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August 25, 2011

Billz poses as an NPC. Seriously dude, that is one kickin’ outfit.

Kerick posing as … Van? Well, this look *did* earn him a /whistle from Kisara, instead of the usual comments about his weight.

The secret is out. Arv wishes to be Tyrone.

Yes Arv, anything you send in e-mail is fair game for the blog. I’m guessing you won’t be surprised to see this posted though. :p


October 5, 2010

So, in our last post, Sanbec dinged 80. Let’s see what he’s been up to since then.

Hm. Looks like some major gear changes to me!

Regular icc dungeons, heroics, regular ToC, heroics, another regular PoS .. oh look! a new weapon … heroics, more regular ToC, the weekly (Razorscale) .. hey hey, another new weapon! Wait, that’s two iLevel 219 2H maces … I smell a fury spec coming.

 I head to IF’s military district, wipe my talents … and stand there like an idiot wondering where to reassign the points. So I messaged my buddy Billz .. “hey, would you mind helping me talent a fury spec?” He’s got a fury warrior so I know he knows more than I do at least.  Now see, these are the kinds of friends I’ve made in this game .. not only does he come to IF to help me with the points, but he spends a couple of HOURS with me, discussing glyphs, abilities and rotations, pounding on training dummies til I feel like I know which buttons to push, and finally hitting up a random so I can try it live. I think it was after 2am when we logged off. Thank god it was a Friday night eh?

Saturday is a long string of heroics, broken up in the afternoon by a ToC25 that Cruel spontaneously set up for the handful of fresh 80 alts in the guild. Lore even came on his newbie holy pally. I got pants.

Sunday was more heroics, and I managed to pick up a Tyrannical Beheader on my one and only run through HPoS so far. Then I had to do even more heroics to get enough Greater Cosmics to enchant it. Yes, I know …  I could have just bought some, but I needed badges anyhow. I ended the day with full 4pc T9.

So Moe set up a Noobcake icc run for Monday night. Most of us were in the ‘just barely geared for ICC ‘ category. The raid makeup was far from ideal with only one ranged, but hey, the whole idea was to get a bunch of people in there and just see what happened. Moe wanted a few of us to learn that just because you’re 80 it doesn’t mean you can jump right into icc. For a couple of others, it was their first time ever seeing icc.

Someone correct me if I remember wrong, but I don’t think we lost a single person on the trash, and we pulled all of it for the rep. We did wipe on Marrowgar the first attempt, when one of the two healers lagged badly and died. But we made it through the second just fine. Yeah, it took for-freakin-EVER for him to die. But we did it.

Deathwhisper … doesn’t work too well with one ranged. I parked Sanbec outside the door and brought Karius in to help with kiting big uglies and killing reanimated fanatics. It still was a challenge … but we got through phase one on the third attempt, and shortly after phase two started I either grabbed aggro or got wasted by ghosts,  maybe both … so I watched the epic finish from the floor.

There was plenty of time on the enrage timer as long as everyone stayed alive. I watched as, one by one, players dropped. Soon it was down to the two tanks and two healers. I clicked on Reversion. 97 mana … but it looked like he had just innervated because it was going up. I checked out Ecko … 1536 or something like that. Hope divine plea is off cooldown. Oh crap, berserk is coming up soon. Less than 100k to go, you can do it .. come on! Damn, she enraged! But she’s got dots or something … her health is going down as the tanks are … 7k … zomg … she’s down! The only one left standing is the tree. EPIC!

Probably not quite what Reversion and Invariant were envisioning for raiding with us but hey .. it was a thousand times more fun than facerolling it on mains. Gunship was downed on the second try. Saurfang, well, ranged … you know. We tried it once just for kicks so  the tanks could see how it works, since one of them hadn’t been in icc before.  Then we called it. I know, it might sound painful, but honestly, we all had a riot. No one got upset, we laughed and joked around, and had a great time.

Oh yeah, just one more thing .. cleaving everything in sight is teh win. That is all. :p