got up to level 9 I hopped over to my secret stash, grabbed some gear for him, and joined him on my monk. I know some of you out there will recognize this name … Bloodfrenzy!

Later on another person popped into our party … surprise! Ohai Arv!

Now, my monk had already been to the rainbow, so she backtracked quite a ways to rerun the quests we did. But who cares! It was a lot of fun running around following someone who had never seen the content before. I was perfectly content to just kill shit. Naturally, I made them pose for a screenshot when we reached the rainbow.

Good times! Now if only D3 had a /dance emote ….

Naked Bug Friday

July 9, 2010

Naked Hartbane!

I had mentioned before how Karius’ regular 10 man had dissolved. Well, Hart had said that as soon as his vacation/holiday was over and he got settled back in, he’d start something up for us. Last night, that group had its first run.  I was disappointed that it was going to be Thursday, because that meant Kerick had to change runs, but … well, after how it went, I certainly don’t regret it. We had a couple people that had never seen the end-wing bosses, yet we one shotted everything up to Sindragosa. We actually got Sind close (1% is close) but couldn’t quite do it. However, that’s a huge improvement over our previous attempts. We WILL get her.

Naked Bloodfrenzy’s newest alt!

Speaking of Bloodfrenzy, he wants to get his DK in tonight’s 25 man, so he and I might be swapping roles … meaning Kerick would get his first try at healing 25. *eyes the shield on Marrowgar’s lewt table* Uh … yeah!