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Hanging With Friends

June 11, 2012

You know … some people are unhappy about the always-online requirement for D3. Heck, I’ve mentioned myself plenty of times how I am a mostly solo player when it comes to leveling … and that applies across pretty much all games. BUT … I have to admit, I’ve really enjoyed the cooperative mode.

Saturday night I hopped on, and was grinding my way through Act 3 on nightmare, which amounts to bucketloads of kiting on the Witch Doctor. Then the notice pops up that someone has joined the game and the minions of Hell have grown stronger. Ohai Arv! Sweet, now I have a much more effective partner than my templar, even with the shrunken screen, keyboard turning, and ability clicking.

We worked our way up to the demon gate and killed the Siegebreaker Assault Beast, then started on the inside before it got late and we quit for the night. We got a LOT farther than I would have gotten on my own, that is for sure. So thank you Arv. Good times.

Sunday I played a little on each character, and even started leveling my wizard a little bit, when Lorenthar hopped into my game. He’s level 60 and I’m like, level 9, so … yeah. hehe. BUT he had a Demon Hunter that was 23, which happened to be the exact level of MY demon hunter. So we switched over to those. Seriously … one demon hunter alone is OP, two is just completely unfair. We wreaked havoc on everything in sight. AND he’s OCD about clearing every corner of the map just like I am, so we made a good team.

I think we were level 28 when we quit. We may have cleared each entire map, but we still stuck to what Lore has termed ‘The Baltok school of leveling.’ Balt is a prot warrior so that pretty much equates to ‘chain pull and mow it all down without stopping.’ I’ve played with him enough though that I knew what to expect, and I kept up pretty well. We killed Kulle and Belial, moved on to Act 3, and finished at the Ravening Beast. She will probably be my next character to play through the entirety of normal mode.

Thanks again for hopping into my games, guys. It’s nice to have friends to play with. 🙂

Goodbye Plaguelands

March 26, 2010

I logged on last night looking for something to do. I quested on my paladin for a bit, then hopped on Karius and poked Lore and Hart until I convinced Hart to do something. We went to ZG … no mounts, no Tome of Polymorph: Turtle. We followed that up with a trip to kill Attumen in Kara. Someday I’d like to do that key quest, but for now, we just zone in through the secret entrance. Go go naked bug!

No horse. Meh. So we’re standing around inside Kara and Hart disappears. I check his location. Mage Tower? WTF. Oh, EotS. I consider doing a random BG or two with him but he decides he’s going to bed after that one. Boo. Then someone in guild asks if anyone has any Essence of Earth and I know I have some on my chanter, so I log over to Sanbec and get them, then goof around leveling his enchanting … after setting up his bars, of course. Everyone’s bars are a mess with the new addons when I first log in to them. Get done in Shatt and hearth back to Dal to find a crowd of people stuck inside the inn behind a wall of cluster rocket launchers. ROFL. Apparently this is the new game for bored people.

I heard people saying there’s another way out besides the front door, but I didn’t care. I took a seat at one of the tables for awhile and laughed at all the idiots who kept trying. A mage inside the inn made a portal and yelled that anyone inside should whisper him for a group in order to use it. Hilarious.

Once I got bored with that, I went back to the pally. He’d cleared his EPL quests out of the log, so I headed over to WPL to finish some there.  Along the way, he picked up this ghost that followed him around for awhile.

Right about the same time as I was taking that screenshot, Grom came on. I jokingly suggested running me through Stratholme, and he was like ‘sure! I’ve never been there.’ So I turned in my quests, flew back to Light’s Hope, and emptied my bags. Strat is fun anyway, but it’s even more fun on a paladin. Somewhere in there I hit honored with Argent Dawn and also hit level 58.

No horse, but we had a lot of fun. Once we finished, we rode out and headed back to Light’s Hope so I could turn quests in. He even got out his Charger and rode it with me instead of the Saber Cat he usually rides.

While I’m turning quests in … and dinging 59 … (I started the evening at 56 LOL) … Lore pops back into vent, so we ask him if he’ll tank something for us. Now, I was thinking random heroic, but he’s talking about Ramps and I’m like ‘hell yeah!’ So I turn in the rest of my quests, head to IF to train, and portal to the Blasted Lands to head for Outland. Grom decides to switch to his DK, so while we’re waiting for him to fly over to Honor Hold, Balt kills the demons for the first quest out there for me. Then when Grom catches up we ride over to Ramps.

Before we’re done in there, Balt notices that his friend is in Blood Furnace, so after we finish, we invite Iak to join the group and run some more with us.

Ramps was very, very good to me. I got a new one hander for tanking, I got a couple of greens ‘of the Champion’ for tanking, I got the Mok’Nathal Clan Ring that has armor and resilience .. for tanking .. and I got the one thing I most wanted out of there. One of the most awesome looking weapons in the entire game, and this is the first time I’ve had it on a toon of the appropriate level and class to actually need it.

Such a lovely Hellreaver, isn’t it?

Now I’ll have to find something to beat on to raise my weapon skill. I actually had to go learn polearms in order to equip it. >.<

Fun in Nagrand

March 9, 2010

I’ve been busy working on the last level my priest needs to get to Northrend. So I figured since he’s 67, it was about time I got the Ring of Blood out of the way. Baltok was kind enough to come out to Nagrand and kill the big bad elite beasties for me. Well, I helped, a little  bit. I think my dots ticked once before the things died. HEHE.

We finish up, and Balt is having so much fun, he decides to clear out the entire camp of ogres. You know, gathering a whole group of ogres and hitting them with a shockwave sure does look like fun … and I do have a warrior sitting at level 51 doing nothing … waitwut? Where was I? … oh yes. About the time the camp is cleared, Grom shows up. Ohai! Stalker. hehe! He was bored and figured he’d come see what we were up to.

That, of course, led to this …

So, while Baltok decides to fly upside down across Halaa, I get a whisper from another Crits member who is questing in Nagrand. She would like help with the egg quest. So I invite her to the party and Grom and I fly over there. I don’t have the quest yet, but she is happy to wait while I collect the 3 gasses I need for the pre-quest. We finish that up fairly quickly, kill the bird, I turn it in … and then Grom does this to me ….

Shadowbunneh powah!

We goof around there for awhile, then hearth back to Dal … hearthing does NOT lose the costume! Hooray!! So we head to our usual hangout in front of the bank, where I invite an unsuspecting Daermonith to the party. Bam!

I tried to re-invite Baltok to the party so we could zap him, too, but he was too smart to fall for it. Oh well. Daer and I had fun hopping around and trying to make a pattern out of the eggs we were laying. Hmm, you know, I have a collection of those Hallow’s End wands taking up bank space …. *evil grin*

And finally, just one of those screenshots that I am so fond of taking … Grom, Daer, and Kaly just hanging out looking hot. 😉

Tanking ICC Again

March 3, 2010

Monday night as the Naked Nelf Race finished and I was getting my port to Dalaran, I checked up on my friends list and saw that Baltok was in ICC. So I send him a whisper to see if he’s doing 10 man and ask if there’s space for Kaly since he didn’t get to run with his regular group last week. The answer? “If you come tank with me.” Yeah, like I’m gonna turn that down … I raced to the inn and didn’t even bother going upstairs to the usual place I set my Dal hearth … I set it downstairs and logged over.

You might recall, the last time Baltok and Kaly tanked ICC together, we were unable to get Marrowgar down. So this time I don’t have any screenshots from that first section of trash or Marrowgar … you can click back to that one and pretend they’re from this run if you want. Unlike last time, however, this time we were able to defeat him. He dropped that nice tanking axe that Baltok had been needing, too, so he got to upgrade from that one out of HHoR.

Deathwhisper is every bit as chaotic as a tank as it is on dps…although at least I don’t have to avoid being cleaved like when I’m doing melee. I was just getting into the rhythm of picking up both caster adds on the right and feeling like I really ‘got’ the fight, when we downed her mana shield (on the second attempt, the first attempt we timed it badly and had adds up at the same time so we wiped.) Apparently I had a real attraction for ghosts though, because they killed me not once, but TWICE. Good thing Baltok didn’t need my help, and Jahafil was there for the awesome frostbolt interrupts. On the plus side, facedown on the floor is often a good spot for screenshots….like this one of the two of them.

We had a bit of difficulty with the trash on the next floor though. I’m not sure what happened, I guess people weren’t paying attention or ready when Balt said “I’m going” and charged in. I did my best to pick up everything but I went down, too, and so everything charged towards the casters over by the elevator. When we  came back in, if we ported to the Rampart, we would be immediately attacked, because the mobs didn’t reset, they stayed by the lift. So we ported to the Oratory, and intended to all ride the elevator up at the same time and … well … it just didn’t work out that way. It was pretty hilarious though, and we all laughed about it, and eventually did manage to get past the trash … and all cheer when the questgiver for the Rotting Frost Giant quest came out.

First we had a bit more trash to clear out. This shot from fighting the Frostwyrm turned out quite well, I love the colors.

Then it was on to the Frost Giant. Hey Balt, don’t just stand there, hit him!


Tanking him is a LOT easier than dpsing him.

For Gunship, I stayed on our ship and tanked the adds. It’s not really a battle that is good for screenshots. The adds were a little tougher than I expected … even with DnD down, sometimes one would run over to a caster when it came out of the portal. I think I did fairly well at getting their attention back on me though, as no one got hit more than once or twice and no one died. Of course, the blankety-blank cloak that I want *still* did not drop, but I did win the offspec roll on the DPS boots.

From there it was on to Saurfang. Geez, I remember a post from my very first run with Apathy, of Baltok standing next to Jorlex on this very same platform. I sure didn’t expect to ever post Kalyon in the same position. Jaha got himself in the shot, too.

We got a couple tries in on him before people had to start leaving because it was getting late and they had to work in the morning. It’s hard to tell when you’re tanking, what is going on with the beasts and such. So I can’t say where we were having problems. I got some good practice in on taunting right away when Balt got the debuff though, and even figured out that I  could rotate my cooldowns and have one available to use each time I had to take the boss. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop our attempts from ending like this.

Ah well … maybe next time. I’m still pretty happy with how it went, for being my first time actually downing anything in there as a tank. Plus .. we had fun, and that’s really what it’s all about.