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July 29, 2014

So, what do you do when there’s no new content and you’d kinda rather be doing anything else?

Alt raid!

Wait … what? Three days of raiding just isn’t enough I guess. But how can I say no when everyone else wants to do it? Of course, stupid me doesn’t just say ‘ok sure whatever my warlock is the best geared alt’ … nooooooooooooo … I have to be an idiot and volunteer to tank. Apparently I got my head bashed in too many times in previous tanking endeavors.

So I ran Kirgra through ToT as dps with tank as her loot choice, got a few upgrades, bought a valor trinket, got her gems, enchants, glyphs, flasks and food, and called her ready. Oh, and stole the heirloom 2H axe from poor Oslee. Ok, and got some tips and a new macro or two from Schriko because he rocks.

So, Saturday came, and off we went!


Oh, hey, look, Don is dead! It’s just like a normal raid!

This is the only screenshot though because, well, I was too busy pushing other buttons.

Prinnie came and healed along with Kash. Yes, just two healers, but Bombelina is pretty geared, and Shudal’s monk tank was tanking our normals for awhile so he is really geared. We got the first wing down in the two hours we raided.

I don’t remember how many times I died. I know there were plenty of times I came close, and we wiped once on Sha. That fight is a lot easier as tank than it is as anything else though. I think we wiped on Protectors once too. Yeah … that one I would rather be dps. So much things! I’m pretty sure I died on Norushen as well. I got warforged boots from Immerseus though so hopefully this week I will be more durable.

Soap & Water

September 12, 2013

We are the soap; Immerseus is the water.

Ok, in the end, nearly all of the soap got rinsed down the drain, but Tyledres was there to make sure that he got cleaned up.


Yeah yeah, we barely pulled it off. I believe we even hit the enrage timer. But hey … a kill is a kill! Considering we almost didn’t even raid this week, I’ll take it.


In other news, the Celestial Tournament is a real challenge. I’ve managed to beat the three challengers once, but then Yu’la ate me up.

And despite being kind of meh about the whole Timeless Isle prior to the patch, now that it’s out, I love it. I spent most of the day yesterday just running around it. My alts will be geared in no time. Time to level moar!

Also, super big thanks to Tyledres, who tanked the dungeons I needed for the noodle cart quest, and also drug me through BGs to finally advance Wrathion’s stupid questline. It was worth it though to see the next bit of lore. Wrathion and Anduin are so funny together …


Now I just have to … ugh … LFR to get a start on the seals, and get myself 40 trillium bars. I’ll finally have a use for that bank tab full of ore.

Honestly though … this is the first time in a LONG time that I am truly excited about the game. I don’t remember the last time I’ve sat here at work thinking ‘I can’t wait to get home and log on.’ It’s a great feeling.

Dynamic Duo

March 12, 2013

Yes, it’s actually my third 90, but the first two were both paladins, so …


So … you’ve just dinged 90 and have an ilevel of 438 … what do you do next?

A. get some crafted gear/buy gear with the points you have saved up already
B. do dailies and/or finish questing in Dread Wastes for gear and points
C. run some scenarios/heroics for gear and points

Meh. I’m a blood DK, I dun need no gear! Isle of Giants here I come!

Yes .. really. I sent him straight off to farm bones. Where Van with a 490+ ilevel had to use all CD just to kill a single direhorn hatchling, Kaly was at full health when his died. Sure, it took forever, but I was never at any point in danger of dying. I think I’ll try pulling two next time just for the hell of it.

My dino project was cut short by LBR time though. Since I was already on Kaly I just took him. Even though there were only four of us, we dispatched TotC in no time and decided to hit up Naxx and AQ for pets again. I’d been looking for a weapon to match Kaly’s T10 mog for a screenshot I have planned, and C’thun was nice enough to drop this fancy axe with an eyeball in the center that actually opens and closes.

WoWScrnShot_031013_220054 (1)

Dang, I need to level a third class for the next achievement, but I was working on another DK … bah.

Aggro ALL Teh Things

January 15, 2013

Sunday afternoon. Now that I’ve beaten all the tamers, what is there to do? Well, Van still didn’t get the last 40 rep he needs to get revered with Shado-Pan and get a helmet that has a meta slot, and Kerick is still 8 ilevel short of getting into LFR … oh, or Van could hit up LFR so I won’t go into the last half of Heart of Fear this week without having seen the fights. Or … hmm, maybe I can find something good on Hulu. Wait! I know. Let’s level an alt …

For someone who finished Cata with 11 max level toons, I have certainly taken my time so far with alt leveling in MoP. I just wasn’t ready to add playtime on another one to my plate. I still don’t *really* have extra playtime. But one can only do so many dailies (or pet battles) before they need a change of pace. And that is one of the truly great things about this game. There is ALWAYS something else you can do that isn’t the same thing you’ve been doing. So I logged on Kaly, had a visit with Varian, and flew to Pandaria. (Yes, I know Roz is already 86 and it would have made sense to continue leveling the toon I started on already but .. meh. I wasn’t feeling it.)

I wasn’t sure at first what it would be like. I remembered the jump from Wrath to Mt. Hyjal on toons that weren’t in current raid gear as being somewhat painful. Kaly was wearing a mix of 346 and 359 gear. He’d tanked a little bit of BoT and BWD and then been shelved, so his gear was pretty far behind. It didn’t take long though to figure out/remember how to play him. Grab as many things as possible, disease one, spread it around, keep up the blood shield, win. I initially had taken the Unholy Blight talent … I missed it from way back when DKs first came into existence. However, it quickly became apparent that with the cooldown, it would not be as helpful as Rolling Blood. The way Rolling Blood fits into my rotation is quite elegant, and makes it very easy to disease everything around me. And the blood shield … omg. Get enough things hitting me to stack that baby up and I feel invincible! This was the best I could do yesterday …


yeah, that’s 138k absorption. Sunday on one pull I managed to get it up to 186k …my actual total health at the time was only 177k so … yeah. That’s some pretty strong mitigation.

You know those annoying people who aoe aggro all the goats for Fatty Goatsteak? I kinda understand that a litte better now, because .. I think I’ve become one of them.
What? You want me to kill this elite Hozen chief? Ok, fine. *rides straight through the camp to the leader, aggroing everything on the way and tanking it ALL*
Gather 5 stolen turnips from this vermin den? Ok. *runs right to the middle of the cave and aggros all of them*
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN. And nothing can touch me. As long as I keep up my shield I CANNOT BE HURT.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my paladins, and I feel pretty non-squishy on them, given the self-heals and kiting ability. But they are a completely different playstyle. They go into places like the Kunzen camp, say the soup quest for example, and when the soupmaster comes out they will repentence him, drag the other adds away, and kill them first. I can already see Kaly running in yelling CHAAAAAAAAAARGE and clearing the whole platform without breaking a sweat. Hell, I’m looking forward to it, actually.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I better at least read some strat and watch some Fatboss before facing new bosses tonight. ^.^