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Sinestra down … wait … what?

January 17, 2013

I know .. she’s not in Heart of Fear. But we were one short last night. Our original plan was to progress in Heart of Fear on Tuesday when Zarm was available, and do Mogu’shan Vaults on Wednesday. Well, Zarm was going to be late Tuesday, so we hit Vaults first. We had just pulled Elegon when he logged on, so there was little reason not to just finish Vaults then.

We made good progress on Mel Tuesday night, getting to the enrage. We just need to fine-tune and he’ll be down. So last night, missing a healer and with Vaults already cleared, we decided to go back to the first tier of Cata .. on heroic.


We all had a good laugh when the floor opened up as Cho’gall died, dropping his body … and Arv … down into the depths. The rest of us soon followed and came face to face with Deathwing’s conniving consort, Sinestra.


None of us had ever faced her before, so we died a few times before deciding that a break to check out strats/videos would be a good idea. Once that was done, we disposed of her fairly quickly, although not without casualties.


Yay, Dragonslayer titles for everyone!

From there, we moved on to Throne of the Four Winds. They were dispatched posthaste …


although I’m not too sure anyone was all that excited about it. But hey, it’s one more title and guild achievement for the collection!

Hm … plenty of time left … what next? I’m sure I’m not the only one who was floored by Arv’s suggestion that we go kill Nef. I mean, he’s the one who had nightmares about kiting Animated Bone Warriors! I really thought he was just joking.


This did take a little bit of recall and coordination. We still had to make sure every blast nova got interrupted, and make sure Onyxia was killed just before hitting 90 energy. We killed her too fast at first, and let her blow up the raid once as well. Good times.

So we got 3 titles and guild achievements. Not bad for a night of old content. Maybe we can go back and clean up the things we need to get the mount …

Alliance Raiding

November 19, 2012

So, one week after dinging 90, Kerick got to his first raid for this expansion – Bastion of Twilight.

What? Didn’t you read the letter that came with your 8th Anniversary Celebration package yesterday? It clearly said to go out and defend a shattered world.

Plus, ya know, it was Laid Back Raid night.

This was LBR’s first real foray into Cata content. To be honest, I was a little bit nervous going into it.  Sure, it’s nerfed from what it once was, and most of the raid was level 90 … but it’s still new enough and the fights are complex enough that some attention must still be paid to certain mechanics. Toss in having tanks that haven’t been there and the fact that everyone studied Blackrock Descent since that was where we were supposed to go and you can understand my concern.

Of course we wiped on the trash in the front room. It wouldn’t be a BoT raid without a wipe on that trash! Halfus went down easy though. Then we lost a couple who got thrown off the stairs (also a normal thing in BoT even if you’ve been there before) and got to Val and T.  What a trip. I think we lost most of the raid between the first breath and the first dazzling circles of swirly stuff. Three of us lived and finished the fight somehow. It was pretty epic.

That council fight … ugh. Yes, it’s still awful. There are just so many things going on.  We did it though. And everyone did awesome on the attempt where we killed them. After that, well … Cho’gall himself was a big pushover. A bunch of people got the BoT achievement at the end, too.  😀

So, a quick note about addon issues. Last week, Van couldn’t get the Closed Circuit debuff to show up on healbot during the Elegon encounter. After much gnashing of teeth over it, Sorak talked me into setting up the default frames again with mouseovers. It worked ok. But I didn’t bother setting up all the macros for Kerick, so he just used the healbot version that I downloaded last week. Now, it has some features my old version didn’t. And I love it. Sorak is going to give me hell I know, but Khizzara gave me a suggestion to solve my Closed Circuit issue, so … hey it’s Monday, I always give Sorak a hard time on Mondays!

Trade Chat Raiding

March 7, 2012

So last night we took a vote and decided to *gasp* work on T11 heroics instead of Dragon Soul heroics. I think this must have been like some condition for Arv joining ToR … he had to have told Fayle that the only way he would play is if we went for some old content cheeves in WoW. It’s the only thing that makes sense for getting Slice and Fayle to do “old content”.

We predictably wiped on trash in BoT. Or wait … does it still count as a wipe if the holy pally makes it out the door alive? Halfus took a few tries as we worked out strategies, because other than a couple of us, no one had tried it before or read any strats for heroic. We quickly learned that any strategy that did NOT bring up the drake that buffs Halfus’ attack speed resulted in very dead tanks due to the healing debuff stacking too quickly. Once we got the correct combo out (Nether, Stormrider, Whelps) we made quick work of him and even got a bonus cheeve in the process.

Yeah, any pull where the only casualty is the hunter is a great pull.

Ok, on to the dragons. We all had a good laugh when Fayle got knocked into the lava on the trash, of course. This fight … none of us had tried before. It turned out to be a lot more difficult than expected. I think our best attempt might have been just above 50%? Yeah … not really close. And then Fayle got Soraked and had to afk for 10 minutes. In the interim we had our usual pile of toys to play with. But then something extraordinary happened. One of the most surprising parts about it, to me, was who started it all. My hero, my protector, my pillar of Light … Arv how could you?!?

My side STILL hurts this morning. Fayle came back from his afk and was all like, what the hell did I just come back to? It was awesome.

Anyhow, sometime during all that we decided to just kill them on normal, along with Ascendant Council (thank the Light, the thought of heroic council makes me want to impale myself on Grom’s sword). So we figured we’d do the Council achievement since it was just regular.

We ended with a few pulls on heroic Cho’gall. It’s going to take a little work because if those elementals don’t die fast … well, then Arv does. So we just extended and will save that for later. Tonight it’s back to Dragon Soul. I have a feeling Fayle will be afraid to go afk again. hehe.

Dead Again

May 16, 2011

Oops, hang on, I have to go put on some Mercyful Fate since I now have that song stuck in my head ….

Analogue beat me to the posting, but her screenshots didn’t save, so you’ll just have to look at mine instead. Her post has more information though, so if you want to read about it and not just look at pictures, head over there.

I love looking at kill shots later.  It’s a snapshot of exactly what was going on at that moment. Like, what all do I have on cooldown, is there something else I didn’t use that I should have, omgwtf am I supposed to do with all this mana? That kind of stuff. (Can’t resist poking fun about it, sorry. Paladins, played correctly, just don’t run out of mana unless the raid all stands in stuff they shouldn’t.)

I broke down Saturday morning and finally purchased the Core of Ripeness with my VPs. I needed to spend them on something, and I had  been running with the heroic Tear of Blood from Stonecore. I’d passed on the Jar of Ancient Remedies many times, not wanting to give up intellect for mostly unnecessary mana regen. I just have to remember to actually push a button now when I want some extra regen, since it is on use rather than passive.

Ana touched on this, sort of, but I just wanted to mention it specifically and bring it to the forefront. We had two druid tanks. TWO. That is just awesome. You know how many druid tanks Van has healed while leveling to 80 almost exclusively through LFD? I don’t even need a full hand to count them on. They are so severely underrepresented. Maybe it’s because they take more skill to master. Maybe it’s because they all would rather be lazer chickens. Whatever it is, Crits has been extremely fortunate in having some excellent bears in our guild, both in the past and the present. (Shout out to Selv, we still miss you!)

Of course, cats are fun too.

Paladin cat to the rescue!

Alright, that’s enough goofing off. I better get to work here. 😉