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Sinestra down … wait … what?

January 17, 2013

I know .. she’s not in Heart of Fear. But we were one short last night. Our original plan was to progress in Heart of Fear on Tuesday when Zarm was available, and do Mogu’shan Vaults on Wednesday. Well, Zarm was going to be late Tuesday, so we hit Vaults first. We had just pulled Elegon when he logged on, so there was little reason not to just finish Vaults then.

We made good progress on Mel Tuesday night, getting to the enrage. We just need to fine-tune and he’ll be down. So last night, missing a healer and with Vaults already cleared, we decided to go back to the first tier of Cata .. on heroic.


We all had a good laugh when the floor opened up as Cho’gall died, dropping his body … and Arv … down into the depths. The rest of us soon followed and came face to face with Deathwing’s conniving consort, Sinestra.


None of us had ever faced her before, so we died a few times before deciding that a break to check out strats/videos would be a good idea. Once that was done, we disposed of her fairly quickly, although not without casualties.


Yay, Dragonslayer titles for everyone!

From there, we moved on to Throne of the Four Winds. They were dispatched posthaste …


although I’m not too sure anyone was all that excited about it. But hey, it’s one more title and guild achievement for the collection!

Hm … plenty of time left … what next? I’m sure I’m not the only one who was floored by Arv’s suggestion that we go kill Nef. I mean, he’s the one who had nightmares about kiting Animated Bone Warriors! I really thought he was just joking.


This did take a little bit of recall and coordination. We still had to make sure every blast nova got interrupted, and make sure Onyxia was killed just before hitting 90 energy. We killed her too fast at first, and let her blow up the raid once as well. Good times.

So we got 3 titles and guild achievements. Not bad for a night of old content. Maybe we can go back and clean up the things we need to get the mount …

Van Meets Nef

May 25, 2011

So Van made his raiding debut last night. BUT … first things first. When I logged on, I brought up the LFD as I always do to see if Call to Arms is up for healers. Woot! It is! So I queue … Throne of Tides. Absolutely pro tauradin with like 175k health with kings. The dps DK hadn’t done the instance before, but did a good job of staying out of bad and interrupting. The hunter trapped. The lock gave me DI. We skipped the faceless ones hallway and Erunak, but that’s ok. Quick, smooth, easy run. Maybe I should run solo more often instead of with SR. 😛  Anyway … my satchel contained 95 gold and a deviate hatchling, so I wasn’t disappointed. (The entire list of my satchel contents can be viewed from the link titled ‘Healer Call to Arms Loot’ on the sidebar)

After that, I popped into my lolret gear and did my dailies. Last day of Sen’jin, achievements and title earned, mount purchased.

Finally, it is raid time. It took a little prodding and some waiting on people who couldn’t make the exact starting time, but we were hell bent on having a raid happen this week … especially after the announcement of the nerfings the T11 content will be undergoing in the next patch. The tone for the evening was set when we were summoned to the BWD balcony and there is Zerlegen dancing in his pimp outfit. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any screenshots, but I know Lyssi did, so expect to see that later this week on her blog. (Now you’re stuck, woman, you have to post! bwahahah) Naturally, Arv had to upstage him.  There’s a reason we always say that Arv has the best toys … because it’s true! Ana … gaze on this pose of Arvash Awesomeness and tell me again how ugly the Horde is …

Alright … down to business. We pull the sentries before Omnitron. A few seconds in and Cayle is already ‘Salv me please’ …

‘Dang, you forgot to remind me to make that macro!’

So while we’re sitting down to our feast, I’m busy making my @Cayle macro. It got plenty of use throughout the night. I made one for Zug too, but never used it … I think Arv pretty much takes care of him. So I guess I get to be Cayle’s personal Salv slave. I’m beginning to see why he agreed to let me change roles. >.<  I must admit though, I get a little smile of satisfaction every time I cast it and see my addon send a whisper to confirm that it was successfully cast. At least I felt somewhat useful … I’m not entirely sure my numbers for the night were much to write home about, given the state of my gear.

Omnitron goes down pretty easily and drops my boots! The ones that Kerick held out for so long to get. Seriously, if something was going to drop for me, that was the best slot to get, because it was the one slot that was still iLevel 333. (Ack, I forgot to reforge those suckers before I logged off. Remind me to do that before raid! Mastery … YUCK). Magmaw, same thing.  Actually, we got the Parasite Evening achievement on him. Somewhere along the line Zarm comments about how much easier healing is now that they’re not carrying Sorak. It was probably aimed more at picking on Sorak than complimenting me, but I chose to take it as some of both anyway. Maloriak was pretty smooth, and then we went to Chimaeron.

Up to here, everything was more or less business as usual for me … I stood in the same places Kerick stands and healed pretty much the same assigned targets. Now we’re standing before Chim and Slice is passing out orders .. Van heal group 2. Waitwut?? I always heal the tanks. Joo be confusin me mon. But I’m the new one here, and I’m taking the place of a shaman. So I get a group. Cayle moves himself into my group after a couple of wipes. I’m like ‘what is this, a test to see if I’ll actually heal you?’ Ok, maybe it had more to do with my position being closer to where he was standing so he wouldn’t be out of range of his healer, but it’s more fun to make it a personal challenge. I was really getting the hang of the group healing role, so much so that I was in a zone and still healing when I looked up and the boss was at 17% and had already phased over a bit ago. Oops! (Ana, any time you want to actually try swapping assignments with me on Chim, you’re welcome to give it a go!) So … it was pretty ugly, actually … when he turned on me and I bubbled it was me and a hunter … or maybe both hunters. Not actually sure. I just know I bubble tanked him long enough for him to drop at the exact same time he dropped me.

Atramedes is a repeat of the first few  bosses … maybe we wiped once, actually, but he was downed in short order. So now we’re going to Nef. Now, we had planned on hitting Nef a week ago, so I had read the strat and watched videos. BUT … at that time, I was expecting to be tanking. So I’ll admit to being slightly intimidated here. I’d never pulled Nef on any toon yet. After a couple of pulls though, I’m whispering Arv … ‘dude, I am SO glad I’m not tanking this crap.’ I found a good place to stand to not be in Ony’s tail swipe or get in her electrocute … most of the time anyway. I sort of learned how to get on the pillars fast, although I need more practice at it. THE WORST part of the fight for me is when Nef chooses my pillar for his shadowbolt barrage. OMFG SO MUCH DAMAGE /cry

We got him to phase 3 a couple times and got some good learning in on it. Tonight the plan is to hit Conclave of Wind for the first time ever, and then go back to Nef. With this group, I doubt Conclave will take much time to learn.

Al’Akir, otoh, usually ends with this view … not that it’s a bad one but ….

(cloud pic taken by Kerick a couple weeks ago)